Hey, I am a social media marketer and i will tech you how to earn money from online. Ask me anything!

Racing Tipser
Jul 14, 2017

Hey, I am a social media marketer and i will tech you how to earn money from online.  I will tell you whole process which you want to laen. Ask me anything!

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How do you promote products and talk to those interested in what your'e selling to get sales?

Jul 15, 4:21PM EDT1

What should marketeers keep in mind while checking out web marketing options?

Jul 14, 1:40PM EDT0

Demand of product 

Jul 14, 11:55PM EDT0

What have you observed during all these years of your social media marketing experience?

Jul 14, 7:44AM EDT0

Feeling better. Enjoying the job..

Jul 14, 11:56PM EDT0

Did you teach a lot of people to live as happily as you?

Jul 15, 4:44AM EDT0

Can you explain the concept of Marketing to a novice?

Jul 13, 11:54PM EDT0

Actually I haven't knowledge of novice

Jul 14, 11:57PM EDT0

Please, wright 5 sentences to describe marketing

Jul 15, 5:16AM EDT0

Have you ever had any bad experiences with social media marketing or management?

Jul 13, 9:09PM EDT0

May not

Jul 14, 11:57PM EDT0

Lucky one. 

Jul 15, 5:17AM EDT0

How do you know what is a scam, and what is real?

Jul 13, 7:23PM EDT0

At first look up the link on header on browser, see the comany info that is is secure or not. see the product details. and afterall, observe whole info. then you can inderstand about reality 

Jul 14, 11:59PM EDT0

Has your social media marketing skills been proved effective?

Jul 13, 1:21PM EDT1

Yes, It's help me to reach my goal. Now I am billionar 

Jul 15, 12:00AM EDT0

Haha, good joke. 

Jul 15, 5:29AM EDT0

Is it safe to make money online? I heard there are a lot of scams?

Jul 13, 10:16AM EDT0

Yeah, It's safe. You can do a lot of work in online. 

Upwork, freelancer, fiverr, guru are the world best online networks 

Jul 15, 12:02AM EDT0

How much impact do you think social media had on startup businesses?

Jul 13, 9:27AM EDT0

I thin now a days, it will help you to get better reslt. So i preffer always SMM for new startup business 

Jul 15, 12:02AM EDT0

Do you prefer repeat projects or varied, new ones?

Jul 13, 4:59AM EDT0

Please ask your question clearly. 

Jul 15, 12:03AM EDT0

Do you usually have the same kind of projects or you like to choose different?

Jul 15, 5:31AM EDT0

What's the most challenging thing marketers do in their line of work?

Jul 13, 4:46AM EDT0

I think getting engagements is the most challenging 

Jul 15, 12:05AM EDT0

Why do you think so, may explain?

Jul 15, 5:15AM EDT0

How much experience do you have in the social media field?

Jul 13, 1:04AM EDT0

I have worked in SMM sice 2012

Jul 15, 12:05AM EDT0

Do paid surveys make money?

Jul 13, 12:22AM EDT0

Actually, I don't know about servey 

Jul 15, 12:06AM EDT0
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How soon do you get positive results using various web marketing tools?

Jul 12, 11:58PM EDT0

Please keep mind that, web marketing getting slow result. 

Jul 15, 12:06AM EDT0

I heard that anyone can market on Social Media, why should someone pay you?How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Jul 12, 8:33PM EDT0

Like, you have a new startup company for clothing business. You want to sell your T-Shirt through online. So, you need to a experienced person who helps you to get sells. 

Keep mind to get sells, you have to need a lot of followers in your page, lot of engagements or you need to start a paid campaign with exact targeted nich. 

As a social media marketer, i will do all kind of work and then client pay me 

Jul 15, 12:10AM EDT0

What channels do you use?

Jul 15, 6:45AM EDT0

What qualities should a social media marketer should possess?

Jul 12, 4:40PM EDT0

Here have a huge qulafications. you can start anyone 

Jul 15, 12:10AM EDT0

Make an example, please

Jul 15, 6:47AM EDT0

What are the qualifications to be an effective social media marketer?

Jul 12, 9:22AM EDT0

You have to have proper marketing and planning knowledge 

Jul 15, 12:11AM EDT0

Did you study marketing anywhere?

Jul 15, 6:58AM EDT0

If there are any status quo in Marketing, which of them do you want to change?

Jul 12, 8:55AM EDT0

Please ask your questions clealy. 

Jul 15, 12:12AM EDT0

Which project gave you the ultimate satisfaction and why?

Jul 12, 8:31AM EDT0

Facebook Marketing for easy. 

Jul 15, 12:22AM EDT0

What are the most notorious mistakes reputed companies made on social media?

Jul 12, 8:13AM EDT0

schedule and quality of work. 

Jul 15, 12:22AM EDT0

How often do you get repeat projects?

Jul 12, 7:23AM EDT0

What is the best way to make money online?

Jul 12, 6:23AM EDT0

Everything is the best! It's deepend on your qualifications 

Jul 15, 12:23AM EDT0

What college degree should one have to be successful in the field of Social Media Marketing?

Jul 12, 5:57AM EDT0

You can get tech any of IT institution 

Jul 15, 12:24AM EDT0

What should businesses never do while interacting via social media?

Jul 12, 5:11AM EDT0

What kind of changes have you observed in web marketing over the last five years?

Jul 12, 3:59AM EDT0

Don't found any changes! without strategy.

Jul 15, 12:25AM EDT0

So, you don't think it will change somehow?

Jul 15, 8:31AM EDT0

How long did it take you to build a solid client-base?

Jul 12, 1:13AM EDT0

From 2012 

Jul 15, 12:25AM EDT0

What small corrections can take businesses on the right path on social media?

Jul 12, 12:19AM EDT0

Who is commonly the target market of social media promotions?

Jul 11, 10:58PM EDT0

Facebook & Instagram are best

Jul 15, 12:26AM EDT0

What kind of return can a business expect using content marketing as their SaaS strategy?

Jul 11, 10:28PM EDT0

What are the most common products/services you have worked with?

Jul 11, 9:46PM EDT0

T-Shirt marketing

Jul 15, 12:26AM EDT0

Was it profitable?

Jul 15, 5:32AM EDT0

How do you deal when a business backtracks on an offer on social media?

Jul 11, 9:32PM EDT0

Is promotion via social media cheaper and economical compared to traditional methods?

Jul 11, 9:17PM EDT0

What social media sites do you belong to?

Jul 11, 9:01PM EDT0


Jul 15, 12:27AM EDT0

What about Instagram?

Jul 15, 5:42AM EDT0

Which social media platforms are you really active on?

Jul 11, 8:29PM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had with HootSuite?

Jul 11, 6:51PM EDT0