I am a gadget tester. Recently I have been testing various smartphone batteries, and how they perform over long term use and charging cycles. AMA!

Sinchan Dey
Jul 7, 2017

I have been testing out smartphone batteries trying to figure out what causes a battery to die out after some time. Ask me anything to keep your battery healthy and get everyday tips you can do to keep it healthy. 

You can even find more details on my research and testing here: www.yourownconsumer.com/2017/06/keep-your-smartphone-battery-healthy-tips.html


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Normally people charge their phones by connecting to their PC with the help of a cord , Do you think it will affect their phone battery?

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Jul 8, 3:12PM EDT0

This is not very ideal practice to follow. Most people use wall chargers to top-up their batteries juice. I advice do the same. 

Jul 8, 3:57PM EDT1
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How long do you run battery tests on smartphones?

Jul 7, 6:19AM EDT43


It depends, but in most cases I would do it for at least 2 weeks to get the battery stats in various scenarios. 

You may check my article on batteries for tips to keep them healthy www.yourownconsumer.com/2017/06/keep-your-smartphone-battery-healthy-tips.html

Jul 7, 9:31PM EDT40
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How long do you use gadgets to confirm their usability and quality checks?

Jul 7, 6:04AM EDT0


A minimum of 2 weeks. But I keep them using for quite a long time to check if their performance is affected overtime.

Jul 7, 9:29PM EDT0
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Is it true that some smartphones have been found to have malware before being sold?

Jul 6, 11:04PM EDT0


I have never experienced that personally. 

Jul 7, 9:27PM EDT0

What smartphone settings must you have to ensure your battery charge lasts longer?

Jul 5, 6:23AM EDT33


You can do few things

  1. Turn the brightness download
  2. Turn off your location services when not using them. GPS use a lot of power.
  3. Turn off mobile data or WiFi when you are not using them.
  4. Check apps that use the most power and kill them as soon as you quit the app.
  5. In setting turn the auto screen off to 30secs to 1 min. Doing this will make sure your screen is turned off as your device is idle and stop power consumption.

Hope this helps. Let me know and do follow my blog for more tips and tricks : www.yourownconsumer.com

Jul 5, 3:33PM EDT55
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Which batteries are better, fixed batteries or extractable batteries?

Jul 4, 2:33AM EDT0


It depends on the type of material the battries are made of. Some are Lithiumn Ion or Lithium Ploymer batteries that you find in the smartphones. Doesn't really matter is they are removable or non-removable

Jul 5, 2:53PM EDT0

Does overheating of the phone while charging indicate a battery problem?

Jul 3, 12:30PM EDT49

Hi Jonathan

There is a possibility it might be. However these days having fast charging options do make the batteries to heat up while charging, this is normal in most cases. So unless you see a drop in the performance of your device the heating can be just another offset of having fast charging. However if the heating is way beyond the normal limits there might be a battery issue. The best idea, get it checked by a local repair guy and replace it before it explodes like Samsung. :P

If you need more tips of keeping battery healthy, check my full article here


Jul 3, 10:49PM EDT13
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How long have been testing smartphone batteries?

Jul 3, 9:15AM EDT0

Hi Stephanie

It's more than 2 and half years now.

Jul 3, 10:50PM EDT0
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Are gadgets getting better in quality with passage of time?

Jul 3, 7:41AM EDT0


Yeah they are getting smarter but the fact is these companies make gadgets to last only free years so that you are forced to switch to a new one. This is good as well as bad, what is your take? Let me know

Jul 3, 10:52PM EDT0
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Is gadget testing your full time work or a pastime?

Jul 2, 10:59PM EDT0


I am a full time blogger and YouTube creator. So gadget testing is a part of it. 

Do follow my blog: yourownconsumer.com

Jul 3, 10:53PM EDT0
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What should one do to ensure longer battery life of smartphones?

Jul 2, 9:13PM EDT0


There are few very simple and everyday tips you can follow. I have a great article on it, do check it out and let me know if you have any doubts.



Jul 3, 10:54PM EDT0

What do you find most interesting about gadget testing?

