I am a Photoshop Expert. #AMA guys. I am ready to help you all!

Moby Lazaro
Aug 13, 2017

I will make this very simple. Common thing we do with Photoshop.

Usually if we have clients they ask me to do these things.

Create A Simple Lomo Photo Effect


1. Open the texture and rasterize it. Go Edit>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and desaturate the photo. Then hit Ctrl+L (Levels) and increase the contrast a bit. Finally, go Edit>Define Pattern and hit OK.

2. Open the photo (house) and rasterize it. If you can't find the Actions panel, go Window>Actions (Alt+F9) and you'll see it appear next to the History tab. Click on the Create new Set and the Create new Action icons. Once you click the Create new Action you'll see that the small circle turns red. This means that from now on every change or effect will be recorded. If you want to pause it simply press on the Stop icon (to resume press on the Record icon again).

3. Now that Photoshop's recording the action, go Image>Image Size and set 520 px for width. Then apply the following styles to your photo (Inner Glow's color: #3496bb).

4. Click on the Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer icon and select the Solid Color. Pick #ada58a and change the Blend Mode to Color.

5. Add another Solid Color layer and fill it with #cb6586. Change the Blend Mode to Exclusion and lower the Fill (or Opacity) to 30%.

6. Merge these three layers and on the new one apply these styles.

7. Add a Solid Color layer and fill it with black (#000000). Change the Blend Mode to Color and lower the Fill to 20%.

8. Press on the Pause icon to stop recording the Action. That's it. Your action is now ready. Load any photo you want and simply press the Play icon (make sure the background layer is unlocked). Add any effects you want to make it even better.


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How do you navigate the massive amount of features in Photoshop? They seem overwhelming to me.

Aug 13, 2:17AM EDT0

Hi Julia!!!!! Nice to hear from you!!!!! I do Youtube tutorials....... It helps... Sometimes I do not memorize them, I try to find them in Youtube..... For the steps that I have gone through over and over again, no need....

Aug 13, 3:16PM EDT0

Thanks Moby ffor the replying. i will try to use your advice

Aug 13, 10:06PM EDT0

How do you navigate the massive amount of features in Photoshop? They seem overwhelming to me.

Aug 12, 8:15PM EDT0

Hello David!!!!!! I think I aready answered that same question..... Anyway, I use Youtube tutorials.... It's very helpful....

Aug 13, 3:17PM EDT0

How is editing different from manipulation?

Aug 12, 5:04PM EDT0

Hi Tammy!!!!!! Editing is enhancing, you do not alter the image rather you enhance...... Manipulation is when you change it totally.....

Aug 13, 3:18PM EDT0

i got the difference, thanks!

Aug 13, 11:00PM EDT0

Will a laptop with a digitizer and stylus make using Photoshop easier?

Aug 12, 11:10AM EDT0

Wow!!!! I like your question!!!! Yes!!! It does!!!! I love using stylus... It makes everything easy to navigate....

Aug 13, 3:21PM EDT0


Aug 13, 10:05PM EDT0

Is there a Photo manipulation course to become more proficient?

Aug 12, 10:25AM EDT0

Hell!!!!! I can recommend you watching Youtube tutorials, it's better there.... You can have variations from your learning....

Aug 13, 3:22PM EDT0
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Doesn't manipulating take away from the real thing?

Aug 12, 5:56AM EDT0

Hi!!!! Is Ajohnson your name???? Okay, so yes, it takes the originality away... Totally.... If you need guidance, you can ask me anything....

Aug 13, 3:24PM EDT0

How long have you been using Photoshop?

Aug 12, 3:24AM EDT0

Hello Pamela!!!!! A year now.... I started photo editing 4 years ago but just last year I found the beauty of Photoshop... Thanks to my friend and now my workmate...

Aug 13, 3:27PM EDT0

what did you use for editing before?

Aug 13, 10:05PM EDT0

Is photography losing its grip on reality?

Aug 12, 1:32AM EDT0

Hi!!!! I can't agree somehow because we do photoshop to enhance pictures, but not totally chnage the reality... Not of course if we are required to change the original.... I respect whatever opinion you have there Mr. Thomas.....

Aug 13, 3:30PM EDT0

Can you tell when a picture is a fake?

Aug 12, 12:54AM EDT0

Hello Kevin!!!! Yes I can, definitely!!!!!

Aug 13, 3:30PM EDT0

Are you on Facebook?

Aug 11, 11:28PM EDT0

Hi!!!!!! I share my Facebook with my wife..... I have twitter twitter.com/mobylazarogwapo

Aug 13, 3:31PM EDT0

Do you work with Photoshop in a specific industry, or is it just a hobby?

Aug 11, 9:32PM EDT0

Hi Douglas!!!!!!! A hobby turned into a business..... With my friends... They helped me get through the sick and challenging parts of Photoshop, I owe it to them and now we have been doing projects together....

Aug 13, 3:32PM EDT0

awesome! what is doing your wife for living?

Aug 14, 1:16AM EDT0

What software do you currently use?

Aug 11, 8:24PM EDT0

Hello David!!!!! Photoshop is my main focus now.... I think I have a good relationship with Photoshop than the others....

Aug 13, 3:34PM EDT0

I don't understand layers, and how to use them. Can you explain?

Aug 11, 8:22PM EDT0

Hello!!!!!!! It's really hard to explain one by one but I have this tutorial for you.... helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/layer-basics.html 

Aug 13, 3:36PM EDT0

i'll have a look,thanks Moby

Aug 13, 10:42PM EDT0

How long have you been using Photoshop?

Aug 11, 7:00PM EDT0

Hi!!!!!!!! A year now..... My friend introduced me to Photoshop and I have been loving every bit of it.... DO you do Photoshop too?

Aug 13, 3:36PM EDT0

i just start learning it

Aug 13, 9:57PM EDT0

Do you work an a specific industry, or is it just a hobby?

Aug 11, 5:48PM EDT0

Hi Lady Dawn!!!!! I do it for a hobby..... I used to draw too but with all the technology updates, I came across Photo Editing and Photoshop......

Aug 13, 5:15PM EDT0

What computer hardware is best for running Photo Manipulation software?

Aug 11, 5:18PM EDT0

Hello there Ashley!!!!!!!! For me, really nothing in specific but make sure your PC runs with the latest hardware version.... Photoshop is a very heavy software and it can make your PC run like a turtle..... Better be safe...

Aug 13, 5:16PM EDT0

How did you get into this field?

Aug 11, 5:10PM EDT0

Hello there lady!!!!  First it was a hobby, a friend introduced me and then I fell in love.... Literally and no kidding....

Aug 13, 5:18PM EDT0

Do you have a blog or website?

Aug 11, 5:00PM EDT0

Hello!!!!! No I don't have, I don't have time to make one... I spend most hours editing and doing graphics.... I wish I can have one someday for portfolio purposes but I 'll have to pay for someone to do it for me....

Aug 13, 5:23PM EDT0

what types of projects are you doing?

Aug 14, 12:41AM EDT0

I would love to follow you, can you give me your link?

Aug 11, 3:59PM EDT0

Hi there lady!!!!! Yes of course, I can give it to you twitter.com/mobylazarogwapo

Aug 13, 5:24PM EDT0

What laptop hardware is the minimum for running Photoshop?

Aug 11, 3:19PM EDT0

Hello!!!!! As long as your versions are the latest and you have high-end specs then you are all good..... i7 laptops are amazing.......

Aug 13, 5:25PM EDT0
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