HI, I have 10 years experience working with leading tech blogs. AMA!

Ahmed Humayun
Jul 1, 2017

I will help you buy your next phone or a smartwatch or even a laptop!

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How would you describe your blogging style? 

Last edited @ Jul 4, 11:32AM EDT.
Jul 4, 11:21AM EDT0

Well i dont follow any specific style. All depends on the project im working at, if its a tech news i am very formal if its a review then thats a different story!!

Jul 5, 12:03PM EDT1

What got you interested in writing and managing blogs?

Jul 1, 8:59AM EDT58

Hi my passion for tech did. I was always very excited about the new product launches and the tech leaks.

Jul 1, 11:30AM EDT28
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What demographics do you believe are mostly interested in your tech blogs?

Jun 30, 12:31PM EDT0

Well i manage tech blogs focussing US UK Germany and other countries so this isnt specific.

Jul 1, 11:31AM EDT0

Do you spend time to interact or reply to messages or queries posted on your blog posts?

Jun 30, 11:44AM EDT49

Hello, yes i do reply to messages and queries posted on my blog and i think this is the reeason my readers interact with me frequently for their tech issues. Thanks

Jul 1, 4:55AM EDT37
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What interests or excites you the most about tech blogs?

Jun 29, 10:10PM EDT40

New tech releases excites me the most. I am always looking for the innovative products introduced by the tech giants. Thanks

Jul 1, 4:56AM EDT33

Fascinating! what is your latest discovery?

Jul 3, 3:16AM EDT50

Which do you believe are the top 10 all time popular tech blogs?

Jun 29, 9:22PM EDT0

Hello here is my top ten tech blog list:1. TheVerge

2. Mashable

3. Engadget

4. Gizmodo

5. i4u.com

6. Gsmarena

7. Redmondpie

8. Macrumors

9. Appleinsider

10. Slashgear

Jul 1, 4:58AM EDT0

Thanks, will have a look.

Jul 1, 2:55PM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had with blogging?

Jun 29, 7:25PM EDT0

Hello, i have some harsh experiences in the beginning but some very pleasant ones too. Blogging is not an easy job as one might think. But mostly i love blogging and spending my spare time writing for new tech releases with a cup of coffee. 

Jul 1, 5:00AM EDT0
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Do you limit your work to just tech blogs and not other subjects?

Jun 29, 6:55PM EDT14

Hello, i usually write for tech blogs but i also work for some health blogs too as i am a medical doctor by proffession. Thanks

Jul 1, 5:07AM EDT15
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What are the challenges to tech blogging these days?

Jun 29, 4:53PM EDT0

Competition. The most difficult part of tech blogging is to report the latest news on time and before the other tech blogs. These days many leading tech blogs have all the leaks and insights about the upcoming products so it becomes difficult for others to report about them before time. Thanks

Jul 1, 5:08AM EDT0

Do you ever post topics which are open for discussion as a solution is still lacking for some product?

Jun 29, 2:47PM EDT0

Discussion is never bad but for products with no solution i try not to deduce my results rather wait for a proper solution.

Jul 1, 11:33AM EDT0

What type of skills a person should possess to be successful at blogging?

Jun 29, 2:08PM EDT0

Writing skills obviously but the way you interact with the readers is more important. A blogger should know what is he/she writing about and should make sure the readers understands the core meaning of every word they write.

Jul 1, 5:10AM EDT0
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How knowledgeable is the present youth regarding new technology?

Jun 29, 12:43PM EDT0

Hello, i think they are sometimes more knowledgeable than the bloggers. Google is their friends and the young blood is always keen to know about the upcoming tech products. 

Jul 1, 5:10AM EDT0

What is your opinion about the veracity of tech product reviews posted on blogs?

Jun 29, 9:30AM EDT0

Hello, every reviewer has his own point of view. Some are inclined towards a specific company while others are neutral. Although you will find really good product reviews but yes you can never rule out the possibility of a reviewer to take sides.

Jul 1, 11:36AM EDT0

Do you have a regular follower base who love to read your posts?

Jun 29, 12:09AM EDT0

Yes i do have a regular follower base and that is the only reason i get hired by leading tech blogs. Thanks

Jul 1, 5:11AM EDT0

Which topics are the best from marketers point of view for those interested in earning big bucks?

Jun 28, 10:34PM EDT0

Tech topics for me while travel , medicine and politics are a good ways to earn big.

Jul 1, 12:18PM EDT0

Have you ever resorted to promotional blogging for a product or service?

Jun 28, 8:13PM EDT0

Hello, No i dont do this

Jul 1, 11:36AM EDT0

Do you have tips for someone getting started with tech blogging?

Jun 28, 8:07PM EDT57

Yes sure, you can email me at dr.ahmed_humayun@live.com

Jul 1, 11:36AM EDT76

Thanks a lot!

Jul 3, 3:38AM EDT41

What kind of a job are you employed at and what kind of work do you do?

Jun 28, 7:21PM EDT24

Hello, I am basically a medical doctor by proffession but i do blog in my spare time. I write daily teh news for leading tech blogs and i just love my work. 

Jul 1, 5:12AM EDT16

It's amazing how you manage to combine two such different jobs!

Jul 3, 2:51AM EDT46

Do you have a full time job apart from tech blogging?

Jun 28, 5:25PM EDT0

Hello, yes i am a medical doctor by proffession and i do practice medicine as my full time job. Thanks

Jul 1, 5:13AM EDT0

What kind of educational background do you possess and what did you graduate/post graduate with?

Jun 28, 4:59PM EDT0

Hello, i have recently completed my MBBS which is a medical degree and plan to study Peads for my post graduation studies. Thanks

Jul 1, 5:13AM EDT0