Hi! I am Raymond, an Electronics Engineer and a Teacher. I’ve been teaching Empowerment Technologies; ICT in the context of global communication. Ask Me Anything.

Raymond John P Deang
Jul 8, 2017

The current state of ICT Technologies, online systems, functions, and platforms.

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You are doing an nice Jobs to your field 

Jul 8, 11:05PM EDT0


Thank you so much. :)

Jul 8, 11:09PM EDT0

What distinguishes Information and communication technology from IT?

Jul 8, 2:14AM EDT0


What distinguishes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) from Information Technology (IT) is that ICT is the upgraded version of IT.

IT focuses on computer applications, hardware and algorithms used for storing, processing, and retrieving data. On the other hand, ICT covers all forms of computers that IT covers plus all forms of communications including wireless networks such as VoIP and the like. 

Jul 9, 8:51AM EDT58
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Do you think all students have the right to equal access to technology?

Jul 7, 6:08AM EDT0


No, Aside from financial capacity there is also the cultural and socio-behavioral factors that serve as barriers to the acces of technology among students.

Jul 8, 8:32PM EDT41

Do you mean it depends on in what country they are studying or you mean different students in one lecture room?

Jul 10, 3:23PM EDT35

What are the most lucrative careers in Information and communication technology?

Jul 4, 3:56PM EDT0


I think system programming is one of the highly paid career in ICT because it is highly technical and may require knowledge in other field of expertise, like when you develop an accounting system you need to at least know the basics in accountancy.

Jul 8, 8:55PM EDT0

Who are the pioneers in technology empowerment and ICT?

Jul 4, 9:49AM EDT0


I think the pioneers in tech empowerment and ICT mostly came from the western part, since most of the people who contributed much in technology and introduced innovative technological tools came from this part of the world.

Jul 9, 9:06AM EDT0

When do you think the majority of the world will have tech access?

Jul 4, 8:16AM EDT0


I think it is when most countries are classified as first world countries. In short, when poverty is minimal or inexistent.

Jul 8, 10:05PM EDT32
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How is empowerment technology applied in the classroom?

Jul 4, 7:23AM EDT0


It is through improved access to information using online creation tools, platforms, and applications to develop ICT content for specific educational tracks and provision of computer units for every student in the classroom. 

Jul 8, 10:14PM EDT0

How can we work to get better access to technology in schools?

Jul 4, 4:47AM EDT0


There are many steps required in order to achieve this but i think the first and most crucial stage is information dissemination.

Jul 8, 10:15PM EDT0

What is the technology gap between first and third world countries?

Jul 3, 4:46AM EDT0


I think the technology gap between first and third world countries is the access to the internet and minimum to zero technological gadgets in 3rd world countries.

Jul 8, 10:17PM EDT55

i agree, these countries have lack of food even

Jul 10, 5:08PM EDT0

Do we have a constitutional right to equal access to technology?

Jul 2, 10:36PM EDT0


I hope so. But I think there is no constitutional right to equal access to technology. It mostly lies on the financial capacity of a country.

Jul 8, 10:20PM EDT0

What are some special challenges faced by teachers of technology?

Jul 2, 8:46PM EDT0


I think it is all about how to Introduce this technology to children especially those who may harbor resentment and fear of such technologies.

Jul 8, 10:28PM EDT21
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How does access to technology impact standard of living?

Jul 2, 3:46PM EDT0


I think it gives ease of access to information technology that shows informative and vast amount of ideas and provides convenience to the users.

Jul 9, 9:19AM EDT0

What is the gender gap in terms of technology education?

Jul 2, 2:50PM EDT0


I think the gender gap in terms of technology is that boys are given more opportunities in technical aspect than girls. This is because, girls seem to be more interested in social, cultural and ethical dimensions than the technical part of technology.

Jul 10, 12:21PM EDT0

How do you define the term 'empowerment technologies'?

Jul 2, 10:39AM EDT0


Society is in a constant search for new things; the continuous advancement of technology is one of the many proofs of this statement. For many, the innovation of this is greatly appreciated.

For me, Empowerment Technology is the modification of technology to invent useful things or to solve problems and also to empower the youth to use technology wisely, responsibly, and productively.

Jul 10, 12:43PM EDT0

How can we get more girls interested in Information and communication technology?

Jul 2, 6:28AM EDT0


I think it is by giving insights about technology in subjects that interests them. According to research, most girls are iterested in health/beauty, so, introduce ICT using these topics as the medium.

Jul 8, 10:32PM EDT46
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What countries have the greatest access to technology?

Jul 2, 1:50AM EDT0


I think the first world countries have the greatest access to technology. It is simply because they have most of the greatest technology corporations and outstanding digital infrstructure.

Jul 10, 1:03PM EDT0

How does ICT relate to the UN Millennium Development Goals?

Jul 1, 4:53PM EDT0

Hi, TINA30

Information and Communications Technologies relate to the UN Millennium Development Goals by integrating the ICTs into the various sectors of social and economic development. The contribution they can give against poverty to promote human development in the areas of education, governance, and health.

Jul 10, 1:22PM EDT0

What countries offer the best model of technology in schools?

Jul 1, 2:27PM EDT0


I think the first world countries, since they have an outstanding digital infrastructure, they can be able to provide best model of technology in schools.

Jul 10, 1:27PM EDT0

What are your thoughts about the state of technology in schools?

Jul 1, 1:07PM EDT0


For me, the state of technology in schools still have a plenty more room for improvent. It needs to be enhanced for better usage.

Jul 8, 10:45PM EDT24

i think it is difficult to supply schools with all necessary equipment

Jul 11, 7:06AM EDT0

How do you make learning about technology more hands-on?

Jul 1, 11:32AM EDT29


In order to make learning about technology more hands-on, the learners need to experience technology by providing them visual examples and letting them explore and use gadgets on their own.

Jul 8, 10:38PM EDT17

it's good advice)

Jul 11, 8:58AM EDT35
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