Hi everyone, I'm a web designer who designs websites with Adobe Photoshop. Ask me anything!

Edona Shala
Jul 7, 2017

As a Graphic and Branding Design freelancer and a Tech Savvy I'm obsessed with the impact of technology in our daily lives. Ask me Anything.

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Have you tried using Corel Draw? How does it differ from Photoshop? Which is more easier to use?

Jul 12, 8:13AM EDT0

What is the most challenging part you faced in website design using Adobe Photoshop?

Jul 8, 1:38PM EDT0

What is the most difficult thing about being a freelancer in those fields?

Jul 5, 3:24PM EDT44

Hi David, well the most difficult thing about being a freelancer in design is understanding what the client wants. Sometimes they don't even know it themselves, but it's always fun trying things, see what fits best so that everyone is happy with the work results.

Jul 6, 11:14AM EDT45

lol I adore those crazy designer stories like "The client wanted red logo, but after seeing the result said there wasn't enough black in that red"

Jul 8, 4:29AM EDT29

What is the most important piece of technology that we have developed?

Jul 5, 12:04PM EDT12

Over the past years we’ve come such a long way when it comes to technology. There are so many things that without them we probably wouldn't be living a comfortable life as we do now. In a large group of inventions I would definitely say the Artificial heart(1941) and Kidney dialysis machine(1944) although there's a whole list of many other important pieces of technology that shape our lives. For more Read : The Most Important Inventions of the Last 100 Years |

Jul 7, 2:34AM EDT18

Thank you for answering.Will go through this article. 

Jul 8, 12:21AM EDT0

Do you think that people are becoming too dependent on technology?

Jul 5, 9:05AM EDT0

Yes Isabel I do sometimes. Technology is supposed to make your life easier and better in each part of it. Like when it comes to working online it's super easy and you get to have extra time to spend with your family and friends. That's why we should use each of it's beneficial elements but not over do it.

Jul 6, 11:19AM EDT0

I agree with you. Sometimes we cannot do simple things, for example, when dishwasher is broken. 

Jul 7, 4:12PM EDT0

For how long have you been interested in web designing?

Jul 5, 2:50AM EDT51

I've been into web designing over a year now, and it's great!!My first steps towards it were when I took some courses in computer sciences before I went to university.

Jul 6, 11:23AM EDT50

Have always wanted to study design?

Jul 8, 4:03AM EDT51

If you dont have a degree, do you at least have some sort of certificate?

Jul 4, 9:50PM EDT0

Yes, I graduated in January in a Graphic Design course which helped me extend my knowledge in logo, branding and web design. It was a 5 month long intensive training with 20h/week lectures and extra tasks we did at home for small companies.

Jul 6, 12:12PM EDT0

If its not a job for you right now, would you like to have a career in this field?

Jul 4, 11:00AM EDT0

Hi Amanda, yes I would love to have a career in web design and it wouldn't even be considered a job. When you love that much something like I love design it's always fun and challenging. For now I'm open to learning new things, because just like technology, web design is changing and improving every time. Hopefully in the near future I plan to dedicate myself more professionally to it.

Jul 6, 11:40AM EDT0

This industry is also challenging. Are you ready to remain on the cutting edge in this field in order toachive all your best?

Jul 7, 11:15PM EDT0

How easy would it be for anyone to get that certificate if you have one?

Jul 3, 11:09PM EDT0

I went through a course at a training center however they do have online trainings.CodersTrust is an initiative backed by the development fund Danida, or Danish International Development Agency, to provide microfinance and education for students in emerging nations who want to upgrade their programming skills. They offer step by step tutorials in web development, graphic design and SEO. Appart from online tuition at the end of the course you get the certificate which is world wide recognized.

Jul 6, 11:50AM EDT0

That's really good. Are you keen in SEO?

Jul 8, 12:17AM EDT0

Have you worked on any types of games for the web?

Jul 3, 10:03PM EDT0

No, not until now. However I'm open to learning more about the things we can do for the web, and developing games looks like something interesting to do.

