I am a game designer with experience in both the video game and tabletop industries. I'm part of a new indy startup that just launched our first Kickstarter! Ask me anything!

Noah @ Pandora's Fox
Nov 11, 2017

I'm a graduate of RCC Institude of technology in Toronto Canada with a diploma in Video Game Development.  I worked for Gameloft, a mobile games company, which gave me the opportunity to be part of the Dungeon Hunter III and Epic development teams. I've also had the pleasure to be involved in a few indy projects.  Recently I've found a renewed passion for more traditional tabletop games. I was a game designer for Friendly Rabbit's Monster Misfits, and currently the designer for, Pandora's Fox's  Anklebiters - Pixies VS Gremlins. (now on Kickstarter).


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What is your favorite video game?

Nov 12, 10:17AM EST0

Do you have favorite games?

Nov 12, 7:13AM EST0

What is the most difficult when designing a game?

Nov 11, 7:18PM EST0

When did you start this dream ? 

Nov 11, 7:07PM EST0

I think I've done this for as long as I can remember, even if I didn't recognize it myself.  As a kid I loved to come up with my own games.  Just grabbed some paper and pencils and came up with ideas.  It was in high school when I knew I wanted to pursue this professionally.  But at the time it wasn't a fully established industry like it is now. There wasn’t a lot of information or guidance on how to get started.  The internet wasn’t the repository it is now.

So I started out in digital graphic design, figuring there was at least some cross-over there.  I was in my 20s when I knew I needed to learn more.  Thankfully by then, there was a lot more useful information on the internet and some colleges began to offer programs catered to game development.  Between the two, I was able to hone my skills and obtain a job doing what I love.

Nov 11, 7:20PM EST0

What are the best 30 seconds of game design ever?

Nov 9, 9:52PM EST0

What is the basic structure for developing a game?

Nov 9, 1:27PM EST0

Who do you consider at the top of your field, and why?

Nov 9, 11:18AM EST0

What is “Pixel Art”?

Nov 9, 10:32AM EST0

Pixel Art refers to graphics that are pretty much created pixel by pixel.  This was mostly used in the early days of 8-bit and 16-bit video games when graphic processing power was minimal.  But is still used today for stylistic effect. (This image is an example of Pixel Art)

Nov 11, 3:31PM EST0

Can you point out the advantages and disadvantages of using packed buffers?

Nov 9, 10:27AM EST0

What are the models used to make money in gaming business?

Nov 9, 10:23AM EST0

How can you reduce game lag?

Nov 9, 9:23AM EST0

That really depends what the source of the lag is.  Video lag isn't the same as having connection lag.  The steps to reduce lag differ on what the cause is.

Nov 11, 6:31PM EST0

Why is C++ language preferred for game development?

Nov 9, 7:06AM EST0

What are the Android tools used for developing games?

Nov 9, 5:39AM EST0

What’s the biggest thing players just don’t understand about game mechanics?

Nov 9, 5:39AM EST0

What are the essential tools of your trade?

Nov 9, 5:23AM EST0

Well for my specific roles, design and art they are:  Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Z-Brush on the art side.  Unity and Unreal engine are the two I'm most experienced with for level design. 

Nov 11, 5:46PM EST0

What non-game art influences you the most?

Nov 9, 5:11AM EST0

While I find inspiration everywhere, I'd probably have to say movies are a major influence.

Nov 11, 6:29PM EST0

How can educators and universities get involved in game development?

Nov 9, 4:16AM EST0

Offering courses related to the industry is a good step.   There's already quite a few educational institutions involved in game development in some way.  Some schools even have co-op programs with big developers.

Nov 11, 6:35PM EST0

What educational path should my child take to become a game developer?

Nov 9, 1:55AM EST0

That depends on which aspect of game development they're most interested in.  Game development can usually be broken down into three categories:  Design, programming and art.  Those three can then be broken down even futher, for example art has subsets like animation, 3d modeling, concept art, even music and audio.  First you need to determine which aspect of development your child is most passionate about, as that will be a major factor in choosing what path to follow.

Nov 9, 2:29AM EST0

What are the problems you might face while developing game with Java?

Nov 9, 1:08AM EST0

What is PunkBuster? How does it work?

Nov 8, 11:37PM EST0
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