Hi I'm pramod and specialized in Test Automation & Robotic process automation Ask Me Anything.

Pramod Sendanayake
Sep 12, 2017

Feel free to ask me about test automation & robotic process automation.

  • Basically you can ask me anything about Test automation using Selenium / Appium / QTP  / Java robot /  Sikuli.
  • Test Automation concepts and framework building knowledge. 
  • Robotic process automation concepts
  • Robotic process automation using Workfusion

How industry works with Automation background. How we can use automation concepts to make our day to day office work easier.  

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In what year do you think robots becomes one of the common machines in a single household?

Sep 12, 6:29AM EDT0

Why did you pursue a career in science?

Sep 12, 2:51AM EDT1

Literally im into Information tchnology. It was my passion.

Sep 13, 5:48AM EDT0

Do you plan on going back to college to further your studies?

Sep 13, 8:04PM EDT0

When you say selenium, do you mean the plugin toolkit for programming languages like C++ and Ruby?

Sep 11, 8:56PM EDT0

Yes. More likely to Java & C#

Sep 13, 5:39AM EDT0

Some computers are virtually impossible to change the language, any suggestions for this?

Sep 13, 7:24PM EDT0

Would you want to use a robot in your daily life?

Sep 11, 6:15PM EDT0

Not for life style. I prefer to reduce manual intervension for repatitive work. Example : Paying online bills 

Sep 13, 5:50AM EDT0

What back-up do you recommend in cases where your computer crashes?

Sep 13, 6:52PM EDT0

Do you have advice for students interested in science and engineering careers?

Sep 11, 6:09PM EDT0


Lads go and get it. Eventually you will fall in love with it.

Sep 13, 5:51AM EDT0

Who and what has been the biggest influence in your life?

Sep 13, 5:51PM EDT0

What are the job prospects in this field and what is the average pay?

Sep 11, 3:26PM EDT0

Do you think the robotics industry will ever cause robots to replace human beings too much?

Sep 11, 2:23PM EDT0

Arguable point. Anyway we have lot of decision making areas where we cannot replace. But we should reduce manual intervention as much as possible. So then we can use that time for more value added tasks.

Sep 13, 5:53AM EDT0

What do you look forward to in the technology industry?

Sep 13, 5:20PM EDT0

What was the reason for the invention of robots?

Sep 11, 1:50PM EDT0

Reduce repatitive manual tasks.

Sep 13, 5:53AM EDT0

In what ways would you change some of the software you deal with every day?

Sep 13, 5:40PM EDT0

What pre-requisites should I have to pursue a career as a robot automation engineer?

Sep 11, 9:32AM EDT1

What i am referring here as robotic automation  is software bots.

Which will do repatitive back office work like data enetering into a system etc. Basic software coding knowledge will do the trick.

Sep 13, 5:55AM EDT0

Would you consider creating a new AMA, specifying that you deal with Software Robotics, so that you can attract more people who would be interested in your knowledge?

Sep 13, 4:55PM EDT0

How long is the educational path until I would be qualified?

Sep 11, 5:39AM EDT0

maximum 6 months. Hope you are having basic IT knowledge.

Sep 13, 5:55AM EDT0

Do you make a good living doing what you do?

Sep 13, 4:24PM EDT0

What do you think would be the common roles of robots in the near future?

Sep 11, 3:29AM EDT0

Can you name some serious incidents of robot malfunction?

Sep 11, 1:01AM EDT1

What i am referring here as robotic automation  is software bots.

Which will do repatitive back office work like data enetering into a system etc. 

Not Hardware robots. Sorry

Sep 13, 5:56AM EDT0

What do you do that contributes to the Data entering the robotic industry?

Sep 13, 3:33PM EDT0

What makes a machine a robot?

Sep 10, 11:12PM EDT0

What i am referring here as robotic automation  is software bots.

Which will do repatitive back office work like data enetering into a system etc. 

Not Hardware robots. Sorry

Sep 13, 5:57AM EDT0

Wouldn't that be considered software?

Sep 13, 4:25PM EDT0

Do you think there will be development of robotics for use in more industries than they are currently used in?

Sep 10, 10:44PM EDT0

Yes of course. 

Sep 13, 5:57AM EDT0

Any that we still haven't seen robotics in yet?

Sep 13, 3:54PM EDT0

What is the leading country in the field of robot engineering?

Sep 10, 10:39PM EDT0

In what industry are robots used the most?

Sep 10, 10:04PM EDT0

Software robots can be used in different LOBs. Almost all of the LOBs.

Banking , Healthcare etc. 

Sep 13, 5:58AM EDT0

Would you safely say that we use robotic in some shape or form, in our everyday lives?

Sep 13, 2:54PM EDT0

What is the most commonly used real time software program in your job?

Sep 10, 9:51PM EDT0

What is the biggest lesson(s) you learnt from mistakes in your job?

Sep 10, 7:42PM EDT0

No matter why or what you cannot miss your responsibilities.

Sep 13, 5:58AM EDT0

How do you prioritize your day?

Sep 13, 1:53PM EDT0

What are the hazards present in a robot-automated workplace?

Sep 10, 7:16PM EDT0

What are some ethical issues surrounding robot production?

Sep 10, 5:48PM EDT0

Are there any offices or workplace completely robot-automated?

Sep 10, 3:19PM EDT0

Why is automation important and what are the disadvantages of manual testing?

Sep 10, 10:58AM EDT0

We should have a strong manual test bed for any application. But when we are moving forward we can automate repatitive smoke / regression test cases.

Sep 13, 6:06AM EDT0

PROLOG is an AI programming language which solves problems with a form of symbolic logic known as predicate calculus, how has the original design changed to improve the robot industry?

Sep 13, 12:51PM EDT0

How does robotic automation improve office work environment? 

Sep 10, 10:26AM EDT0
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