I am a Ruby on Rails Developer. I develop web apps. AMA

Jul 15, 2017


Myself Rishabh Jaswal

I am Ruby on Rails Developer with 2 years of experience.

I have developed 3 web apps using Ruby on Rails.


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What can you expect to earn as a Web Developer?

Jul 15, 3:35AM EDT0

$15,000 a month

Jul 15, 11:14AM EDT0

What is your advice for choosing a school for web development?

Jul 15, 1:28AM EDT0

Go with the one who makes you practice on the live projects.

Jul 15, 11:15AM EDT0

Can you name some feature-rich software?

Jul 15, 12:58AM EDT0

What kind of feature-rich software? Please mention.

Jul 15, 11:15AM EDT0

How is your experience working in the web development industry?

Jul 14, 11:53PM EDT0

It's great. Sometimes it's hectic when the bugs stick on you.

Jul 15, 11:16AM EDT0

How do you behave in such situations?

Jul 15, 12:35PM EDT0

What is your experience with graphic design as a web developer?

Jul 14, 11:37PM EDT0

I can do simple HTML, but not photoshop designing.

Jul 15, 11:17AM EDT0

Do you plan to develop in this sphere?

Jul 15, 12:36PM EDT0

Do you work from home, or do you have a 9-5 job?

Jul 14, 11:20PM EDT0


Jul 15, 11:17AM EDT0

What kind of work schedule do you like more?

Jul 15, 12:38PM EDT0

What got you interested in this field and a career as a Web Developer?

Jul 14, 10:45PM EDT0

I am a technology graduate and followed what's in trend.

Jul 15, 11:18AM EDT0

Do you like your job?

Jul 15, 12:40PM EDT0

Where are you from?

Jul 14, 9:49PM EDT0

New Delhi, India

Jul 15, 11:18AM EDT0

Why do web developers need to be proficient in database use?

Jul 14, 9:39PM EDT0

Because it handles your data. Your website is nothing without a database.

Jul 15, 11:18AM EDT0

Has the latest software made it made it easier to design products for the market in the last 10 years?

Jul 14, 9:39PM EDT0

Quite a lot.

Jul 15, 11:19AM EDT0

What particular skill in web designing you think you are lacking in?

Jul 14, 9:16PM EDT0

Photoshop designing. I don't have enough time to learn all the shortcuts.

Jul 15, 11:19AM EDT0

Do you plan to study Photoshop in more detail?

Jul 15, 12:45PM EDT0

Where do you want to be in five years when it comes to web development?

Jul 14, 8:50PM EDT0

Running their own IT firm.

Jul 15, 11:19AM EDT0

Have you already started to do something to achieve this goal?

Jul 15, 12:47PM EDT0

How would you describe the ideal work environment for a web developer?

Jul 14, 8:48PM EDT0

You must have a light music on and a team of proficient designers and developers.

Jul 15, 11:20AM EDT0

What kind of features would you like to see in existing software a decade from now?

Jul 14, 8:42PM EDT0

I'm afraid I don't think that much

Jul 15, 11:21AM EDT0

How do you avoid burnout while designing a website?

Jul 14, 8:01PM EDT0

I don't design websites. I have a designer to do that.

Jul 15, 11:21AM EDT0

How important is coding in web development?

Jul 14, 7:56PM EDT0

Web development is all about coding.

Jul 15, 11:21AM EDT0

What programming language do you use?

Jul 15, 12:50PM EDT0

Where can you go to learn web development online?

Jul 14, 7:41PM EDT0

Go for w3schools for the basics.

Jul 15, 11:22AM EDT0

Who are the biggest employers of web developers today?

Jul 14, 6:28PM EDT0

I don't really know about that.

Jul 15, 11:29AM EDT0

What software are you most proficient in?

Jul 14, 4:49PM EDT0

I am proficient in creating high-security ecommerce websites.

Jul 15, 11:30AM EDT0

Do you have a degree in web design?

Jul 14, 4:12PM EDT0


Jul 15, 11:30AM EDT0

Do you offer customization to partially-completed web designs?

Jul 14, 4:11PM EDT0

Yes, I do. Are you interested?

Jul 15, 11:35AM EDT0

What are some of the top schools offering Web Development programs in your country?

Jul 14, 3:12PM EDT0

We have a lot of instututes over here.

Jul 15, 11:36AM EDT0

What is the best one?

Jul 15, 12:53PM EDT0

Where do web developers fall under the IT hierarchy?

Jul 14, 2:47PM EDT0

How did you get into this field?

Jul 14, 2:28PM EDT0

Let's say it was meant to be. My cousin is in same field and was earning well. I decided to go with the same

Jul 15, 11:34AM EDT0

What are you often asked about as a web developer when applying for a job?

Jul 14, 2:28PM EDT0

What previous jobs have you done like this one.

Jul 15, 11:35AM EDT0

What is the stereotype of a web developer, and is it accurate?

Jul 14, 2:10PM EDT0

What kind of challenges do you face in your daily work as a software tech?

Jul 14, 2:09PM EDT0

How do you get certified as a web developer?

Jul 14, 1:53PM EDT0

I just got training from a reputed firm and join internship over there.

Jul 15, 11:33AM EDT0

What are the most valuable programming languages for web developers?

Jul 14, 1:33PM EDT0

What is the difficulty level of Web Designing college program?

Jul 14, 1:24PM EDT0

Are web designers more in demand in online freelancing sites or front-runner companies?

Jul 14, 1:21PM EDT0

Not comparable.

Jul 15, 11:33AM EDT0

Can anyone be a web designer?Is web designing a job for you at the moment?

Jul 14, 1:20PM EDT0

I am a web developer. Not designer. Why everyone is confused?

Jul 15, 11:32AM EDT0

Is your salary from Web Designing enough to make a good living out of?

Jul 14, 1:15PM EDT0

Yes, pretty much.

Jul 15, 11:32AM EDT0

How many clients do you usually get annually?

Jul 14, 1:02PM EDT0

I work as a freelancer part-time. Sometimes I get big projects that run for months and sometimes I get small issues that need fixing. It makes it around 10-15 clients a month with 3-4 long term clients.

Jul 15, 11:32AM EDT0

How many clients can you work with at the same time?

Jul 15, 12:57PM EDT0

From web designer's point of view, what makes a good web design?

Jul 14, 1:01PM EDT0

The usability. If your customers love your website, you are pretty much in.

Jul 15, 11:31AM EDT0
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