Hi I am Dr Ahmed Humayun. I am a medical doctor by profession but a tech geek by nature. With 10 years of experience in the tech industry, i can help you buy your next phone and even tell you all about the upcoming Apple products and other phones, tablets and smartwatches. Ask me anything!

Ahmed Humayun
Jun 18, 2017

Wellcome to my AMA, I am a tech geek by nature and have been in the industry for the past 10 years. I usually cover tech news and reviews on leading tech blogs. Here I will help you buy your next phone and update you with the hottest happenings in the tech industry. I will try to answer all your  tech queries. So dont be shy and ask me anything about Apple, Samsung or about your favourite smartphone/tab/smartwatch manufacturer. 

My blog: i4u.com

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What kind of medicine do you practice?

Jun 19, 5:22PM EDT0

What kind of surgeries have you done?

Jun 19, 8:06AM EDT0

What drone should i get?

Jun 19, 2:43AM EDT0

Hello, it depends on your budget and use. I personally use  DJI Phantom 3 Standard which is fun to use. I will recommend you to go for it. It is not only budget friendly but offers an intuitive flight system, built-in camera, live HD view, and more. You can buy one from Here.

Jun 19, 4:31AM EDT0

What do you do for fun?

Jun 19, 12:50AM EDT0

Hello, I usually go on long drives, listen to music and watch movies for fun. 

Jun 19, 4:20AM EDT0

Hi, can one restore an iphone using a windows pc? how so?

Jun 19, 12:42AM EDT0

Hello, yes you can do that in few easy steps:

1. Install latest version of itunes from Here.

2. Once done, connect your iPhone with your Windows PC

3. itunes will automatically detect your iphone and will show a welcome screen.

4. You will find an option to update or restore your iPhone.

5. Click on restore button and grab a cup of coffee. itunes will do the rest for you.

Note: Make sure you back up all your data before restoring as it will erase your iPhone and install a fresh iOS version on it.

Hope it solves your problem. Thanks 

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Jun 19, 4:24AM EDT0

Who's your favorite tech author?

Jun 18, 6:10PM EDT0

Hello, I usually enjoy reading Walt Mossberg who is an Executive Editor at The Verge and Editor at Large of Recode. You can find his blogs Here.

You can also check out my blogs Here.


Jun 19, 4:25AM EDT0

What kind of tech gadgets you currently own?

Jun 18, 3:03PM EDT0

Hello here is a list of the gadgets i currently own and use:

1. Apple iPhone 7

2. Samsung Galaxy S8

3. Apple Watch Sports 42mm

4. Macbook Pro 13' 2016

5. HP Envy Notebook

6. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Thank YOu

Jun 19, 4:28AM EDT0

What inspired you to get into the tech business?

Jun 18, 8:10AM EDT0

Hello, i started tech blogging when i was 17. I was always a tech guy. Every new phone launch made me excited and i remember getting every new phone from the phone king of that time NOKIA. iPhone launch was a turning point for not only the tech industry but for me too. I knew that this is the phone which will change the tech industry and it did that too. So you can say the launch of the very first iphone inspired me to get into the tech bussiness.

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Jun 18, 9:19AM EDT0

So can you conclude that iPhones are the best phones?

Jun 19, 6:27AM EDT0

Which are the leading tech blogs you check out daily?

Jun 18, 3:45AM EDT0

Hello, i usually follow i4u.com, Teverge, Appleinsider, Gsmarena, Engadget, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, Mashable and Redmondpie. 

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Jun 18, 4:01AM EDT0


Jun 19, 7:24AM EDT0

What would you consider a good product review?

Jun 18, 12:25AM EDT0

How does one become a tech blogger? Who hires you for jobs?

Jun 18, 12:09AM EDT0

Hello, it all depends on your passion for the tech. If you are crazy about the tech and follow best tech blogs then you can become a tech blogger. You can make a profile on Upwork, upload few of your written samples and search for the right job. You will find thousand of job listings for tech bloggers there.

If you want to become a successful tech blogger, you should follow leading tech blogs like i4u.com, Engadget, Mashable, Theverge, Macrumors and Gsmarena. 

Thank You

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Jun 18, 4:04AM EDT0

Where did you study for your MD?

