I am a production engineer, product designer, skilled in SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS. Ask Me Anything!

Omar Atif
Jul 6, 2017

I work as a product designer at UPWORK have a lot of knowledge in production engineering and mechanical design

Omar Atif says:

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I never heard of ansys, are there any online courses for it? Can you share any link with me?

Jul 9, 7:11PM EDT0

What do you use Ansys for and how is it different from Solidworks?

Jul 6, 10:23AM EDT0

ANSYS is simulation program it is better than SOLIDWORKS in this field but SOLIDWORKS  is a CAD software 

Jul 7, 4:12PM EDT0

How many years of studies and education did you put in to end up as a production engineer and product designer?

Jul 6, 9:50AM EDT0

actually, i am still learning and I will never stop but if you ask how much time it took me so that I can take a real job it took me 4 years 

Jul 7, 4:14PM EDT0

What does your work involve in the role of production engineer?

Jul 5, 9:37AM EDT0

my job is to suggest the best type of material to be used in making the product also the way of manufacturing 

Jul 5, 10:08PM EDT0

Has software and computerization made it easier to design products compared to a decade or two ago?

Jul 4, 2:48PM EDT0

absolutely I can't imagine how much work I would have to to do if I don't use CAD software 

Jul 4, 4:24PM EDT0

How many years do you work?

Jul 6, 2:35PM EDT0

How do you manage when new software enters the market and customers expect something different?

Jul 2, 5:01PM EDT0

when you master one software it is going to be easy to learn and use other software it won't take too much time to learn a new software 

Jul 3, 4:38PM EDT0

Does the quality of work become better with new software?

Jul 6, 2:06PM EDT0

Which industry does your company fall in and what kind of products does it manufacture?

Jul 2, 4:52AM EDT0

i work as a freelance from home solo

Jul 2, 11:28AM EDT0

Did you work for some company earlier? 

Jul 6, 2:53PM EDT0

How long does it take to design a regular, simple product?

Jul 1, 9:28AM EDT0

for example

- the concept process two days

- the 3d modeling is an easy process takes one or two days

- the simulation and modifying process takes two days 

Jul 1, 9:24PM EDT0

How interesting do you find your work as a product designer?

Jul 1, 12:56AM EDT0

it is really fun with every project you learn something new , you work with something different every time 

Jul 1, 9:27PM EDT0

Do you enjoy dual posts that of production engineer as well as a product designer?

Jun 30, 7:34PM EDT0

yes my job combine both of them 

Jul 1, 9:26PM EDT0

What is the secret to efficient yet detailed and good work and product designs?

Jun 30, 6:01PM EDT0

understanding what the client wants 

Jul 1, 9:25PM EDT0

How often are your sights similar? 

Jul 6, 2:48PM EDT0

Do you visit product designing blogs and websites to help you keep abreast of changes happening in the field?

Jun 30, 8:15AM EDT0

of course, I learned a lot from them 

Last edited @ Jul 1, 9:21PM EDT.
Jul 1, 9:20PM EDT0

Could you name some?

Jul 6, 3:28PM EDT0

What did you study during your college and what was your specialization?

Jun 30, 12:08AM EDT0

mechatronics engineering 

Jul 1, 9:19PM EDT0
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What kind of designing is possible easily with the help of Solidworks?

Jun 29, 11:00PM EDT0

Everything, I can design anything on SolidWorks, plastic parts, injection molds, furniture, sheet metal, machines 

Jul 1, 9:19PM EDT0

Is it easy and fun working in groups or do you prefer concentrating on your work solo and in peace?

Jun 29, 10:44PM EDT0

I always prefer work solo

Jul 1, 9:16PM EDT0
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What kind of obstacles have you faced over the course of your designing work?

Jun 29, 5:20PM EDT0

the first plastic part was very hard , i had to watch a lot of youtube videos to learn how to design it 

Jul 1, 9:16PM EDT0

What kind of software or help do you use to make your work easier?

Jun 29, 12:52PM EDT0

you had to know everything about one thing and one thing about  everything, I am always using SolidWorks but sometimes I use other software like Fusion 360 or AutoCAD when I need that but I don't know everything about them 

Jul 1, 9:14PM EDT0

What kind of products do you design or make over the course of your work?

Jun 29, 7:53AM EDT0

mostly plastic products ( toys - electronic enclosures - prosthetic limbs)

Jun 29, 10:39AM EDT0

What tips or words of advice do you have for people getting started in this industry?

Jun 29, 2:25AM EDT0

you must have engineering knowledge like matrials-stress analysis-manufacturing methods you can't stop at  mastering a cad program like solidworks and fusion 360 without having engineering knowledge 

Jun 29, 10:42AM EDT0

What industry do you work in and provide your skills and knowledge to accomplish various tasks?

Jun 29, 12:14AM EDT0

I work as a freelancer at UPWORK I design different kindS of plastic products or SHEETMETAL products, I also make simulations  of weldments structures and different products

Jun 29, 12:42PM EDT0
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