Hi my name is Maya.I am Android expert.AMA

Maya Angelou
Aug 12, 2017

Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google. Hence it comes with most of the advantages of Google. It is an operating system that is installed in smartphones and tablets by default

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What did you do to solve the problems related to your app?

Aug 12, 4:30AM EDT0

What tools do App Dev novices should have at hand?

Aug 12, 2:07AM EDT0

Why do you need Cordova when you are using Ionic 2?

Aug 11, 9:10PM EDT0

What advice can you offer to people interested in app creation?

Aug 11, 8:43PM EDT0

How do you include building apps on a resume?

Aug 11, 5:50PM EDT0

Which are the best resources which help learn how to create an app?

Aug 11, 1:51PM EDT0






Aug 11, 2:30PM EDT1

What's your personal favorite? Which one do you use most?

Aug 12, 4:21PM EDT0

What is the difference between Service and IntentService? How is each used?

Aug 11, 11:38AM EDT0

Are online tutorial sessions as effective as university-taught lessons?

Aug 11, 10:50AM EDT0

How to update UI from a service in android?

Aug 11, 10:16AM EDT0

you can watch this video 

Aug 11, 2:53PM EDT1

Thanks! Appreciated

Aug 12, 3:22PM EDT0

Is Ionic 2 a free software or do you need to pay for its use?

Aug 11, 8:58AM EDT0

yes,need pay

Aug 11, 2:55PM EDT1

Is it expensive in comparison to other software?

Aug 12, 3:34PM EDT0

What's the most common misconception about App Development?

Aug 11, 8:58AM EDT0

Misconception no 1:  Compromising the key features for cost cutting

Misconception no 2:Comparing the size of the app to the cost

Misconception no 3:Underestimating the power of Marketing

Misconception no 4:Ignore Market trend

Misconception no 5:Paid App is the key to profits

Misconception no 6:Development ends with application release

Misconception no 7:Cross platform compatibility is not necessary for my app.

Misconception no 8:Apps will get a lot of customers after release

Aug 11, 12:47PM EDT1

That's useful to know, thanks

Aug 12, 5:17PM EDT0

Which industries have the highest demand of apps?

Aug 11, 5:20AM EDT0

Describe Android application Architecture?

Aug 11, 4:26AM EDT0

Who are the pioneers in App Development?

Aug 11, 3:12AM EDT0

How does Ionic 2 help make the process of app making easier?

Aug 11, 1:23AM EDT0

Who is the target market of this app?

Aug 11, 1:00AM EDT0

How do you feel after you finish the last stage of app development?

Aug 11, 12:43AM EDT0

What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK?

Aug 11, 12:05AM EDT0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Aug 10, 11:59PM EDT0

How much work do you need to put in to adapt an app for a different platform?

Aug 10, 9:54PM EDT0
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