Hi, I'm Electronics Engineering student, my team and I are currently designing a smart home system that provides multiple controlling methods like voice commands, mobile app, desktop app and more, ask me anything.

Aya Muhammad
Jul 18, 2017

This project is both hardware and software project, I work on the hardware part and each of us is working on different part, feel free to ask me anything

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Do you tweak your apps to make them user friendly after initial trials and tests?

Jul 18, 12:27PM EDT0

The previous project " health care" we had plenty of time to work and enhance the results for months, but on the current project we're running short of time so we're just giving the priory for the main things

Jul 20, 9:41PM EDT0

What do you want others to remember you for after seeing them in a presentation of your product?

Jul 18, 4:38AM EDT0

To remember how much efforts we spent on our project and do not compare us to others who have higher budget and consider our limited resources and how good we were able to use what was available.

Jul 18, 10:26AM EDT0

To impress and be remembered you must have some unique idea, unique approach to the situation, does your team have it?

Jul 18, 11:38PM EDT1

What extent of damage can terrorist hackers inflict?

Jul 17, 4:27AM EDT0

This project is both hardware and software project, I work on the hardware part and each of us is working on different part, feel free to ask me anything about my project.

Jul 18, 5:44AM EDT0

Did you code the app yourself, or use MIT app builder?

Jul 16, 9:09PM EDT0

We did everything from scratch and I don't even know about this app but that was a useful question, I'll consider this app on the next project and see if it would help

Jul 17, 4:24PM EDT0

This app allows to make apps without deep knowing of programming. Quite good I think, I just started to investigate it

Jul 19, 12:33AM EDT0

What are some of the most difficult items to automate?

Jul 16, 5:14PM EDT0

The clothes, carpets, garments, liquids and so on, can't even imagine it, but I believe some other engineers have found an idea for that

Jul 17, 4:23PM EDT0

Who knows:) 

Jul 18, 11:04PM EDT0

Does majority of your clients constitute new and small businesses?

Jul 16, 4:36AM EDT18

Well I'm still student, so do my whole team, no clients or business yet

Jul 17, 4:22PM EDT42

I'm sure they'll show up as soon as you graduate!

Jul 19, 3:04AM EDT34

Can you explain the concept of Computer Hardware Servicing?

Jul 15, 9:29PM EDT11

Hey Jordan this is a good question, Computer hardware servicing is a blanket term applied to the act of supporting and maintaining computer hardware. This includes diagnosing computer hardware issues, upgrading hardware on a computer and repairing computer hardware.

Jul 18, 5:56AM EDT49


Jul 19, 3:27AM EDT28

What was the first wireless device that was invented?

Jul 15, 2:37PM EDT1

Cell phones

Jul 17, 4:21PM EDT0

Do you intend to offer post project help and guidance once the project is launched?

Jul 15, 3:56AM EDT0

Yes for sure, such things must be considered but everything will be carried on our sponsors and how much they're putting on our project.

Jul 17, 4:20PM EDT0
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Aside from crowdfunding, what other efforts do you do to promote your cause?

Jul 14, 11:02AM EDT0

On AMAfeed?

Jul 17, 4:19PM EDT0

Among other, maybe social networks? 

Jul 19, 12:06AM EDT0

What kind of wireless devices are best for listening to music?

Jul 14, 9:59AM EDT0

I'm not sure I haven't worked in commercial components before, all components we use in school are small prototypes.

Jul 17, 4:16PM EDT0


Jul 14, 9:26AM EDT38

What were you trying to say sir?

Jul 18, 5:45AM EDT23
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Do you think most people have adapted to the wireless industry in this country?

Jul 14, 4:12AM EDT0

A few years ago they weren't yet, but I'm seeing them now going with the flow, it's strong and taking everyone with it :)

Jul 17, 4:18PM EDT0

How does your app work?

Jul 14, 2:40AM EDT0

Our system consists of both hardware circuit and software app. We're currently working on an Android app, the main page has multiple choices for controlling different hardware components like the AC, doors, lights, cameras and windows. We simply connected them together with wifi that works within a long range. After you choose something to control for example the door, you will see control menu contain close the door, lock the door or make it with an angle. Same with the other components but each one has it's function.

Jul 18, 5:52AM EDT0
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Are there any wireless devices that are known for producing the best quality sound?

Jul 13, 11:30PM EDT0

I'm not sure I haven't worked in commercial components before, all components we use in school are small prototypes.

Jul 17, 4:17PM EDT0

Can you name some common technical issues with a smart home and jail-broken phones?

Jul 13, 9:50PM EDT0

Which other newly-released smart home innovations are worth checking out?

Jul 13, 4:14PM EDT0

There are some amazing innovations I recently googled:

  • Invoxia Triby
  • ADT Pulse
  • Budgee
  • Netatmo Welcome
Jul 18, 6:01AM EDT0

Budgee is useful, I suppose:) the rest is nothing special. You can put a small baby inside and move it around your home.

Jul 18, 11:56PM EDT0

What technology do you anticipate changing your field in the next decade?

Jul 13, 1:53PM EDT0

It would be..transferring atoms from place x to place z with zero distance taken, Do u think is it possible?

Jul 17, 4:14PM EDT0

Even don't mind. But if talk about it, think it's possible

Jul 18, 11:48PM EDT0

Which businesses have you worked recently and ensured great results?

Jul 13, 7:22AM EDT32

I haven't worked yet, this project we are working for is for our school competition, we're looking forward to working with a great company that will sponsor our project and make it bigger

Jul 17, 4:12PM EDT39

Good luck then!

Jul 19, 2:52AM EDT55

How long have you been working around computer hardware?

Jul 13, 5:52AM EDT0

2 years in the university :)

Jul 17, 4:11PM EDT0