Hi, I'm Jerwin. I am one of the founders of the SimplifyHR, the latest software application available for Windows that aims to streamline the recruitment process with the help of AI.removing as much bias in the process and handing opportunities to people with matching skills and culture. Ask me Anything!

Jerwin Tan
Nov 9, 2017

SimplifyHR is an online platform that connects people who are looking for job and the best candidate for their company. This application aims to ease the recruitment process by offering a channel wherein the candidates can apply for a job opening posted by a company. We are currently seeking for suggestions, additional feature, or advice on how we can make this application more engaging and helpful for the recruitment process.

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Is the app out in the market?

Nov 9, 5:33PM EST0

What kind of program languange did you use to build this software? Where did you get your codes?

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Nov 9, 12:55PM EST0


Nov 9, 12:33PM EST0

When would you use a LinkedList or a Hashmap to store data?

Nov 9, 9:10AM EST0

What kind of software will be found?

Nov 9, 3:57AM EST0

What is a digest cycle?

Nov 8, 11:05AM EST0

Can you differentiate computer software and computer program?

Nov 8, 3:30AM EST0

Whats the difference between a left and inner join?

Nov 8, 3:20AM EST0

Which other newly-released software are worth checking out?

Nov 7, 8:28PM EST0

What software are you most proficient in?

Nov 7, 3:35PM EST0

What kind of developing software have you been using?

Nov 7, 3:11PM EST0

What are your favorite places to find open-source software?

Nov 7, 1:04PM EST0

What is the difference between application and software?

Nov 7, 9:29AM EST0

Can an entrepreneur just give a copy of a software to all employees instead of purchasing a multiuser version?

Nov 7, 8:37AM EST0

Which programming languages you are proficient at?

Nov 6, 9:36PM EST0

What is a knowledge-based software?

Nov 6, 6:35PM EST0

How do I permanently remove files from my computer?

Nov 6, 5:44PM EST0

Do you have any experience with Windows Server?

Nov 6, 11:33AM EST0

What is your experience in software testing?

Nov 6, 10:27AM EST0

How many times may I download a piece of software that I purchased?

Nov 6, 8:38AM EST0

Why do you like learning languages?

Nov 6, 8:18AM EST0

What is an IIFE in Java Script?

Nov 6, 7:36AM EST0

How can I prevent others from taking data off my computer?

Nov 6, 6:26AM EST0

What software are worth investing for?

Nov 6, 4:22AM EST0

How high is the demand for software-related jobs?

Nov 5, 9:07PM EST0

Is it safe to download softwares over the internet?

Nov 5, 8:07PM EST0

What are the penalties for installing software without being legally licensed?

Nov 5, 3:26PM EST0

Is the action of cracking a software illegal?

Nov 5, 12:28PM EST0