Help us realize this health-based initiative. ASK ME ANYTHING

Isaiah Andrew
Oct 20, 2017

Hello Everyone

As part of our university project we came with an idea of a health-based initiative and expand it on a Large scale, as it's known one of the most critical needs today is access to good health care.

Billions around the world, particularly around the african continent struggle because they don't have and get proper access to healthcare experience. wehave apps that let us book movie tickets and even find nice restaurants.However finding doctors is unbelievably hard. Patient records aren't maintained in digital systems and if they are most times aren't accessible.

It's accompanied by an app which will help patients get help and medical care in an instant manner and integrates a USSD system for remote areas with no internet connection.

Health-based initiatives and startups can address alot of issues plaguing instant access to health care in Africa.

Healthcare is undergoing a major change and smartphones will be a big help in health related problems.

help us with funding this project any amount will help. Link below

Isaiah Andrew says:

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Will this app work on both iOS and Android? What about older OS systems which are still widely used in Africa, such as Windows Phone?

Feb 13, 5:28PM EST0

What is your strategy in marketing and gaining hospital credentials in case a new one is built?

Feb 7, 10:41AM EST0

Great Idea, how do you think this would reach undeveloped places, places without internet?

Jan 1, 11:54PM EST0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign doesn't meet your expectations?

Dec 22, 4:05PM EST0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Dec 20, 12:58AM EST0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign doesn't meet your expectations?

Dec 19, 3:45AM EST0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Dec 19, 2:19AM EST0

Do you think this app will impact society?

Dec 15, 7:35AM EST0

In which university did you study?

Dec 15, 4:57AM EST0

Do you think your project will become revolutionary invention? 

Dec 12, 5:01PM EST0

Is this about health insurance coverage?

Dec 8, 11:01PM EST0

Is there a limit as to where this app can cover such as locations outside the country?

Dec 3, 1:49AM EST0

Have you done you research on the use Apps in Africa.

Nov 28, 1:30PM EST0

In which university did you study?

Nov 22, 11:00AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 1, 3:43PM EDT0

How to deal with health with the very busy schedule?

Oct 22, 4:23AM EDT0

there is always time

Oct 22, 6:41PM EDT0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Oct 20, 8:23AM EDT0

Analytical Mind,

There is no strict definition of an analytical mind. One thing is for sure: if you have an analytical mind you are able to think, observe data, remember and basing on these activities, resolve problems.

Unfortunately, this is the most crucial and needed skill of a good software developer. Why “unfortunately”? Well this means that not everybody can become a good software developer, even if they really struggle. Having analytical mind is to a big extend an inborn ability and in addition to this

2. Team eargeness,A good software developer is not a person who sits for the whole day in front of the computer and codes. If a project is supposed to be successful, the communication inside the team is crucial. Exchanging thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience can boost the efficiency and the quality of the solution. A developer who is not eager or able to communicate with other team members will not be able to fit in the team and in the process of developing software. I am aware that there are many very introverted developers who are doing really a great job and produce high-quality code. Yet in Agile, which is more and more common amongst IT companies, pure coding is not enough. Communication inside a team is one of the major keys to success.

Oct 20, 8:54AM EDT0

Which are the best resources which help learn how to create an app?

Oct 20, 5:05AM EDT0

You need to learn the programming langauges, networking, algorithms and other couple of desclipne you learn on the way, learning is never over so we Just learn as we go but those above are the cornerstones

Oct 20, 6:52AM EDT0

Have you ever considered selling your idea as a whole to a larger more well-known company and staying on their team?

Oct 20, 4:53AM EDT0

I have, but you see these companies can’t buy Just an idea they need to see an actual implementation and actual traction, and this is what we are about to do. 

It makes more sense if you have a working system under implementation rather than Just the idea

Oct 20, 6:12AM EDT0

Is your app meant for a single platform and thus for limited people to use?

Oct 20, 4:17AM EDT0

we’ll start for a single platform for now, most people are android users so when we get a good traction we hope to expand to other platforms

Oct 20, 6:48AM EDT0
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