Hi I am a Mechatronics Engineering Student and Solidworks Designer, who designed a Quadcopter, Ironman Helmet , machine parts, and many other inventions. Ask me anything !

Jul 4, 2017

I'm Osama , solidworks desginer , designed QuadCopter , Arm ,, skateboard , ironman helmet , machine parts and more inventions now i'm working now on motorsport , ask me anything !ironman helmetQuadCopterstakeboard

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Do you approach your professors or lecturers for help or guidance when stuck at some point?

Jul 4, 8:53AM EDT38

when it related to a project with college yes 

but when it related to a project not with college no , i ask one of my friends who may know or do researching 

Jul 4, 12:30PM EDT40
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Do you work alone and make stuff or do you have a group of friends with whom you love inventing and making products?

Jul 3, 7:32AM EDT44

i work alone , i've learnt solidworks design form youtube then i've started doing some projects from a channel in youtube , then i've gone to freelancing and now i'm a freelancer , not for a long time but i want to have good rate on upwork and fiverr as a good solidworks designer .. 

Jul 3, 2:17PM EDT25
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Do you intend to study further after finishing your Mechatronics Engineering?

Jul 2, 7:43PM EDT0

yeah , i intend that 

Last edited @ Jul 4, 12:33PM EDT.
Jul 3, 2:09PM EDT0

Did you make the quadcopter from scratch using only basic raw materials?

Jul 1, 8:05PM EDT19

yes , i've designed it using that 

Jul 2, 4:42PM EDT53

Great job!

Jul 5, 1:28AM EDT14

How easy is it for you to make stuff, be it machine parts or other interesting products?

Jul 1, 6:12PM EDT0

with program "solidworks" design be more simple .. so, with it i can design parts of machines or any product i want want to design , so when a buyer requests a design for a product with special details , he sends me a simple pencil drawing with it and with clear dimensions , so , overall it's all about design ! 

if my respond not clear to you sned me another question :D 

Jul 2, 4:49PM EDT0

Do you conduct tests to check out for bugs and associated problems in your inventions?

Jun 30, 7:58PM EDT0

All tests would be done on programs like solidworks and if there is any problem it may appear , and then we would make it in reality 

Jul 1, 4:19PM EDT0

Is it easy to get the required material for all the products you make?

Jun 30, 12:39PM EDT0

No it's not easy , but my work is to design what the buyer want and then he would find the way to get materials 

Jul 1, 4:13PM EDT0

What did you find really interesting and compelling about Mechatronics?

Jun 30, 10:14AM EDT0

Mechatronics is the future , it has more sides that all related to modern technology , there are (Mechanical , Electrical , Electronics and control system) 

but in fact it's not easy as you are required know more about all these apsects

Jul 1, 4:11PM EDT0

Do you use online help when you are stuck at some point and don’t know how to overcome it?

Jun 30, 7:13AM EDT0

i ask one of my friend who may know and if he don't know i research about that point , but in fact it's very hard :D 

Last edited @ Jul 4, 6:20PM EDT.
Jun 30, 8:10AM EDT0

Did you make the quadcopter as a student project in your school or university?

Jun 30, 6:07AM EDT0

No , after learning we need to train and this project is just a training

Last edited @ Jun 30, 8:29AM EDT.
Jun 30, 8:07AM EDT0

Isn’t a quadcopter essentially a drone or quite similar to a drone?

Jun 29, 8:40PM EDT0

it's quite similar to a drone , 

we can control it with remote control or with bluetooth , and there is more ways to control it. 

Jun 30, 8:05AM EDT0

What other interesting stuff or inventions have you made so far during school or college?

Jun 29, 5:16PM EDT40

there is more simple projects :D 

as : 


sheet metal 

fast blade

and this is a design that someone had ordered 

Poke Ball :D 

Last edited @ Jul 1, 4:21PM EDT.
Jun 30, 8:17AM EDT24
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What materials did you use to make your Ironman helmet?

Jun 29, 3:57PM EDT45

i've just desiged it , designer can make it with any material he wants , buyer should ask designer for what material he wants ! 

Last edited @ Jul 1, 4:22PM EDT.
Jun 30, 8:21AM EDT54

Got it

Jul 5, 1:05AM EDT39

Are your inventions ever sold or given out to companies to try out?

Jun 29, 3:52PM EDT0

for designs yes as i'm a freelancer 

but for a product No , in fact if there is a company to work with it would be great chance

Last edited @ Jul 1, 4:27PM EDT.
Jun 30, 7:46AM EDT0

How many hours do you spend daily on your studies and projects?

Jun 29, 1:21PM EDT0

not fixed hours daily , it's all about what would be done today or tomorrow 

Jun 30, 7:46AM EDT0

Are you ever motivated to try new stuff and invent something totally new?

Jun 29, 11:53AM EDT0

it's not easy , but sure i'm very motivated to try it.

Jun 30, 7:45AM EDT0

What is the functionality of your Ironman helmet and how is it different from similar stuff available in the market?

Jun 29, 10:17AM EDT0

there is no big difference , always the difference be on small parts that can change the view of the helmet , if you need one with a different desgin i can do it , just send me a pencil drawing wih dimensions !

Last edited @ Jun 29, 11:26AM EDT.
Jun 29, 11:12AM EDT0

What kind of products do you love the most to create and make from scratch?

Jun 29, 12:46AM EDT0

i love motorsports , robots , cars and anything related to machines

Last edited @ Jul 2, 5:06PM EDT.
Jun 29, 11:10AM EDT0

Do you have any items on your ‘to do’ list which are totally unique and unthought of till now?

Jun 28, 11:54PM EDT0

yeah ,i have a list with more courses i want to learn !

Last edited @ Jul 1, 4:38PM EDT.
Jun 29, 11:08AM EDT0

Why did you opt for Mechatronics field while pursuing your education?

Jun 28, 11:18PM EDT0

Mechatronics is my education , mechatronics has more sides of technical work and we need to learn all as we can , so i think we should learn how to work while studying i think the market needs that ! 

Last edited @ Jun 29, 11:36AM EDT.
Jun 29, 10:55AM EDT0
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