Hi, I'm Steve de Mamiel and I am the author of The Mongrel Method; sales and marketing for the new breed of buyers. I offer consultation to move your business forward, I am a keynote speaker for all things sales and marketing, and a coach for "Smarketing". Ask me about techniques like big data, analytics, personas, micro-moments and automation for sales and marketing. Ask me about how to understand your customers’ needs. AMA.

Steve de Mamiel
Aug 11, 2017

In 20 years of a sales and marketing career that included everything from standing at the counter of cellar sales of a vineyard and observing what worked and what didn't. Through to running the sales and marketing function of global IT companies, a lot has been learnt and observed. In the last 5 years there has been massive change that has taken place in what sales and marketing means. They use to be discreet functions but today they need to work hand-in-hand for a company to be successful. If you have a question on sales and marketing or how technology is changing sales and marketing I'm here to help.


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What practices in the data management field are the most concerning?

Aug 11, 12:17AM EDT0

I’ve alluded to it already but the idea that data is used incorrectly or is miss interpreted

Aug 11, 7:41AM EDT0

Ok, thank you

Aug 11, 2:48PM EDT0

What are some obvious things people miss when not using analytics correctly?

Aug 10, 10:05PM EDT0

I’ve seen obvious data sets ignored or debates taking place when the data is available but people haven’t turned their mind to collecting it and reviewing it.  Sometimes its much easier to ignore the real answer and just run with a hypothesis that’s untested as the testing requires some proper rigour and work

Aug 11, 7:45AM EDT0

Hm, just like me, lol. 

Aug 11, 2:00PM EDT0

How long does it take you on average to compile your data?

Aug 10, 8:13PM EDT0

That depends on what data and why.  If it’s a new project, there is a fair amount of time in the set up and getting clear on what we want to measure.   But if the time is invested in doing it properly from the outset, often it’s just a matter of taking a look at the dashboard.  There isn’t really too many applications that now cannot be live updates or continual compiling.  Dashboards are getting lots of management attention right now.

Aug 10, 8:57PM EDT0

What these applications are?

Aug 11, 2:11PM EDT0

How will companies ever catch up to processing the vast amounts of data they are acquiring?

Aug 10, 7:53PM EDT0

Gina, I'm not sure they are ever going to catch up, it’s about picking what matters, that could be; data that aligns with strategy or KPIs; data that focuses on R&D, there are several options. The company is going to have to pick an area that it wants to focus on then work with the data that supports the area of focus.

Last edited @ Aug 10, 8:45PM EDT.
Aug 10, 8:24PM EDT0

Oh, it seems to be complicated field

Aug 11, 2:24PM EDT0

How has data management changed over the last 5 years?

Aug 10, 5:11PM EDT0

Yes, its got wider and deeper.  It use to be in databases and spreadsheets, its now in far more complex decision support tools.  Often in a cloud applications where its far easier to work with given the hard work is done by the app

Aug 10, 8:24PM EDT0

What do you expect in the future?

Aug 11, 2:05PM EDT0

What are some of your experiences with the fields you mentioned here?

Aug 10, 4:59PM EDT1

Thats a big question! I've seen a huge amount of change.  Namely the simplification of tools used to manage an business.  IT projects no longer suck the life out of a company.  They can be piloted and then deployed much easier.  Sales and Marketing is starting to take a large part of the IT budget.  A number of companies are not yet awake to the idea that sales and marketing are going to be IT resource intensive in the next year or two if they are to remain competitive.  Another big change has been the acceptance of large companies to do business with unprofitable or startup companies.  The financial viability of your vendor use to be a huge issue.  Now its much easier for startups to make their first major sale.

Last edited @ Aug 10, 8:47PM EDT.
Aug 10, 8:29PM EDT0

I'm afraid you didn't understand my question correctly 

Aug 11, 1:56PM EDT0

How can data management help an individual?

Aug 10, 4:49PM EDT0

Its really about context.  If you are buying a house, the more data the better!  Price, comparative sales, planning data, all that stuff helps.  There is a huge amount of comfort in making a major decision based on good data.

If its about getting your job done, having and being able to manage the data takes the opinion conflict and personal biases out of the discussion with your team

Last edited @ Aug 10, 9:27PM EDT.
Aug 10, 8:37PM EDT0

Thank you fir the examples. It's easier to understand

Aug 11, 2:37PM EDT0

Do you have any tips for making your data stand out in presentations?

Aug 10, 4:39PM EDT0

The world loves an infographic! If its not your skill, get someone who can do it for you.  It makes a huge difference to attention and retention.

