Hi, I'm Mary. I hold strong command on ''Android Studio'', an official integrated development environment (IDE) for the Android platform. AMA!

Jul 16, 2017

There are several ways to approach Android Development. But, thus far the most official and powerful is to use Android Studio. As compared with non-specialist software, it makes life significantly easier. 

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Are Android programs and apps better than iPhone?

Jul 16, 6:56AM EDT0

What are some free online resources for someone interested in building apps to consider?How do you choose a programming language for a project?

Jul 15, 6:35PM EDT0

Why made you choose to work in the field of programming?

Jul 14, 10:04PM EDT0

Dearest SHARON BANKS, from the beginning any discussion about new technologies grasped my attention. What's more, I never missed any seminar related to programming in my college days. <:oD

Jul 15, 5:22AM EDT0

Do you do program jobs via online freelancing jobs or are you employed in a certain company?

Jul 14, 7:17PM EDT0

Dear APRIL BRADY, I work for a famous company. Also, i also work as a freelancer <:o)

Jul 15, 5:25AM EDT0

Hmm, how interesting. What company is it?

Jul 16, 11:51AM EDT0

What Apps have you worked on that I may have heard of?

Jul 14, 12:56AM EDT0

TURNERHEATHER, I have worked on several apps. Four of my apps are very successful and being used all over the world. For these app, I have signed NDA.

Jul 15, 5:24AM EDT0

Did you already know some programming basics while in high school?

Jul 14, 12:28AM EDT0

CLAIRE HILL, candidly speaking, Not at all <:-)

Jul 15, 5:18AM EDT0

What kind of apps are really popular among mobile users currently?

Jul 13, 5:38PM EDT0

KENDRA KIM, there are different genres of mobile applications. I have noticed that mobile users are very much inclined towards mobile games <:o)

Jul 15, 5:19AM EDT0

Do you play some?

Jul 16, 10:32AM EDT0

How long have you been developing apps?

Jul 13, 6:37AM EDT0

BOOKERMELISSA, 6 years have been passed smoothly. "All praises be to Almighty, The Lord of The World".

Jul 15, 5:17AM EDT0

Can I use this program to create a completely custom ROM?

Jul 13, 3:13AM EDT0

What are this programs advantages over others of it's kind?

Jul 13, 1:51AM EDT0

What is special about your fave app that you like it so much compared to other apps?

Jul 12, 11:08PM EDT0

Dear SANDRA HART, I'm still working on my fav app <: - )

It involves lots of innovative and unique algorithms!

Jul 15, 5:12AM EDT0

What is it related to?

Jul 16, 11:03AM EDT0

Have you been hired by others to develop mobile games or apps?

Jul 12, 7:41PM EDT0

Yes ASHLEY BUSH, many time <: - )

Jul 15, 5:10AM EDT0

Does programming require a lot of Math subjects?

Jul 12, 7:23PM EDT0


Candidly speaking, I know many people who are outstanding programmers but extremely poor in Mathemetics.

Jul 15, 5:04AM EDT0

What about you?

Jul 16, 11:14AM EDT0

How can non-techies overcome difficulties on the field of programming?

Jul 12, 6:37PM EDT0

MICHAEL MCGRATH, non-technical can also learn about it too. There are many totorials and public forums as well. After all, knowledge is power! 

Jul 15, 5:07AM EDT0

Suggest me some useful tutorial, please

Jul 16, 11:28AM EDT0

What inspired you to learn to create Android apps?

Jul 12, 5:47PM EDT0

Will the apps created with Android Studio still work on a rooted device?

Jul 12, 4:04PM EDT0

How does this method compare with MIT App Inventor?

Jul 12, 2:12PM EDT0

What are the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript for programming?

Jul 12, 12:53PM EDT0


Some strengths of Javascript include execution on the client side, relatively easy language, and the extended functionality to web pages. However, security issues are considered as its biggest weakness.

Jul 15, 5:02AM EDT0

Since Android is open source, is it more vulnerable to malicious software?

Jul 12, 10:37AM EDT0

Which is the best place to check out help and tutorials on app making?

Jul 12, 6:30AM EDT0

JONATHAN BAIRD, I always take help from Video tutorials and different forums.

Jul 15, 4:58AM EDT0

YouTube? Or another channel?

Jul 16, 12:00PM EDT0

What kind of responses have you gotten through your apps?

Jul 12, 5:26AM EDT0

WALTER BROOKS, responses are just awesome! Clients like the innovative ideas behind my every project.


Jul 12, 5:47AM EDT0

Can you point your best side in working with clients?

Jul 16, 2:20PM EDT0

Are the apps created by you related to each other or vastly different?

Jul 12, 4:32AM EDT0


thanks for asking a question! i always prefer to work on entirely different projects. however, some of my projects are too much related with one another.


Jul 12, 5:26AM EDT0

If so, could your client say: "Oh, I know who created this app", while using some other app? Could you be recognized cause of your manner?

Jul 16, 11:53AM EDT0

What are the main steps of making your rock, paper, scissors app?

Jul 12, 3:25AM EDT0

Well BARBARA HOLLAND, I believe that for any project, the main step is to understand all the requirements. 

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52796Zy9Ksk

Jul 15, 4:57AM EDT0

Do you work solo as a freelancer or do you like to work in groups?

Jul 12, 1:05AM EDT0

JAMESCONWAY, i work on small projects on my own. but for big projects, i prefer to work in a team :-]

Jul 12, 5:40AM EDT0

Do you still need to run the app through an Android emulator, or is there some form of self checking mechanism?

Jul 12, 12:32AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing an app?

Jul 11, 9:48PM EDT0

Well MEGAN68, I think the hardest stage in developing an iOS app is dealing with the Autolayout. The amount of dealings and constrictions that need to be incorporated in the interface builder is quite perplexing in nature. Learning to use Xcode and iTunes Connect is not achievable without pulling your hair up. While developing Xcode, Autolayout is the most difficult to do.


Jul 12, 5:45AM EDT0

Quite challenging! Do you work only with IOS?

Jul 16, 11:45AM EDT0

Can someone develop their own app without having to sell it to the market?

Jul 11, 9:18PM EDT0


Jul 12, 5:35AM EDT0

What kind of educational background do you have and what’s your major?

Jul 11, 9:13PM EDT0


I did BS in Computer Science and I love programming :)

Jul 12, 5:34AM EDT0

Which uni?

Jul 16, 12:36PM EDT0

What do you aim to achieve with this simple game based app?

Jul 11, 7:04PM EDT0

WILLIAMSPHILLIP, I appreciate your question :)

 You can create several Android App With Android Studio.

Jul 12, 5:33AM EDT0
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