Hey, Anshika here. I am an Technical Graduate. AMA..

Jul 17, 2017

I have experience in VLSI Programming and Circuit Designing. Ask Me Anything....

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How do you choose a programming language for a project?

Jul 18, 4:53AM EDT0

Did you already know some programming basics while in high school?

Jul 18, 12:10AM EDT0

Can you share some tips for programming using Java?

Jul 17, 9:14PM EDT0

What are the differences between programs C# and C++?

Jul 17, 7:24PM EDT0

How do you deal with unexpected circumstances in line with programming work?

Jul 17, 7:12PM EDT0

What is the most common programming language used in this field?

Jul 17, 3:12PM EDT0

What is your favorite programming language to work with?

Jul 17, 2:40PM EDT0

What are the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript for programming?

Jul 17, 1:56PM EDT0

Would you still recommend pursuing programming in college despite the competitiveness in the job market?

Jul 17, 1:00PM EDT0

Do you think the demand for programming services will be sustained in the long run?

Jul 17, 12:41PM EDT0

Are there any free online resources I can use to learn programming?How would you recommend someone to start learning programming?

Jul 17, 12:28PM EDT0

Why made you choose to work in the field of programming?

Jul 17, 12:07PM EDT0

Does programming require a lot of Math subjects?

Jul 17, 11:58AM EDT0

How much did it typically take for you to finish a programming project?

Jul 17, 11:19AM EDT0

What programming advances have you observed so far?

Jul 17, 10:18AM EDT0

What is the most important programming aspect you have learned?

Jul 17, 10:17AM EDT0

Do you have any current projects you are working on?

Jul 17, 10:11AM EDT0

Around how much is the expected salary of a programmer novice?

Jul 17, 10:11AM EDT0

How can non-techies overcome difficulties on the field of programming?

Jul 17, 10:09AM EDT0

What do you think is the most challenging programming language to use?

Jul 17, 9:49AM EDT0

What programming language is considered the most versatile?

Jul 17, 9:36AM EDT0

Who do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jul 16, 7:35PM EDT0

How important is your job?

Jul 16, 7:34PM EDT0

Do you like programming VLSI?

Jul 16, 7:34PM EDT0

Yes. I love to do that. Its my passion.

Jul 17, 5:37AM EDT0

What are the features of VLSI?

Jul 16, 7:34PM EDT0

 Reduces the Size of Circuits.

Reduces the effective cost of the devices.

Increases the Operating speed of circuits

Requires less power than Discrete components.

Higher Reliability

Occupies a relatively smaller area.

Jul 17, 5:40AM EDT0

Where is VLSI applied?

Jul 16, 7:33PM EDT0

VLSI is used to design different digital circuits by using HDL coding. 

Jul 17, 5:47AM EDT0

What software is used for VLSI?

Jul 16, 7:33PM EDT0

Altera, Matlab, EDA tools etc

Jul 17, 5:49AM EDT0

What is your job?

Jul 16, 7:33PM EDT0

To simulate the programme

Jul 17, 5:50AM EDT0

What is interesting about VLSI programming?

Jul 16, 7:33PM EDT0

To apply new logics and design the circuits in a better way.

Jul 17, 5:51AM EDT0

Do you have a specialized education?

Jul 16, 7:32PM EDT0

Yes. We have a special software training classes to design and experience things.

Jul 17, 5:51AM EDT0

Hi! Where did you learn all this?

Jul 16, 7:31PM EDT0
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