Hi, I work for a graphic design company since 2014. I have a good amount of experience about Photoshop and Illustrator. ask me anything.

Andre Hartley
Aug 12, 2017

Photoshop and Illustrator are the most important editing software. We can create a logo with Illustrator. We can give an amazing look to our photos using photoshop. It's really fun.

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Do you have a website or facebook?

Aug 12, 3:40AM EDT0

How many designs do you usually sketch before choosing one?

Aug 12, 3:00AM EDT0

More than 10 designs I usually sketch before I choose one.


Last edited @ Aug 12, 6:27AM EDT.
Aug 12, 6:27AM EDT0

How can you choose among 10?

Aug 12, 2:39PM EDT0

How does the design process work, from my initial inquiry, to completion of the job?

Aug 11, 7:53PM EDT0

Photoshop is too complicated. Does Adobe make a simpler software which is as, or almost as, effective?

Aug 11, 4:50PM EDT0

Photoshop is the best software for photo editing. First, it seems complicated to everyone.

Aug 12, 6:21AM EDT0

How can I learn to use it? Do you know any useful tips?

Aug 12, 2:50PM EDT0

You may be given strict parameters for your designs. Will that stifle your creativity?

Aug 11, 11:04AM EDT65

I know what I do. I love my design. Nothing can stifle my creativity.

Have a good day. 

Aug 12, 6:33AM EDT0

That's good. I just ask.

Aug 12, 2:59PM EDT0

Where can I get a trial version of Illustrator CC?

Aug 11, 7:18AM EDT63

Click the link and download a trial version of Illustrator CC.

Have a nice day.

Aug 12, 5:23AM EDT55

Thanks so much!

Aug 12, 7:52AM EDT30

How often do you get repeat clients?

Aug 11, 6:55AM EDT56

Very often.


Aug 12, 5:19AM EDT34

Have you ever had conflicts with your clients?

Aug 12, 7:42AM EDT58

How do you navigate the massive amount of features in Photoshop? They seem overwhelming to me.

Aug 11, 5:27AM EDT63

First, it was hard for me. But now it is very easy to me.

Good luck

Aug 12, 5:19AM EDT53

So, you just kinda got used to it?

Aug 12, 7:54AM EDT55

Do you work with Photoshop in a specific industry, or is it just a hobby?

Aug 11, 3:49AM EDT0

I work in a graphic design company.

Thanks for asking. 

Aug 12, 5:15AM EDT0

Is it famous one?

Aug 12, 3:00PM EDT0

How do I make Photoshop run faster?

Aug 11, 2:11AM EDT9

Thanks for asking. 

  • You need enough available space on your disk for temporary data, say at least 5GB.
  • A fast i5 or i7 processor.
  • You want at least 8GB.
Aug 12, 5:14AM EDT57

So that was what it wanted! thanks!

Aug 12, 8:36AM EDT18

How do I tune Photoshop for peak performance?

Aug 11, 1:55AM EDT51

Thanks for asking. Follow this it will be helpful for you.

  • Optimize Cache Level and Cache Tile settings
  • Reduce patterns and brush tips
  • Optimize GPU settings
  • Choose the appropriate Photoshop file type
  • Set the RAM percentage used by Photoshop
  • Turn off thumbnail display
  • Reduce color bit depth
  • Deselect Export Clipboard
  • Adjust or turn off font preview
  • Optimize image files
Aug 12, 5:07AM EDT51

Thank you for instructing!

Aug 12, 8:37AM EDT0

Do you stick to ready-made design templates or do you always make a different one for every client?

Aug 11, 1:38AM EDT0

Sometimes I use ready-made design templates. But I always try to make different designs.


Aug 12, 4:48AM EDT0

That's really important. Each thing must has something special

Aug 12, 3:11PM EDT0

Can I convert my trial version to a paid membership?

Aug 11, 12:46AM EDT0

Yes, you can do it. To convert a trial to a paid Creative Cloud membership, simply sign in to www.adobe.com with your Adobe ID and password. Then click Get started, and choose a  plan.

Thanks for asking

Aug 12, 4:50AM EDT0

Thank you very much

Aug 12, 3:21PM EDT0

What graphic design software are you most comfortable working with?

Aug 11, 12:45AM EDT0

I am comfortable with Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks for asking

Aug 12, 4:35AM EDT0

Can you name advantages to use it?

Aug 12, 4:00PM EDT0

What computer hardware is best for running Photoshop?

Aug 10, 11:57PM EDT0

I would suggest you use core i5 or i7 processor and at list 8GB ram.

Thank you.

Aug 12, 4:34AM EDT0

I just have such hardware

Aug 12, 3:33PM EDT0

What graphic design software do you know best? Which one could you improve?

Aug 10, 11:34PM EDT0

I know Adobe Photoshop& Illlestutor best, 


Aug 12, 4:24AM EDT0

Can you make the the apartment design project?

Aug 12, 3:35PM EDT0

How do you deal with clients asking for a budget-friendly design plan?

Aug 10, 11:33PM EDT0

I'll help my clients.


Aug 12, 1:58AM EDT0


Aug 12, 3:16PM EDT0

How do I remove a background from an image?

Aug 10, 10:38PM EDT0

Thanks for asking. Please read that details it might help you.

  • Use the Quick Selection Tool to rapidly select the elements you want to keep in the image
  • Click near the edges of your most important items, the things you want to save
  • Go to "Refine Edge" to perfect your selection
  • Right-click on the selection to pull it out of the background
  • Delete the background layer to isolate your image
Aug 12, 4:30AM EDT0

How can I see your work?

Aug 10, 10:19PM EDT0

Ask me to show.

Aug 12, 6:35AM EDT0

Please, show your works

Aug 12, 3:48PM EDT0

Do you sketch your designs first before converting them to digital format?

Aug 10, 10:19PM EDT0

Yes,  I sketch designs first then convert them to digital format.


Aug 12, 1:33AM EDT0
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