Hi, I am the developer of Premierpesa, a money transfer platform, that transfers money from Paypal to Mpesa(Mobile Money in Kenya). Ask me Anything!

Jul 14, 2017

Am the founder of Hudutech Solutions and a passionate web and software developer from Kenya, Africa. I believe in self-empowerment. Ask me anything

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What kind of problems did you face early on right after launch?

Jul 14, 5:35AM EDT0

We had issues in raising capital and getting the required certification so as to transact. 

Jul 14, 3:24PM EDT0

What gave you the idea to develop this money transfer platform?

Jul 14, 3:28AM EDT0

There was a gap because most international money transferring systems were not using the local currency. We came in and provided this services that allowed users to send and receive money using their phone in the local currency.

Jul 14, 3:27PM EDT0
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Do you believe there is a heavy demand for e-money transfers in Kenya?

Jul 12, 10:29PM EDT0

Yes there is a high demand for e-money transfers in Kenya,  there are over 26 million M-Pesa users. 

Jul 14, 12:16AM EDT0
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What kind of software did you use to develop Premierpesa?

Jul 12, 1:37AM EDT0

Premierpesa is an online platform, we used PHPStorm IDE to develop it. PHPStorm uses computer languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML to develop websites.

Jul 14, 12:19AM EDT0

Which demographics do you think will use your money transfer platform the most?

Jul 11, 11:05PM EDT0

Mostly are adults both male and female aged between 20 years to 40 years. Most of this group work as freelancers

Jul 14, 12:21AM EDT0

Do you have set limits on the number of transactions one can make on a daily basis?

Jul 11, 2:59PM EDT0

Yes, we do. For now, the maximum amount one can transact is $200 dollars and the minimum is $10 dollars.

Jul 14, 12:23AM EDT0
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Do you have any limits or restrictions on funds transfer?

Jul 11, 11:55AM EDT0

The maximum amount one can transact is $200 dollars and the minimum is $10 dollars.

Jul 14, 12:23AM EDT0

What are the features of your money transfer platform Premierpesa?

Jul 10, 10:54PM EDT0

We have a calculator that a user input amount in dollars that He/She want to transact, the platform automatically calculate the amount He/She will receive. Then after withdrawing it will send the money to the user within a few seconds. We have also an Android app that does the same.

Jul 14, 12:26AM EDT0
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How long has your money transfer platform been in use?

Jul 10, 6:04AM EDT0

Mpesa launched in 2007 by Vodafone for Safaricom and Vodacom, the largest mobile network operators in Kenya and Tanzania.It has since expanded to Afghanistan, South Africa, India and in 2014 to Romania and in 2015 to Albania. M-Pesa allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money and pay for goods and services (Lipa na M-Pesa) easily with a mobile device. This is the 10th year in operation

Jul 14, 12:29AM EDT0
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What is the maximum permissible amount which can be transferred via your Premierpesa platform?

Jul 10, 5:54AM EDT0

The maximum is $200 dollars for now

Jul 14, 12:30AM EDT0

What to do when money services shut down your account and freeze your money?

Jul 10, 5:24AM EDT0

Currently, we have contracts for our clients, and in the case of such an event, we shall continue offering services manually. 

Jul 14, 12:33AM EDT0

Apart from PayPal to Mpesa, what other money transfer systems do you support?

Jul 10, 4:09AM EDT0

we also transact skrill dollars to mpesa, BTC to mpesa and vice versa 

Jul 14, 12:34AM EDT0

In which countries will this platform be available for use?

Jul 10, 3:47AM EDT0

Currently, we are in Kenya, but hope to expand later

Jul 14, 12:35AM EDT0
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What kind of response do you expect to get for your money transfer platform?

Jul 10, 2:09AM EDT0

A positive response because many people need it.

Jul 14, 12:36AM EDT0

What kind of charges are levied on fund transfers by Premierpesa?

Jul 10, 1:43AM EDT0

levies depend on the amount of money one is transferring. You can check the rates here 

Jul 14, 12:38AM EDT0

How important is money trasnfer for website owners?

Jul 9, 6:29PM EDT0

It's important because some people have money in dollars other in Kenya shillings. And because dollars are not accepted every where one need to transfer in order to use the money,

Jul 14, 12:40AM EDT1

How much time does it take to transfer funds from PayPal to Mesa?