Jul 6, 12:00PM EDT0

Is your knowledge enough for developing games?

Jul 8, 12:09AM EDT0

If someone is not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, can you describe it to them?

Jul 3, 9:59AM EDT0

Adobe Photoshop basically it's all about photo manipulation. Once you get to use it you'll see how easy it is. When creating websites you pick your pictures or images and put them together in a form of a web layer. At the end you insert a link for each of the images so when someone clicks in a image another image is opened 

Last edited @ Jul 6, 12:07PM EDT.
Jul 6, 12:07PM EDT0

There are several programs exept Photoshop and they are easier in use. Do you use something else?

Jul 8, 12:01AM EDT0

What is your least favorite programming language to use?

Jul 3, 1:54AM EDT40

I think HTML is the one I least prefer, and that's only because of the limitations in programming it has. However it's one of the simpliest languages for those who are beginners in programming.

Jul 6, 12:21PM EDT28

And what is the most difficult one?

Jul 8, 5:00AM EDT44

If you do have one, what is the degree and how are you using it to help you?

Jul 3, 1:39AM EDT0

I have a degree in Economy, Banks finance and accountigs. At first it might seem like that degree doesn't come in hand in web design but it acctually does, because from my university courses I learned a lot about the business strategies different companies have. So when I work for them I try to incorporate the marketing strategy of the company into the website.

Jul 6, 12:30PM EDT0

You are broadminded.To know marketing is one of important thing nowadays if you want to build successful career.

Jul 7, 11:53PM EDT0

Why do you like using Adobe Photoshop to design websites?

Jul 2, 7:31PM EDT0

It's easier and you don't have to use programming languages. When coding there are always inconveniences of the code not working  and the programmer not knowing why. With Adobe Photoshop you save yourself from all that.

Jul 6, 12:35PM EDT0

Is there someone in your life that helped peek your interest in web design?

Jul 2, 6:40PM EDT0

Hi Lorraine, yes a friend of mine who was left without a job for a long time. At first she was doing some web designs with programming languages and one of our professors at the graphic design training mentioned that we both should try Photoshop for web design. It was a life changing moment.

Jul 6, 12:42PM EDT0

And now you are competitors? Or you work on one side?

Jul 8, 12:06AM EDT0

What makes that programming language your favorite to use?

Jul 2, 11:57AM EDT49

The fact that is very easy and not time consuming makes photoshop my favorite. And it's not even a programming language, that's so much better. So I don't have to worry if the code will work or not.

Jul 7, 2:42AM EDT61

that's great!

Jul 8, 5:13AM EDT35

How long have you been working with Adobe Photoshop?

Jul 2, 10:29AM EDT0

Hi Lisa, thank you for your question. I've been working with Adobe Photoshop since last year, but started working more professionally since September.

Jul 7, 2:38AM EDT0

Do you have some tips on working with Photoshop?

Jul 8, 12:19AM EDT0

If it is a job for you, how much does this job pay?

Jul 2, 7:21AM EDT0

It depends on how big the project and your part in the project is. For a project that takes a working day you can earn up to a thousand dollars. Compared to other jobs it's very well paid and you get to work from home for international companies, since technology is taking over our lives and almost every company needs a website. 

Jul 7, 2:49AM EDT0

Do you really think that each company needs Website? I hink that under conditions of everyday developing technologies web sites will become unnecessary.The life is becomig easier.

Jul 8, 12:23AM EDT0

Why is that you favorite server to work with?

Jul 2, 2:32AM EDT40

Hi, thank you for your question but I'd like to know if you mean like favorite programming language?In that case I'd say Java, but there is no such thing as the perfect language to use. They all have their pros and cons.

Jul 7, 1:00PM EDT25

yeah, i meant language. Why Java?

Jul 8, 5:51AM EDT51

If you have a certificate, where did you earn it from?

Jul 1, 11:17AM EDT0

Hi Evan, it's a Danish coding center called Coders Trust that held courses near the town I live, however they have also online courses.

Jul 7, 12:35PM EDT0
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