I am a Tech blogger currently dealing with tips to keep your Android smartphone safe from viruses and attacks. AMA

Sinchan Dey
Jul 16, 2017

Your Android too needs to be protected from viruses and attacks. Make sure you and your data are safe on your Smartphones.


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What can a virus do to my Android phone?

Jul 16, 3:59AM EDT0

Lot of stuffs like getting ads on your device, getting your personal stuffs and all.

Jul 18, 8:56AM EDT0

Can I send someone an Android virus from an Iphone?

Jul 15, 4:18PM EDT0

That's not something you should do.

Jul 18, 8:56AM EDT0

Can my Android phone have a Virus removed?

Jul 13, 12:07PM EDT0

Yeah it's quite easy. Just download a antivirus program like Avast or 360 security and scan your device. If still you feel skeptical, factory reset the device and scan through a PC 

Jul 14, 2:54PM EDT0
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Will an Android anti virus protect me from all threats?

Jul 13, 8:00AM EDT0

Most of it. Nothing is full proof but it's quite unlikely to be causing much damage to your device.

Jul 14, 2:54PM EDT0

How can I further secure my device?

Jul 16, 8:07PM EDT0

Can I put a firewall on my Android phone?

Jul 12, 11:45PM EDT0

Yes, just use a security program like Avast or 360 security. 

Jul 14, 2:55PM EDT0

OK. Thank you for a tip!

Jul 16, 8:08PM EDT0

Can someone remote access my Android phone with a virus?

Jul 12, 9:41PM EDT0

It's not impossible though. But not likely. Just make sure you do not take any wrong step like installing apps from unknown sources or downloading files from unprotected sources. 

Jul 14, 2:57PM EDT0

Oh! It's easy!

Jul 16, 8:10PM EDT0

What Android phone Has the best virus protection to build on?

Jul 12, 7:03PM EDT0

Every decide is quite sufficient. Plus you have security programs like Avast or 360 security can help to make situations better. 

Jul 14, 2:57PM EDT0

Are these programs suitable for any smartphone?

Jul 16, 8:12PM EDT0

How is your aproach to Android virus protection different?

Jul 12, 2:30PM EDT0

Android are less vulnerable compared to PC. But they are still vulnerable and can be effected. So it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Jul 14, 2:58PM EDT0

Thank's for your answer.

Jul 16, 8:13PM EDT0

What should I do if I get a virus on my Android phone?

Jul 12, 1:31AM EDT0

Hi Melissa

The best way to ensure that you have the virus completely thrown out of your device, you need to reset the device to factory setting. Then connect it to a PC and scan using an antivirus. It will assure no traces are left behind.

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Jul 12, 4:42AM EDT0

Thank's a lot for your advice!

Jul 16, 8:15PM EDT0

Why should I install virus protection on my phone?

Jul 11, 8:37PM EDT0

Hello Frank

It is not necessary, but if you are someone who uses public WiFi networks a lot on your phone, it is advisable to get some kind of antivirus or internet monitoring app to prevent any worst case scenarios. 

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Jul 12, 4:45AM EDT0

What are the symptoms of a virus on my Android phone?

Jul 11, 5:59AM EDT0

It's very difficult to say exactly what are the ultimate symptoms. You might notice lag on your device and some malfunctioning on your smartphone. Take notice of anything abnormal on your device and make sure you run an antivirus if you suspect anything.

Jul 12, 11:19AM EDT0

What is the challenge involved in protecting an android phone from viruses?

Jul 11, 5:51AM EDT0

Mostly we don't give much attention to protection of our smartphones. 

Internet is full of adwares and malwares that can get through to our device through simple web pop-ups or even an hidden virus in a mail. 

Jul 12, 11:25AM EDT0

Can I get a virus using only the messenger?

Jul 16, 8:17PM EDT0

How many different Android viruses are there?

Jul 10, 3:17PM EDT0

Unlike PC we don't get Trojans and other such viruses on Android. Android devices are mostly affected with malwares and adwares.

Jul 12, 11:27AM EDT0

Will a factory data reset get rid of a virus on my Android phone?

Jul 10, 2:37PM EDT0

Yes mostly.

But to be extra sure, connect your phone to PC and scan your device .

Jul 12, 11:27AM EDT0

What is the difference between a virus and malware when it comes to Android phones?

Jul 10, 12:17PM EDT0

Same as PC virus and malwares. Malwares include viruses, spyware, adwares, etc. So virus is a type of malware .

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Jul 12, 11:30AM EDT1

What are the top 3 Android anti virus programs in your opinion?

Jul 10, 9:10AM EDT0
  1. Kaspersky Android security
  2. 360 security
  3. Avast mobile security

Jul 12, 11:31AM EDT0

How Do I get rid of a redirect virus on my Android phone?

Jul 10, 12:10AM EDT0

Those are not viruses typically. What I suggest you is to get a factory reset of your device and get a scan of your phone connecting to PC and using an antivirus software.

Jul 12, 11:34AM EDT0

Do Android phones get more viruses than Iphones?

Jul 9, 10:25PM EDT0

Not necessarily, but yes as iOS has a more closed platform and Android being more open source. Chances are Androids can get more affected as anyone can get hold of the Android codes and remodify it to perform tasks.

Jul 12, 11:35AM EDT0

Is there a Android virus protection that won't drain my battery so fast?

Jul 9, 9:42PM EDT0

Every antivirus program runs in background all the time. So it will typically drain battery unless to stop it. Then it won't be of any use if your stop the antivirus from running in background. 

I found Kaspersky Android security to be good. It drains battery though.

Last edited @ Jul 12, 11:36AM EDT.
Jul 12, 11:36AM EDT0

Why do Android anti virus apps need permissions?

Jul 9, 6:04PM EDT0

So that they can scan all the apps and documents on your device to point out any infected material if it's there on your phone. 

Do follow my blog for more tips on your Android: yourownconsumer.com

Jul 12, 11:38AM EDT0

If I don't use Wifi, can I still get a virus?

Jul 9, 7:09AM EDT0

Yes you can. Just do not ever install any app that is not downloaded from the official app store. Never open any suspicious mail attachments.

Follow my blog for more tips on Android here: yourownconsumer.com

Jul 12, 11:39AM EDT0

What is the most common way Android users get viruses?

Jul 9, 3:03AM EDT0
  1. Using public WiFi
  2. Installing third party apps that are not from the official app store
  3. Through suspicious mail attachments
Jul 12, 11:40AM EDT0

Can zip files be used to infect my Android phone?

Jul 8, 11:19PM EDT0

Not likely. But it's not impossible. If you are suspicious better scan it on your PC before getting it on your smartphone.

Jul 12, 11:41AM EDT0

How can I protect my Android phone from viruses?

Jul 8, 7:21PM EDT0
  1. Use an antivirus program
  2. Do not install any app other than from the official app store
  3. Do not open suspicious mail attachments
  4. Do not click on suspicious links while browsing internet
  5. Do not enter your private details like mail id or phone number to unknown websites
Jul 12, 11:42AM EDT0