I am a Student in Computer Science. Ask Me Anything!

Rasna Jannat
Jul 17, 2017

I am a student of computer science,RUET(pussing 3rd year). I can discuss about computer science and technology.

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Who do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jul 16, 7:55PM EDT0

May be in a software comapny.

Jul 17, 8:50AM EDT0

What do you think about artificial intelligence?

Jul 16, 7:54PM EDT0

I think,it has change our life leading system

Jul 17, 8:52AM EDT22

Today computers are used almost everywhere. How well is information security developed?

Jul 16, 7:54PM EDT36

Information security has developed a lot,I guess

Jul 17, 8:53AM EDT0

What is your favorite scientific discipline?

Jul 16, 7:52PM EDT20

scientific study of plants or animals is my favourite

Jul 17, 8:55AM EDT0

Where do you plan to work?

Jul 16, 7:52PM EDT27

In my versity

Jul 17, 8:55AM EDT0

What do you think about robotics?

Jul 16, 7:52PM EDT0

I think robots has made peoples work much easier

Jul 17, 8:56AM EDT67

Are you studying programming?

Jul 16, 7:52PM EDT0

Yes,I am

Jul 17, 8:56AM EDT53

Which direction in training do you like the most?

Jul 16, 7:51PM EDT0

I don't like training. I like freedom and I think everyone should learn on their learning way

Jul 17, 8:57AM EDT0

Why did you choose this sphere?

Jul 16, 7:49PM EDT21

cause,I love engineering

Jul 17, 8:58AM EDT0
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