Hey, Khusbu here. I am working in Embedded Projects. AMA..

Jul 17, 2017

I have successfully completed different Embedded Projects.. Ask me Anything..

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What programming languages are involved in your work?

Jul 18, 3:53AM EDT0

Do you have any interesting current projects you are working on?

Jul 17, 8:05PM EDT19

What specific field do you work in?

Jul 17, 7:13PM EDT57

Working for hardware.

Jul 18, 12:42AM EDT54

Do you do this work for a living, or is it just hobby?

Jul 17, 6:34PM EDT68

Its my passion.

Jul 18, 12:42AM EDT33


Jul 18, 8:00AM EDT16

What country do you work in?

Jul 17, 2:09PM EDT0


Jul 18, 12:42AM EDT0

Do you work with computers?Phones?

Jul 17, 1:38PM EDT30

Computers or laptops are mainly used for programming.

Jul 18, 12:43AM EDT42

How many projects have you done so far?

Jul 17, 1:05PM EDT0

5 projects.

Jul 18, 12:45AM EDT46

Do you have some kind of degree to do this work?

Jul 17, 1:04PM EDT0

Yes. We have degree then master degree then Phd for this. Along with that you can go for different embedded courses.

Jul 18, 12:48AM EDT48

How long have you been doing this type of work?

Jul 17, 1:03PM EDT0

Are there any free online resources I can use to learn more?

Jul 17, 12:20PM EDT59

What is your professional sphere?

Jul 17, 7:16AM EDT51

What is your specialization?

Jul 17, 7:14AM EDT0

How much time do you need for each project?

Jul 17, 7:10AM EDT0

Do you work alone or in a team?

Jul 17, 7:07AM EDT37

Are you a researcher or a developer?

Jul 17, 7:04AM EDT19


Jul 18, 1:00AM EDT44

What do you enjoy most of all in your job?

Jul 17, 7:02AM EDT0

When my Project is about to complete.

Jul 18, 1:07AM EDT53

Can you explain in details the term "embedded projects"?

Jul 17, 7:01AM EDT0

Could you give us examples of your work?

Jul 17, 7:01AM EDT0

In what projects did you participate in?

Jul 17, 6:59AM EDT0

Embedded System for Detecting Rash Driving on Highways

Jul 18, 1:03AM EDT19

oh, it's very interesting. Are the results of this project used in everyday life?

Jul 18, 7:11AM EDT40

What challenges are you faced with?

Jul 17, 6:58AM EDT0
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