Hi, I am an iOS and MacOS beta tester, who can build and repair any system. AMA!

Jul 17, 2017

My name is Bojan and I am 19 years old.

I started my own brewing company when I was only 17 years old. I am currently supporting myself while attending the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering - FINKI, stationed in Macedonia. 

I am a PC, Mac and smartphone enthusiast and always keep up with the latest hardware and software.

My company is the official sponsor for the 2017 UEFA Super Cup which is taking place in Skopje, Macedonia. 

With every single beer you buy you are increasing your chances for winning an iPhone 7.

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What are your thoughts on purchasing secondhand hardware, given the inconvenience they might present?

Jul 17, 3:41AM EDT1

Hi Mark, not sure that I understood the question but here goes. If youre talking about refurbished products then I would gladly advise you to buy it directly from the Apple Refurbished Store, as it is 100% tested and ready for work.

Last edited @ Jul 17, 9:27AM EDT.
Jul 17, 9:27AM EDT0

You caught my idea. Thanks.

Jul 17, 2:47PM EDT0

How many software programs have you created so far?

Jul 15, 6:13PM EDT1

I've created 2 successful apps with my team so far, a news app and a transportation service app.

Jul 16, 7:07AM EDT0

Do many people use them?

Jul 17, 3:29PM EDT0

What kind of systems have you worked on?

Jul 14, 7:31PM EDT1

Brandon, I've worked on many laptops and desktops: both mac and pc.

Jul 15, 4:35PM EDT0

How long have you been Beta testing?

Jul 14, 3:23PM EDT1

Hey Roger, I have been in the beta testing business for 2 years now.

Jul 15, 4:34PM EDT0

How do you troubleshoot hardware issues?

Jul 14, 2:53AM EDT1

Let's say that we are talking about the CPU of a desktop computer. You simply test that same CPU on another system which has a supported motherboard. If it doesn't work then it's probably fried. :)

Jul 14, 9:50AM EDT0

Thank you

Jul 17, 2:50PM EDT0

From all projects you could have worked on, you chose beer. Why is that?

Jul 14, 12:46AM EDT1

I saw an opportunity and I took it Tracie. I am very glad I took it because it was able to transcend me to my dream job.

Jul 14, 9:49AM EDT0

How popular is the Mobile scene in Macedonia?

Jul 13, 2:22PM EDT1

It has been emerging. The mobile scene is getting more and more popular every day here in Macedonia, Gerald.

Jul 14, 9:48AM EDT0

What kind of challenges have you faced once your apps go live and are in use?

Jul 13, 12:14PM EDT1

Great question Kevin. The biggest challenge is getting your app marketing on point.

Jul 14, 9:47AM EDT0

Can you name a few hardware brands you trust?

Jul 13, 11:39AM EDT1

Lenovo, Nvidia, AMD, Apple, Asus, Intel.

Figure why I left out Samsung :P

Jul 14, 9:44AM EDT0

Do you have any partners?

Jul 13, 8:34AM EDT1

Hi George, the best iOS team is working with me now, the guys at NetCetera.

Jul 14, 9:43AM EDT0

How do you beta test an iphone app?

Jul 13, 4:37AM EDT1

So Stephanie the first part of testing an app is exporting it out to your device. Then you check out the interface, see what works and what not, if there is something wrong you just report it to the developer (or yourself).

Jul 14, 9:43AM EDT0

How fast can you eliminate errors?

Jul 17, 3:53PM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing an app?

Jul 13, 12:48AM EDT1

That would be figuring what the app is going to be about :)

Second hardest thing is finding a team that is comfortable working with you.

Jul 14, 9:40AM EDT0

What do you take ideas?

Jul 17, 2:43PM EDT0

What inspired you to get into this field?

Jul 12, 1:15AM EDT1


Jul 12, 12:14PM EDT0

How has IOS changed in the past 5 years?

Jul 11, 9:17PM EDT0

Hi Paula, so 5 years ago we got iCloud for the first time ever. Since then there have been numerous redesigns, speed improvements.

Jul 12, 12:14PM EDT0

What do you want to change more?

Jul 17, 2:34PM EDT0

What kind of tester projects interest you most

Jul 11, 2:13PM EDT1

Stacy, I would have to go with the iOS system first, as it is so complex yet so simple. But I would also prefer iOS apps, MacOS, Windows programs and of course Android.

Jul 12, 12:10PM EDT0

Do you need a college degree to be in this field?

Jul 11, 5:33AM EDT1

A college degree isn't needed, but is a plus if you have it. What you need for this field is consistency and experience.

