I am a mechanical engineer. AMA

Mabub Himel
Jul 15, 2017

I am a mechanical engineer. I know how to Analyze problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve the problem,Analyze the test results and change the design as needed and Oversee the manufacturing process for the device.

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What other computer skills do you possess?

Jul 15, 1:48AM EDT0

Photoshop,illustrator,video editing,MS word, etc.

Jul 15, 7:53AM EDT0

Which video editor do you use?

Jul 15, 11:14AM EDT0

What is a mechanical engineer?

Jul 14, 11:43PM EDT0

mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the design, production, and operation of machinery.

Jul 15, 7:57AM EDT0

What new engineering specialty skills have you developed?

Jul 14, 10:57PM EDT0

haven't developed yet, I am trying to develop a nanotecnology.

Jul 15, 8:01AM EDT0


Jul 15, 11:45AM EDT0

What are you currently working on?

Jul 14, 8:08PM EDT0

I am currenty working on a nanotecnology

Jul 15, 8:02AM EDT0

Why did you choose a career in mechanical engineering?

Jul 14, 8:02PM EDT0

because I love this site

Jul 15, 8:02AM EDT0

How did you get into the field?

Jul 14, 7:53PM EDT0

I got a chance to study in RUET and after passing I did get into this field

Jul 15, 8:04AM EDT0

Do you also do any other work?

Jul 14, 7:37PM EDT0

no,I don't

Jul 15, 8:04AM EDT0

Do you have your own business?

Jul 14, 7:27PM EDT0

no,I haven't

Jul 15, 8:05AM EDT0

What do you do for fun?

Jul 14, 7:05PM EDT0

I still play video games for fun

Jul 15, 8:05AM EDT0

Seriously? Name you fav, please 

Jul 15, 11:37AM EDT0

What do you enjoy most/least about engineering?

Jul 14, 6:08PM EDT0

I enjoy most to develop a tecnology about engineering

Jul 15, 8:07AM EDT0

Have you build any robots or DIY type projects?

Jul 14, 5:45PM EDT0

I haven't, I am still working on it

Jul 15, 8:07AM EDT0

Do you have any hobbies?

Jul 14, 5:40PM EDT0

Yes I have, fishing is that

Jul 15, 8:08AM EDT0

Ohh, you're my soulmate. I do love fishing. Do you have some secrets or tips to attract fish?

Jul 15, 11:48AM EDT0

What Software do you use as a Mechanical Engineer?

Jul 14, 5:16PM EDT0

we dont use software now,we use hardware

Last edited @ Jul 15, 8:16AM EDT.
Jul 15, 8:08AM EDT0

How long did you have to go to school for this?

Jul 14, 3:16PM EDT0

4 years

Jul 15, 8:09AM EDT0

What is one piece of advice for students interested in a science career?

Jul 14, 3:03PM EDT0

I think, they should grow their mentality to dicovering anything new

Jul 15, 8:10AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Jul 14, 2:39PM EDT0

I am from Bangladesh

Jul 15, 8:10AM EDT0

Do you work online, or for a company?

Jul 14, 2:25PM EDT0

I work for a comapny

Jul 15, 8:11AM EDT0

Which one?

Jul 15, 11:59AM EDT0

What school did you go to?

Jul 14, 2:01PM EDT0


Jul 15, 8:11AM EDT0

Do you use Cad Software?

Jul 14, 1:50PM EDT0

No, I don't use that

Jul 15, 8:11AM EDT0

What can you never start your day without?

Jul 14, 1:49PM EDT0

brushing my teeth :p

Jul 15, 8:12AM EDT0

Haha:) As got me, I can't imagine my morning without cup of green tea with mint.

Jul 15, 12:00PM EDT0

What is the most challenging part about your job?

Jul 14, 1:45PM EDT0

To develop a tecnology is the most challenging part about my job

Jul 15, 8:14AM EDT0

Are you working on any projects now?

Jul 14, 1:13PM EDT0

I am now working on a nanotecnology

Jul 15, 8:14AM EDT0

What are the typical traits of a mechanical engineer?

Jul 14, 12:52PM EDT0

typical traits of a mechanical engineer is 'team player but individually motivated'

Jul 15, 8:19AM EDT0
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