I am a graphic designer. Ask me anything!

Sun Moon
Jul 15, 2017

I am professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry and I can assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

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How do you insure your clients you're the best fit in designing the quality website they need?

Jul 15, 9:00AM EDT0

I insure them by sending a sample of my work

Jul 15, 1:00PM EDT0

That's great that you're sure in your work

Jul 16, 6:18AM EDT0

How often do you get repeat clients?

Jul 15, 6:25AM EDT0

It's not fixed,sometimes a client within 2 day or something like that

Jul 15, 1:04PM EDT0

What are some job prospects related to the Graphic Design industry?

Jul 14, 11:13PM EDT0

A lot job prospect are retlated to the graphic design industry now

Jul 15, 1:06PM EDT0

For example? What will be personal growth?

Jul 16, 6:59AM EDT0

What software is mostly used web design and graphics?

Jul 14, 10:57PM EDT0

Adobe InDesign. InDesign is one of the most important programs for graphic designers

Jul 15, 1:07PM EDT0

How long have you been working around design software?

Jul 14, 10:40PM EDT0

more than 1 year may be

Jul 15, 1:07PM EDT0

How do you deal with clients asking for a budget-friendly design plan?

Jul 14, 7:53PM EDT0

It depends on clients design plan

Jul 15, 1:09PM EDT0

an I Become a Web Developer with a Graphic Design Degree?

Jul 14, 6:14PM EDT0

may be you can

Jul 15, 1:09PM EDT0

What do I need for that?

Jul 16, 7:01AM EDT0

Do you use templates or clipart?

Jul 14, 4:53PM EDT0

yup,I use

Jul 15, 1:10PM EDT0

How important is having the skill in content maintenance in web designing?

Jul 14, 3:13PM EDT0

graphic design skill is so important for web designing

Jul 15, 1:11PM EDT0

What design services do you provide?

Jul 14, 2:13PM EDT0

web page and T-shirt design

Jul 15, 1:11PM EDT0

What is asked more often?

Jul 16, 7:03AM EDT0

What other software-related projects have you worked on?

Jul 14, 12:49PM EDT0

photoshop and illustrator

Jul 15, 1:12PM EDT0

What do you charge for your Graphic Design services?

Jul 14, 12:26PM EDT0

It depends on design

Jul 15, 1:12PM EDT0

The minimum?

Jul 16, 7:14AM EDT0

What are web designs made of?

Jul 14, 12:16PM EDT0

web design made of graphic art,I guess

Jul 15, 1:13PM EDT0

Which newly-released design software is worth checking out?

Jul 14, 9:31AM EDT0

Astropad studio, I guess

Jul 15, 1:15PM EDT0

How much do you charge for designing a website?

Jul 14, 7:39AM EDT0

It depends on website size/design pattern

Jul 15, 1:16PM EDT0

What are your favorite places to find non-copyrighted images?

Jul 14, 7:00AM EDT0

I have a lot of favorite places

Jul 15, 1:18PM EDT0

I try to find some good source. Can you point towards?

Jul 16, 6:48AM EDT0

How much sense of accomplishment do you feel when you complete a design project?

Jul 14, 6:58AM EDT0

I feel me most happiest person in the world after compleating a design project

Jul 15, 1:20PM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in completing a website's design?

Jul 14, 6:44AM EDT0

Information gathering and planning

Jul 15, 1:22PM EDT0

Is physical meeting still necessary when discussing the flow of web designing projects?

Jul 14, 3:57AM EDT0

I don't think so

Jul 15, 1:22PM EDT0

Do your clients ask to discuss something during the skype session or FaceTime?

Jul 16, 7:02AM EDT0

What kind of features would you like to see in existing design software a decade hereafter?

Jul 14, 3:49AM EDT0

I don't know. Actually I don't know that I will be alive or not leter a hereafter

Jul 15, 1:27PM EDT0

Do you design websites to be compatible with mobile phones?

Jul 14, 3:44AM EDT0

no,I haven't yet

Jul 15, 1:27PM EDT0

Oh, Shane. It can be big problem to look through some web sites on the phone

Jul 16, 7:14AM EDT0

What are your favorite software products?

Jul 14, 2:09AM EDT0

3D images

Jul 15, 1:31PM EDT0

How does the design process work, from my initial inquiry, to completion of the job?

Jul 14, 1:22AM EDT0

there a lot of work to do. you have to research, design a solution, build and evaluate a prototype, troubleshoot and redesign, and communicate the solution.

Jul 15, 1:42PM EDT0

What is the client's involvement in the design process?

Jul 14, 1:09AM EDT0

they just have to say what kind of design they want and how

Jul 15, 1:43PM EDT0

Is it hard to guess the desire of client?

Jul 16, 8:00AM EDT0

What software do you use in completing your work?

Jul 14, 1:09AM EDT0

Adobe InDesign

Jul 15, 1:43PM EDT0

How long does it take to design a website?

Jul 14, 1:08AM EDT0

about  week

Jul 15, 1:44PM EDT0

Who owns the copyright for the designs you produce?

Jul 14, 12:56AM EDT0

may be it's me

Jul 15, 1:46PM EDT0

What kind of technology do you often use in designing websites?

Jul 14, 12:04AM EDT0

HTML, CSS , programming language

Jul 15, 1:52PM EDT0

What do you do, if upon finishing the website's design, the client disapproved of your work?

Jul 13, 11:58PM EDT0

I will do nothing, I guess

Jul 15, 1:54PM EDT0

Will you try to make some changes?

Jul 16, 7:28AM EDT0
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