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Aug 12, 2017

What is happening at home while you are away on vacation?What is your pet doing? Is it possible to check on your family even when you are out?Home security is another area ripe for disruption. Facebook uses AI in the form of facial recognition to tag photos of friends with a 97 percent accuracy rate for the 214 million Facebook users in the United States alone. That same deep learning has the potential to work in home security technology to track the comings and goings of houseguests. Just as some phones can categorize a new photo as a cat or a tree, AI paired with security cameras could learn the difference between an intruder and a visitor.

AI powered home security systems will learn a family’s daily routine and establish once an occasion appears uncommon. this is {often|this can be} useful for families UN agency have frequent guests or travel often, because the home security system reduces the number of false alarms. AI additionally offers peace of mind to householders, as a result of humans have a brief span, whereas technology is trained to continually get on alert.Anyone will use it.

Camera based security systems increasingly becoming regarded as an essential tool for home.

The best home security is not necessarily the cleverest or the most hyped. It's the one that keeps you and your family safe from harm.

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Is it not a worry to you that if hacked or the AI system is breached in some other way that it can be used to "attack" or glean information on when is actually easiest to take advantage of the home?  

Aug 12, 9:44PM EDT0

Do I need battery backup for my security camera system?

Aug 12, 8:59PM EDT0

How much will security cameras cost?

Aug 12, 8:54PM EDT1

It starts around $1,000-$2,000 for a small, basic system (1-4 low-end cameras) but a professionally installed system can easily run $2,000-$9,000 or more.

Aug 13, 9:44AM EDT0

How do wireless security cameras work?

Aug 12, 8:52PM EDT0

The difference here is that instead of being physically connected through wires, these sensors send audio and video signals to the main panel over a wireless transmitter. Keypads, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and other accessories can also be used by connecting them to the security system's main panel.

Aug 13, 9:45AM EDT0

Do you work for a company, or for yourself?

Aug 12, 8:52PM EDT0

I work for both.

Aug 13, 9:46AM EDT0

Can a home security system save me money?

Aug 12, 8:49PM EDT0

Yes, it can.Assuming an average cost of $650, a 10 percent discount on your homeowners insurance for a monitored alarm system saves you $65 each year.

Aug 13, 9:48AM EDT0

Do I need fixed security cameras or PTZs (Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras)?

Aug 12, 8:46PM EDT0

Do security companies have access to my security cameras?

Aug 12, 8:44PM EDT0

May be.

Aug 13, 9:50AM EDT0

Can I get license plates with a security camera?

Aug 12, 8:42PM EDT0

Can one surveillance camera work for every location?

Aug 12, 8:42PM EDT0

Do you have Facebook?

Aug 12, 8:42PM EDT0

Yes, of course.

Aug 13, 9:51AM EDT0

Can you post a link?

Aug 13, 1:05PM EDT0

Do I need an infrared security camera?

Aug 12, 8:41PM EDT0

If you want.

Aug 13, 9:51AM EDT0

How is a wireless security system different from a hardwired security system?

Aug 12, 8:40PM EDT0

Where are you based out of?

Aug 12, 8:40PM EDT0

How far and wide of an area will the security cameras see?

Aug 12, 8:40PM EDT0

It can be moved and zoomed can see exactly what you are up to no matter how far away you are. Some can read the instructions on whatever it is you are trying to sneak into your pocket.

Aug 14, 1:10PM EDT0

What types of security cameras are there?

Aug 12, 8:39PM EDT0

The types of security cameras are:

  • Box Camera.
  • Dome Camera.
  • PTZ Camera.
  • Bullet Camera.
  • IP Camera.
  • Day/Night Camera.
  • Thermal (FLIR) Camera.
  • Wide Dynamic Camera.
Last edited @ Aug 14, 1:13PM EDT.
Aug 14, 1:11PM EDT0

Should I buy a pre-made security camera system or purchase items a la carte?

Aug 12, 8:39PM EDT0

Do I need fixed lenses or varifocal on the surveillance cameras?

Aug 12, 8:38PM EDT0

Do you work with a team, or alone?

Aug 12, 8:37PM EDT0

When you say a surveillance camera is focused 10’ away from the camera does that mean I can’t see anything past that?

Aug 12, 8:36PM EDT0
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