Jun 17, 10:23PM EDT0

Hello I did my MBBS From Xinjiang Medical University, China. It was really a wonderful experience studying there. 

Jun 18, 3:24AM EDT0

What is the brst smartwatch to buy?

Jun 17, 7:25PM EDT0

Hello, unfortunately smartwatches are still not widely used as expected. I use an Apple Watch and for me this is the best smartwatch in the market.

You can also look out for the Huawei watch running Android Wear. Samsung Gear S2/S3 running Tizen is also one of the best smartwatches with buttery smooth user experience and useful features. 

Smartwatches are mostly the same with limited functionality. All i do with my Apple watch is to check notifications without taking out my iPhone.

If you own an iPhone go for an Apple watch eyes closed. If you own an Android phone specially from Samsung go for Gear S2 or S3 rather than a smartwatch running Android Wear. 

Jun 18, 4:12AM EDT0

GoPro HEro 5 or what else do you think?

Jun 17, 7:09PM EDT0

GoPro Hero 5 all the way for me :)

Jun 18, 12:01PM EDT0

Were you one of those kids that break things apart just to put them back together?

Jun 17, 6:29PM EDT0

Hello, frankly yes i was one of those creative kids. I remember making water motor boats and guess what the engine used to come from a battery operated fan ;)

Jun 18, 3:25AM EDT0

Oh my god, and what did you parents do then? lol

Jun 19, 7:06AM EDT0

What kind of groups are you members of online?

Jun 17, 6:14PM EDT0

Hello, as i am a tech geek i usually join tech groups with all the latest and greatest happenings in the tech industry. These groups not only provide the latest tech news but healthy tech debates too.

Jun 18, 3:27AM EDT0

Do you like drone, do you have one?

Jun 17, 5:23PM EDT0

Hello, yes i do use a drone for filming my precious family moments during a vacation. I also use dones when i am out with my friends on a crazy trip. Drones have truly changed the way we capture these special moments. I use DJI Phantom 3 Standard which is fun to use. You can buy one from Here.

Jun 18, 3:34AM EDT0

Do you have friends online?

Jun 17, 5:15PM EDT0

Hello, yes i have many online friends. Most of my friend cycle consists of tech geeks. We eat tech we drink tech and we sleep tech ;)

Jun 18, 3:34AM EDT0

What makes you a geek?

Jun 17, 4:26PM EDT0

Hello, my passion for the tech and a vast experience makes me a tech geek. I started writing for tech blogs when i was 17 and now i am one of the Top Rated bloggers. I have worked more than 7700 hours on Upwork which is not an easy job. I know my work that is the reason i get hired and people trust me for my tech knowledge. Thank You

Jun 18, 4:29AM EDT0

Samsung, iphone, or?

Jun 17, 2:45PM EDT0

Hello, now that is a very good question. Apple and Samsung both are tech giants. When i have to choose between the two, it comes down to my choice of OS.

Starting with Apple, iPhones are classy with premium built quality. The software/hardware combo from Apple is truly a winner. iOS is buttery smooth with loads of quality apps. iOS and iPhones are all about the user experience. The only downside for me is the lack of customization options in iOS and we are forced to use our phones  the way Apple wants us to. 

I feel like Apple is catching up with Samsung in terms of new features. iPhones still don't support wireless charging, Quad HD screen, heart rate sensor, iris scanner and few other fun to use features which are present in Samsung flagship phones. 

On the other hand Samsung phones are powered by Android (some are powered by Tizen). Android phones used to be laggy and buggy but things have changed a lot. Gone are the days when you used to reset your Android phones now and then for a smooth user experience. 

The biggest plus for Android phones is the ability to customize your phone. Android apps are now as good as their iOS counterparts and some are even better due to an open nature of Android.

Samsung phones now have premium looks too with the use of metal and glass in their flagship devices. You will find the best hardware in Samsung flagship phones with really useful features like iris scanner, face face unlock, wireless charging, IP68 Water Resistant Rating and much more. The user experience is smooth too with their new Samsung Experience (previously known as TouchWiz). 

LG,HTC, Sony are good too but nothing beats Samsung and Apple. 

I use an iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, but i rely more on my iPhone.  

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Jun 18, 3:56AM EDT0