Jul 12, 12:09PM EDT0

Are online tutorial sessions as effective as university-taught lessons?

Jul 11, 3:56AM EDT1

They can be effective as university-taught lessons if you put in the time and effort Kimberly.

Last edited @ Jul 12, 12:08PM EDT.
Jul 12, 12:08PM EDT0

The sam about universities. Everything needs time and patience.

Jul 17, 2:27PM EDT0

How long have you been working around computer hardware?

Jul 11, 12:31AM EDT1

I have been working with computer hardware since I was a little boy, 15 years ago.

Jul 12, 12:08PM EDT0

What does it mean when a software is open source?

Jul 10, 11:20PM EDT1

Hey Marie, so an open source software can be redistributed and modified.

Jul 12, 12:07PM EDT0

Since IOS is not "open source" as Android is, does it constrain you or help you in your profession?

Jul 10, 9:59PM EDT1

iOS is perfect the way it is because it is equal for everybody, so not being as open source as Android is helping me Tyler :)

Jul 12, 12:06PM EDT0

How does hardware catch viruses and other malware?

Jul 10, 4:49PM EDT1

The most common way to catch malware is by phishing, unsecure websites, torrents, ads.

Jul 10, 8:01PM EDT0

How to avoid this?

Jul 17, 2:58PM EDT0

What's the most expensive hardware you have in your possession right now?

Jul 10, 4:25PM EDT1

Hey Penny, I would say the most expensive hardware I have right now is my OLED LG 4k $11k TV. 

Jul 10, 8:00PM EDT0

Do you like it?

Jul 17, 3:09PM EDT0

Do you feel the customization of iphones is lacking in comparison to other platforms?

Jul 10, 3:29PM EDT1

It definitely is lacking John, but let me ask you this, is that really a bad thing? 

Jul 10, 8:00PM EDT0

Nope, dear.

Jul 17, 3:29PM EDT0

When did you start your company?

Jul 10, 3:19PM EDT1

Hi Leslie, I started my company back in January 2014.

Jul 10, 7:59PM EDT0

Who was investor?

Jul 17, 3:30PM EDT0

What hardware should you change at least every 5 years?

Jul 10, 2:59PM EDT1

Hi Melanie, I'd be looking at the Hard Disk as it is always the first one that slows down, unless it's an SSD :)

Jul 10, 7:59PM EDT0

How do you troubleshoot issues when building an app?

Jul 10, 1:04PM EDT1

Thank you for the question Priscilla. 

Before asking ourselves what is wrong with the app, we MUST make sure we cover the basics: 

-updating your device's software to the latest version

-reinstall the app

-quit background apps in case the ram is hogged

Ruling out the basics. Depending on our issue we can now focus on our backend and frontend with our team. 

Jul 10, 1:28PM EDT0

Thanks you

Jul 17, 2:51PM EDT0

What are the best online platforms to look for App Development jobs?

Jul 10, 9:15AM EDT1

Hey Ashley, so the easiest way one can get a job in App Development would be through UpWork (although experience needed). I can also recommend Freelancer and Naukri. :)

Jul 10, 1:19PM EDT0

Great! Thanks. I use Upwork now. 

Jul 17, 3:12PM EDT0

What can someone new to Beta testing expect to make as a starting salary?

Jul 10, 9:10AM EDT1

Hey brandon.

So if someone is looking to get into beta testing app, they can make very easy $10-$15 per hour, where as you get more deep into software testing, one can make up to $40 per hour. 

Jul 10, 1:17PM EDT0

Which is harder to troubleshoot, software or hardware?

Jul 10, 5:40AM EDT1

Hello Kent, I would go with software every single time. It is much easier to troubleshoot a hardware issue because of the possibility that you can test that same hardware on another machine and see if it has issues.

Jul 10, 12:59PM EDT0

What kind of Mobile products do you wish existed?

Jul 10, 4:11AM EDT1

I would have to go with an implant in our brain which can store memory. Something like the Black Mirror show's S01e03 :)

Jul 10, 12:58PM EDT0

Additional brain is necessary thing, lol

Jul 17, 3:23PM EDT0

Would you say you are a PC or a Mac person? Which do you prefer and why?

Jul 10, 4:11AM EDT1


I would say that I am definitely a Mac person for a couple of valid reasons. The most important fact is that it is 99% more secure than a Windows platform, basically making it virus-free. It also has a very easy to use interface and is great for developing apps.

Jul 10, 12:55PM EDT0