Hi! This is Clifton Souza new youtuber.I upload videos related to ANDROID technical problem. ask me anything.

Clifton Souza
Aug 11, 2017

I have created this just for you all.I am a tech youtuber,solving problems related to your Android phone.

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What is your favorite gear to film with?

Aug 11, 9:00AM EDT0

What do you make your videos about?

Aug 11, 12:22AM EDT0

About Android tecnology

Aug 11, 8:03AM EDT0

Do you have many subscribers?

Aug 11, 7:55PM EDT0

Do you get advance screening releases of music and movies to review?

Aug 10, 11:47PM EDT0


Aug 11, 8:03AM EDT0

Do people contact you or how does it work?

Aug 11, 4:37PM EDT0

Do youtube staff care about you ?

Aug 10, 7:40PM EDT0

Yes they do

Aug 11, 8:03AM EDT0

What they do?

Aug 11, 8:16PM EDT0

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Aug 10, 4:46PM EDT0

May be its my bad luck

Aug 11, 8:04AM EDT0

So the answer is no

Aug 11, 8:03PM EDT0

How many views do your videos have currently?

Aug 10, 4:08PM EDT0

5-6 k for each videos

Aug 11, 8:04AM EDT0

Whats the best way to make money for videos?

Aug 11, 4:18PM EDT0

What is the most common mistake new YouTubers make?

Aug 10, 3:54PM EDT0

tag mistake

Aug 11, 8:05AM EDT0

Can you explain in more detail?

Aug 11, 4:08PM EDT0

What is the difference between Service and IntentService? How is each used?

Aug 10, 1:17PM EDT0

sorrry, i am not clear about this

Aug 11, 8:05AM EDT0

It's a pity. 

Aug 11, 8:26PM EDT0

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video?

Aug 10, 10:52AM EDT0

Ask him for permission

Aug 11, 8:06AM EDT0

Ok, good idea

Aug 11, 7:57PM EDT0

What are your future plan for your channel?

Aug 10, 10:50AM EDT0

I want to see my channel at top position

Aug 11, 8:06AM EDT0

What are you doing to get a higher ranking?

Aug 11, 5:06PM EDT0

How can I promote my channel better?

Aug 10, 10:30AM EDT0

Upload everyday, good quality video

Aug 11, 8:07AM EDT0

Do you only film in HD or what do you use?

Aug 11, 4:49PM EDT0

Is this your hobby, or do you make a living at it?

Aug 10, 6:35AM EDT0

Its my hobby..

Aug 11, 8:08AM EDT0

Whats your main job?

Aug 11, 5:02PM EDT0

How do you start a good channel?

Aug 10, 3:47AM EDT0

start with a dance compitition

Aug 11, 8:08AM EDT0

? Explain, what do you mean?

Aug 11, 5:25PM EDT0

What is your target audience?

Aug 9, 11:20PM EDT0

now my tergeted audience is android smart phone user

Aug 11, 8:09AM EDT0

What your videos are about?

Aug 11, 8:17PM EDT0

How many subscribers do you have?

Aug 9, 9:05PM EDT0


Aug 11, 8:09AM EDT0

Congrats! Could you live of that amount of subscribers?

Aug 11, 4:43PM EDT0

Have you ever gone viral?

Aug 9, 8:34PM EDT0

yes, i was

Aug 11, 8:10AM EDT0

Love to see a link

Aug 11, 5:07PM EDT0

How much time do you spend on your channel?

Aug 9, 8:11PM EDT0

more than 8 hour

Aug 11, 8:10AM EDT0

Do you do only youtubing?

Aug 11, 8:16PM EDT0

How do you promote your channel outside of Youtube?

Aug 9, 7:27PM EDT0

social media

Aug 11, 8:10AM EDT0

Whats the best one to use? Facebook? What else?

Aug 11, 4:15PM EDT0

What is the difference between a fragment and an activity?

Aug 9, 4:50PM EDT0

What Java classes related to the use of sensors on the Android platform can I take?

Aug 9, 3:58PM EDT0
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