Jul 9, 8:52AM EDT0

less than 5 minutes

Jul 14, 12:41AM EDT0


Jul 15, 1:25AM EDT0

What was the logic behind the name of your money transfer platform?

Jul 9, 3:23AM EDT0

premier means leading, so we are the leading money transfer platform

Jul 14, 12:42AM EDT0
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Is Premierpesa compatible with all operating systems?

Jul 9, 2:34AM EDT0

Yes, it's an online platform you can check it here

Jul 14, 12:45AM EDT0


Jul 15, 1:27AM EDT1

Was there a void or a gap in the money transfer route in Kenya earlier?

Jul 9, 2:06AM EDT0

There was no direct transfer platform from Paypal to Mpesa.

Jul 14, 12:45AM EDT0

What provisions have you made to ensure security of clients’ funds?

Jul 9, 1:00AM EDT0

We have encrypted password, and the maximum amount of money to transfer of an individual grows with time.

Jul 14, 12:47AM EDT0
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What kind of roadblocks did you face in your early developmental phase?

Jul 9, 12:27AM EDT0

Yes there were challenges of developing the system and marketing it

Jul 14, 12:50AM EDT0
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What is the volume of transactions on an average in a week?

Jul 8, 11:22PM EDT0

100 to 1000 transactions

Jul 14, 12:50AM EDT0
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Is there any workaround for people using incompatible operating systems?

Jul 8, 11:19PM EDT0

the platform is compatible with all operating systems, you can check it here.

Jul 14, 12:51AM EDT0

How can one get started with using your money transfer platform?

Jul 8, 8:45PM EDT0

Just by registering here on our website.

Jul 14, 12:52AM EDT0

Won’t users have to pay double fees for money transfers when they use PayPal and Premierpesa?

Jul 8, 7:22PM EDT0

Yes, but it's just some small charges. you can check them here.

Jul 14, 12:53AM EDT0

How is Premierpesa superior to e-transfers which is popular option if allowed in Kenya?

Jul 8, 5:33PM EDT0

It's the fastest and most reliable

Jul 14, 12:54AM EDT0

What kind of fees does PayPal charge for money transfers to Mpesa?

Jul 8, 4:04PM EDT0

Some small fees charge depending on the amount you want to transact. You can check the rates here.

Jul 14, 12:55AM EDT0


Jul 15, 3:54AM EDT0

Isn’t PayPal available for use in Kenya and other African countries?

Jul 8, 2:42PM EDT0

It is, but just uses Dollars not local currency

Jul 14, 12:55AM EDT0
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What portion of the Kenyan demographics do you believe use e-transfers?

Jul 8, 1:09PM EDT0

Mostly are adults both male and female aged between 20 years to 40 years. Most of this group work as freelancers

Jul 14, 12:56AM EDT0

Where can one find and download your Permierpesa system?

Jul 8, 12:11PM EDT0

It's online, you can visit it here.

Jul 14, 12:57AM EDT0

What kind of verification procedures do you use to prevent misuse or hacking of user accounts?

Jul 8, 10:19AM EDT0

We verify the phone number and the ID number

Jul 14, 12:58AM EDT0

What new features do you intend to Premierpesa in the future?

Jul 8, 10:13AM EDT0

To expand to other countries in feature thus transitioning in other currency

Jul 14, 12:59AM EDT0

Does Premierpesa levy any hidden charges over and above the regular charges?

Jul 8, 9:44AM EDT0


Jul 14, 1:00AM EDT0

What kind of an agreement do you have with PayPal for fund transfers?

Jul 8, 6:25AM EDT0

We have an agreement on the business merchant policy

Jul 14, 1:01AM EDT0

What is the minimum amount you can transfer through your platform?

Jul 8, 4:29AM EDT0


Jul 14, 1:02AM EDT0

What kind of targets do you have in mind regarding number of customers and business turnover?

Jul 8, 1:27AM EDT0

Most are adults both male and female aged between 20 years to 40 years.We target 10000 users by the end of the year.

Most of this group work as freelancers.

Jul 14, 1:03AM EDT0
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