I am a Social media, Data mining and lead generation expert. Ask me anything on these notes.

Jahid Hasan Jony
Jul 15, 2017

I am a Social media, Data mining and lead generation expert. Ask me anything on these notes.

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which application do you prefer when collecting data mining and whch media do you prefer to work on in an efficient way.

Jul 16, 1:21PM EDT0

Can you tell me about your background and how it relates to this field?

Jul 14, 11:51PM EDT0

What are the threats posed by data mining to publicly disseminated statistics?

Jul 14, 4:51PM EDT0

Why did you decide to pursue a career as a Data Collector?

Jul 14, 4:26PM EDT0

I think its a challenge 5o know the unknown.


Jul 16, 2:45PM EDT0

What are your technical skills, including the programs and systems in which you are proficient?

Jul 14, 12:53PM EDT0

I am proficient in google search, web research and lot more including paid search engine.Thanks.

Jul 16, 2:47PM EDT0

How do data mining and data warehousing work together?

Jul 14, 5:32AM EDT0

I think their objective are same.

Thank you.

Jul 16, 2:49PM EDT0

How do you remain focused while working on tedious tasks?

Jul 13, 9:45PM EDT0

Its all about practise. Practise makes it.

Thank you.

Jul 16, 2:50PM EDT0

What are the benefits of User-Defined Functions?

Jul 13, 9:10PM EDT0

Are new data mining/predictive analytics/modeling algorithms needed to produce better results?

Jul 13, 6:28PM EDT0

Yes, I think so.


Jul 16, 2:50PM EDT0

What are the legal protections for federal data and how do they apply to data mining activities?

Jul 13, 4:36PM EDT0

How would you describe your meticulous skills?

Jul 13, 2:26PM EDT0

What is Discrete and Continuous data in Data mining world?

Jul 13, 2:04PM EDT0

Why do you enjoy sifting through data?

Jul 13, 10:03AM EDT0

I don't know why, but I love it.

Thank you.

Jul 16, 2:52PM EDT0

Do you prefer working independently or collaboratively?

Jul 13, 8:03AM EDT0

Both. It depends on the atmosphere you work.


Jul 16, 2:52PM EDT0

What are the controls (laws, policies, technologies) that help ensure the protection of people’s privacy?

Jul 13, 7:26AM EDT0

The social abd individual awareness is the most important I think. You shouldn't spread your contacts unless they are business related.

Jul 16, 2:54PM EDT0

What types of data are being mined?

Jul 13, 12:53AM EDT0

Business data, I think.


Jul 16, 2:55PM EDT0

How does the ASA's ethical code (and those of other professional associations) treat data mining?

Jul 12, 9:30PM EDT0

What are the different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases in SQL Server?

Jul 12, 8:09PM EDT0

What are beneficial uses of data mining and what potential threats do these activities pose?

Jul 12, 6:33PM EDT0

How much data do I need for data mining?

Jul 12, 5:28PM EDT0

Its depend totally on how much data your client/s want.


Jul 16, 2:56PM EDT1

What is data mining?

Jul 12, 5:24PM EDT0

To collect data about someone(s) or something(s).

Jul 16, 10:06PM EDT1

What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?

Jul 12, 4:18PM EDT0

Why doesn't my predictive model perform as well on new data as it does on the training data?

Jul 12, 1:29PM EDT0

How do statistical methods support data mining and what are their limitations?

Jul 12, 12:11PM EDT0

What modules have you created for data collection?

Jul 12, 10:55AM EDT0
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