Jul 2, 4:15PM EDT0

Hi John

I love the whole experience of it. Every new gadget is a masterpiece of engineering brilliance and brain Stroming of thousands of people. The fact that such a small piece of gadget can do wonders excits me a lot. I am obsessed about gadgets and the whole thing about them.

Do follow me on my blog:


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Jul 3, 10:57PM EDT0
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Which smartphone battery charges the fastest and lasts the longest?

Jul 2, 7:11AM EDT0


It is very difficult to actually put a bar saying this is fastest. It depends and varies. But I can give you some of the devices I have tested.

  1. OnePlus 5
  2. OnePlus 3T
  3. Oppo F1 plus
  4. HTC U11
  5. LG G6
Jul 3, 11:04PM EDT0
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What got you interested in this kind of work of battery testing?

Jul 1, 10:00PM EDT23

Hey Elizabeth

I am a gadget tester and the fact that batteries are the most important part of any gadget especially Smartphones. I decided to test out the batteries and find out what really matters.

Here is my detailed analysis: www.yourownconsumer.com/2017/06/keep-your-smartphone-battery-healthy-tips.html

Jul 3, 11:06PM EDT29
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What kind of experiences have you had with gadgets before you became a tester?

Jul 1, 4:21PM EDT27


Gadgets were always a love for me. I used to love playing with new gadgets all my teenage days. The thought of making it my career came after watching YouTube ers and bloggers making a career out of it.

Do follow my blog here: yourownconsumer.com

Jul 3, 11:08PM EDT37
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Do you get paid for testing gadgets and smartphone batteries?

Jul 1, 8:41AM EDT0


No, I don't paid directly for the testings. I am a blogger and gadgets are my obsession. So, it my own choice of what I decide to test and present the report. I do it to help others and provide them the insights which can help them in day to day life. You can follow me on my blog too for many such interesting insights about your everyday gadgets. My blog: www.yourownconsumer.com

I hope I can help you with any such questions related to any gadgets and technologies you use daily.

Jul 1, 11:25AM EDT0

Why do smartphone batteries start malfunctioning after a period of time?

Jul 1, 7:24AM EDT0

Hi Andrew,

The simple answer is due to our own usage pattern. We take very less care to maintain the health of the battery. Like charging from 0-100% at a go, charging only when the battery is below 10%, etc. These habits do impact the life of a battery in longer run. However keeping all these in mind, a battery will die after a certain period, using few tips might help you keep that period for long. Best cases might find a battery functional up to 4-5 years. But if you continue manhandling it might die sooner as 2-3 years.

Jul 1, 11:41AM EDT0
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Does overcharging your smartphone harm the battery?

Jul 1, 4:50AM EDT0

Hello Jennifer,

In most cases, No. Because, these days most smartphone and electronics have the battery technology that cuts off the current supply as soon as the battery is fully charged. What it does effectively is, your battery is never over charged in real life. So, if you charge your phone over night, it might not be an issue in most cases. You can read my detailed report for more information here: www.yourownconsumer.com/2017/06/keep-your-smartphone-battery-healthy-tips.html

Jul 1, 11:45AM EDT0

Have you ever had a bad experience while testing gadgets?

Jul 1, 2:48AM EDT36

Hey David,

Yeah few times. Once I was testing a powerbank, which was supposed to be a duplicate one. I was testing how a original and a fake powerbank differ in their functioning. I had opened the casing to check the batteries inside, as soon as I tried removing the batteries on the fake one, it sparked and caught fire. It was scary man. I advice everyone, never to play around with any batteries. 

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Jul 1, 11:48AM EDT20
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What do you think is the single most reason for poor performance of smartphone batteries?

Jun 30, 10:45PM EDT0

Hi James

The charging cycles.

Present day batteries like the lithium icon and lithuim polymer, need short but constant charging cycles. You must keep a little juice always on the batteries. Never let them fall below 20%. 

Another major reason is heat. Your phone gets hot very often, this might be causing a battery issue very soon. 

Jul 1, 11:52AM EDT0