Hi, I'm Tamim Adnan. I work in Social Media Marketing to Upwork. I also work in civil engineering at primary level like drawing, estimating, planning, etc Ask Me Anything!

Tamim Adnan
Aug 12, 2017

I especially work on Pinterest marketing, Instagram marketing, facebook marketing, Google Adwords, email Marketing and Automation etc.

I also did Pinterest marketing for my friend's job. I am very much willing to do an hourly job in social Media Marketing Field. If anyone wishes they can send me they can send me invitations, I will honor you with my best.

Here is my up-work profile link: Tamim A on Upwork

Thank you 


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Have you got any examples of your CAD work?  I'd love to see what you are capable of.  

Aug 12, 3:18AM EDT1

Aug 12, 5:17AM EDT0
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What are Fly Ash Bricks?

Aug 12, 1:57AM EDT0

Fly ash, also known as "pulverised fuel ash. sometimes it is mixed with brics raw materials then it is called fly ash brick

Aug 12, 10:06AM EDT0

What was the most challenging written technical report or presentation that you've had to complete?

Aug 11, 6:41PM EDT16

Technical writing was on construction safety. it was very interesting . and I am professional technical writter

Aug 12, 2:33AM EDT27
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How should we be using LinkedIn for marketing?

Aug 11, 12:11PM EDT15

yes of couse linkeding marketing can be possible. by creating Ad in linkedin . for this you have to select specific zone and target audience 

minimum cost is $10. 

Last edited @ Aug 12, 2:30AM EDT.
Aug 12, 2:24AM EDT34
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Is YouTube important for marketing?

Aug 11, 4:10AM EDT0

yes of course you can advertise your products by adsense in youtube. it is of course a good field for buisness promotion

Aug 12, 2:08AM EDT0

Thanks, Mr. Borhan for your help. yes youtbe marketing is very important 

Aug 12, 2:11AM EDT0

How much distance should their be between columns?

Aug 11, 12:14AM EDT0

minimum 22 feet according to bangladesh structral rules

Aug 12, 10:08AM EDT0

Which industries have you worked with via social media networks?

Aug 10, 7:02PM EDT81

I worked for amafeed , I also worked for true company as a social media expert

Aug 11, 4:01AM EDT58
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What is the difference between short column and long column?

Aug 10, 5:44PM EDT1

column is considered to be short when the ratio of its effective length to its least lateral dimension does not exceed12 less than 10 for an UNBRACED column. *About failures modes:Short columns usually fail by crushing, but a slender column is liable to fail by buckling

Aug 12, 12:59PM EDT0

Whatother sites do you work on?

Aug 10, 4:22PM EDT65
Aug 11, 4:02AM EDT36
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Why do cranes lift

Aug 10, 2:46PM EDT0

it is one kind of machine which helps us to carry heavy materials

Aug 12, 10:10AM EDT0

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

Aug 10, 9:11AM EDT0

Facebook marketing, Twitter , Pinterest marketing , HootSuite, google adwords etc 

Aug 12, 10:11AM EDT0

Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?

Aug 10, 3:09AM EDT0

you can create a social value for your product . then your marketing stages will be easy 

Aug 11, 4:03AM EDT0

Which of the Social Media Platforms would you suggest starting on as a beginner though please?  (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)

Aug 12, 2:52AM EDT0

Who can become a freelancer?

Aug 10, 2:36AM EDT0

Do you have a blog?

Aug 10, 1:02AM EDT0

no but I use a free blogspot.com 

Aug 11, 4:04AM EDT0

how we can define fatigue strength?

Aug 9, 11:30PM EDT0

How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Aug 9, 11:24PM EDT0

They try to increase their likes and share of their social pages 

Aug 12, 10:11AM EDT0

Should each department in my company have its own social media initiatives?

Aug 9, 6:07PM EDT0

of course should have 

Aug 12, 10:12AM EDT0

What fees do Freelancer sites charge?

Aug 9, 5:41PM EDT0

20% for per job

Aug 12, 10:12AM EDT0

How important is it to share my content on social media?

Aug 9, 4:23PM EDT0

to create value , to reach the pickpoint of public you have to advertise on facebook, twiiter, instagram ,  pinterest 

Aug 12, 10:13AM EDT0

heavy loads straightly?,

Aug 9, 4:09PM EDT0