Hi guys i'm Ronny. I have designed many websites, actually I love designing websites. I have 5 years of work experience. I know all pros and cons of website designing. So friends feel free to ask me anything. #AMA

Aug 13, 2017

Hello friends I created this ama for those who love designing websites and wanna something extra about website designig and hosting. So friends here I'm to answer all your questions.

Having 5 years of experience I can solve every problem related to website. I also  troubleshoot websites.


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Will you continue working as a web designer for good?

Aug 12, 4:01PM EDT0

Yes i will continue.I love doing this.

Aug 13, 7:05AM EDT0

Great!  It's so nice when you find your true calling!

Aug 14, 12:54AM EDT0

Why do so many use Java? Why not C or C++ or C# or Python or Ruby or Matlab?

Aug 12, 12:09PM EDT0

 I cannot recommend C as a starting language, unless your near-term plans require its usage. I would first think about what type of job you wish to get including the location and the tasks. In my area that is dominated by big businesses, Java and C# represent most jobs. In areas like Silicon Valley, there are many more options. If you have the choice, I think a dynamic, higher-level language like Python or Ruby allows you to be introduced to programming concepts w/o forcing you to deal with low-level features of C/C++. Java is a good compromise as well, as it is very popular and still easier to pickup than C/C++. Best of luck to you.

Aug 13, 7:07AM EDT1

Thank you for such a detailed answer, have taken your advice on board.  Have a great day!  :)

Aug 14, 8:29AM EDT0

What are some common tools used to detect bugs in Java? Can you name a few?

Aug 12, 3:11AM EDT0





Aug 13, 7:09AM EDT1

What about designing specifically for Internet Explorer is hard?

Aug 12, 2:31AM EDT0

Which one offers higher hire rate, online freelancing sites or typical companies?

Aug 12, 2:15AM EDT47

Freelancing sites offer higher rate.

Aug 13, 7:19AM EDT84

However, freelance is a very risky thing

Aug 13, 11:05AM EDT55

How can I read a file in Javascript?

Aug 12, 12:12AM EDT0

Through JavaScript File Reader.

Aug 13, 7:21AM EDT0

Do you know how to compile Java files?

Aug 11, 11:36PM EDT0

no? .I am sorry.

Aug 13, 7:21AM EDT0

What is Swiffy?

Aug 11, 9:57PM EDT0

Swiffy was a web-based tool developed by Google that converted SWF files to HTML5. Its main goal was to display Flash contents on devices that do not support Flash, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets.

Aug 13, 7:22AM EDT0

Oh wow!  That's really interesting!  I had no idea!  

Aug 14, 10:30AM EDT0

Are there new HTML5 tags?

Aug 11, 9:26PM EDT0

1: <video> and <audio>

2: <input> type attributes

3: <canvas>

4: <header> and <footer>

5: <output>

Aug 13, 7:25AM EDT1

Can Javascript be used to protect web pages?

Aug 11, 9:03PM EDT0


Aug 13, 7:28AM EDT0

Where can I find online documentation for Javascript?

Aug 11, 8:50PM EDT0

What is the average cost for a website design?

Aug 11, 8:21PM EDT82

The average cost for website design is 120$.

Aug 13, 7:30AM EDT47

What does the cost depend on?

Aug 13, 11:17AM EDT60

What is in a HTML5 ad creative?

Aug 11, 8:08PM EDT0

How does HTML5 affect my existing HTML4 website?

Aug 11, 6:48PM EDT0

HTML5 is a draft proposal for a standard that will eventually be submitted to international standards organizations which may adopt HTML5 as a standard or may choose to adopt a competing proposal. Right now there’s no serious contender to HTML5 and all of the big players: Apple, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Adobe are behind it, so it is becoming the de-facto standard. However, it is still early in the process. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) expects to finalize the draft and start the process of final review and requests for comments in 2012. Final acceptance as a standard will happen several years after that.

Aug 13, 7:04AM EDT0

What are web designs made of?

Aug 11, 4:34PM EDT0

Do you design websites to be compatible with mobile phones?

Aug 11, 3:53PM EDT0

Yes i do.

Now a days every clients demand about mobile compatible phones.

Aug 13, 6:47AM EDT0

Do you feel that mobile compatible websites are THE thing of the future now that everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays?

Aug 14, 6:32PM EDT0

Is HTML5 the new standard for creating Web pages?

Aug 11, 3:42PM EDT0

Sorry James although i don't know much about HTML5 but yes its a new standard for creating web pages.

Aug 13, 6:42AM EDT1

Can web developers double as a web designer at the same time?

Aug 11, 2:30PM EDT0

Yes why not.

Aug 13, 6:40AM EDT0

What things should one keep in mind while creating exceptions in Java?

Aug 11, 2:27PM EDT0

If you want to write a checked exception that is automatically enforced by the Handle or Declare Rule, you need to extend the Exception class.

You want to write a runtime exception, you need to extend the RuntimeException class.

Aug 13, 6:39AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer!  :)

Aug 14, 3:53PM EDT0

What are the advantage and disadvantages of using Java Sockets?

Aug 11, 2:14PM EDT0

Some advantages of Java Sockets:Sockets are flexible and sufficient. Efficient socket based programming can be easily implemented for general communications. Sockets cause low network traffic. Unlike HTML forms and CGI scripts that generate and transfer whole web pages for each new request, Java applets can send only necessary updated information.

Some disadvantages of Java Sockets:Security restrictions are sometimes overbearing because a Java applet running in a Web browser is only able to establish connections to the machine where it came from, and to nowhere else on the network Despite all of the useful and helpful Java features, Socket based communications allows only to send packets of raw data between applications. Both the client-side and server-side have to provide mechanisms to make the data useful in any way.

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Aug 13, 6:36AM EDT1
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