Last edited @ Aug 10, 8:44PM EDT.
Aug 10, 8:39PM EDT0

You guessed. Infirgraphic is not my skill:(

Aug 11, 2:31PM EDT0

Which industries stand to gain the most through using data management?

Aug 10, 1:22PM EDT0

While it might be obvious to say "large complex industries like banking and insurance, its worth looking at why they gain more.  My own view is that in those types of businesses where management are more removed from the customer data becomes more important.  In smaller businesses where management has contact with the customer, their gut feel is more accurate and they can pick up change faster.  That’s very hard to do in large business so good data is very important to fill that gap

Aug 10, 8:43PM EDT0

Do you like to work with data? You must be well organized person

Aug 11, 2:16PM EDT0

What are some practical utility of data collection in your daily life?

Aug 10, 12:23PM EDT0

We are using data collection everyday even if we don’t give it much thought.  Think about the data in Google maps, (travel times, arrival times etc) We are both using and providing the data.  Google busy times shown for shops, cafes, restaurants we visit. Again we are consuming and providing the data.  Major purchase decisions, we are looking for evidence to confirm, validate or influence or decisions. Whenever you are looking for decision support or a reference point, there is a search for the relevant data

Aug 10, 9:04PM EDT0

And now collecting data is profession more over

Aug 11, 1:58PM EDT0

Can this kind of data be misused or used against people?

Aug 10, 12:13PM EDT0

Sure, like anything, it’s about how you use it.

Aug 10, 9:05PM EDT0

How does a human employee add value to a data management operation?

Aug 10, 12:05PM EDT0

The real value is added when there is proper analysis of the data application.  Invest the time in getting clear on what the data is being used for and asking the question “Does this answer the question fully?” If you find that you need to overlay it with some assumptions or some other belief, it’s pretty clear that the data is only influencing the decision.  There is a tendency to read too much into the data.  You add value when you can critically review if the right data is being used for the right question or decision

Aug 10, 9:12PM EDT0

I've never thought that it can be so exciting. 

Aug 11, 2:46PM EDT0

Does Data Science use statistical tools to reach an outcome or an opinion?

Aug 10, 11:09AM EDT0

I’m not sure they can reach an outcome or an opinion, but the tools can be used to test a hypothesis. Remember, it’s only a tool.

I’m certainly a big user of the stats tools.  With big data sets, its great to have the outliers flagged or statically significant variations flagged.  Those flags are good pointers as to where the focus needs to be.

Aug 10, 9:18PM EDT0

Does employing data management create any risks for a regular company?

Aug 10, 11:03AM EDT0

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics" – Mark Twain

The quote was used to describe the pervasive power of the numbers. Sometimes the data is used to prop up a week argument.  That’s the real risk

Last edited @ Aug 10, 9:45PM EDT.
Aug 10, 9:44PM EDT0

Genius phrase, I think. And reflects the sense 

Aug 11, 3:14PM EDT0

How much data is enough data?

Aug 10, 10:56AM EDT0

As much as you need to feel comfortable with the decision

Aug 10, 9:47PM EDT0

What kind of equipment do you need to collect important data?

Aug 10, 10:31AM EDT0

Equipment?  The starting point ought to be what question needs to answered and then to work backward from there.  It then ought to become self-evident what is the right tool for the job

Aug 10, 9:50PM EDT0

Which departments or areas of work require detailed sensor data?

Aug 10, 9:58AM EDT0

I’m unclear on “sensor data” but the customer touch points is good starting point for data collection for most organisations

Aug 10, 9:54PM EDT0

What is one benefit of data managing that a regular person may not know about?

Aug 10, 9:28AM EDT0

A big benefit is the ability to test everything.  I see lots of debate go on about strategy or sales and marketing campaigns.  If a split test (also called A/B testing) is used the debate can stop and action can be taken.  I tell clients to just test it and review the data.  Most people overlook the ability to use data be very agile and very accurate about what works

Last edited @ Aug 10, 10:02PM EDT.
Aug 10, 10:01PM EDT0

How essential is Data Science to your line of work?

Aug 10, 9:06AM EDT0

Very!  The use of data means that gut feel, preconceptions or personal biases are off the table and its replaced by the data.

Aug 10, 10:06PM EDT0

In what areas of work is data studied and used?

Aug 10, 8:57AM EDT0

Everywhere! It used to only be a management tool as the data was available in easy to interpret tools that were very expensive and required expensive projects to implement.  Now any business of any size can be using good data.  That could be something free like Google Analytics for a small business running an online store or generating leads, or it could be a bank reviewing its customer risk profile

Aug 10, 10:12PM EDT0
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