Hello My Name is Robin Haney and I Teach People How To Make Passive Income Online. Ask me anything about blogging, SEO, marketing, or online course creation!

Robin Haney
Nov 30, 2017

Thanks for joining me here today.  I am here to answear any questions you may have in regards to blogging, content creation, marketing, and anything really.

If you would like to know more about who I am you can read all about my story.

If you would to learn how to make passive income like I do, then consider signing up to Passive Income Made Easy, this is my own personal online school for teaching others what I do online.

You can gain instant access to over $245 worth of online courses for only $9 $1 for your first month by clicking here.


Robin Haney


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Do you consider yourself an expert in this field?

Dec 2, 9:49PM EST0

How can you assure me a 100% workable techniques?

Dec 1, 10:12AM EST0

Why should I put my hands into this kind of business?

Dec 1, 9:15AM EST0

What are the rules/conditions of the money-back guarantee?

Dec 1, 8:54AM EST0

What qualification do you have to satisfy you as a guru?

Nov 30, 7:47PM EST0

What can I expect from the coaching session?

Nov 30, 6:49PM EST1

Will you automatically charge for the subsequent months?

Nov 30, 6:21PM EST0

yup! Teachable automatically charges 30 days from when your first subscribe

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Nov 30, 6:22PM EST0

How many subscribers do you have and do you have testimonies?

Nov 30, 5:17PM EST0

Since launching earlier this month I've gotten 4 people enrolled so far. It's a slow process since most people purchase my courses on Udemy and promoting my own product on my own platform has been pretty new to me.

Nov 30, 6:24PM EST0

How different is the income from making ebooks about same topics?

Nov 30, 5:01PM EST0

The biggest difference for me is it's easier to create video courses and the quality you can produce is so much better than a book. Also people pay a lot more for online courses as opposed to books.

Nov 30, 6:25PM EST0

Why can you afford $1 for the courses? Doesn't that reflect the value that you offer?

Nov 30, 4:50PM EST0

It's a subscription service and the first month is only $1. The site is new and I'm trying to drive as many people as possible to enroll :). Afterwards its $9 a month. 

Nov 30, 6:18PM EST0

How different is your site from Udemy?

Nov 30, 4:35PM EST0

The only difference is that mine is self-hosted and only my courses are on my own website

Nov 30, 6:17PM EST0

What do you need to do regularly in order to maintain the website?

Nov 30, 1:44PM EST0

Depends on the website, if you are blogging for example you will need to regularly publish content, do marketing, and create online content. 

Once a website is earning regularly it's a little bit easier cause you can take your foot off the gas pedel and still enjoy passive income coming in. 

Really depends on what type of website you are reffering to.

Nov 30, 3:02PM EST0

How can you guarantee security of my credit card information?

Nov 30, 11:25AM EST0

Payments for my online school all go through Teachable. All Teachable schools include SSL security which makes all data subited to a website private and confidential. 

It's the same as buying on any big branded website like Amazon, Wallmart, Udemy, ect...

Nov 30, 3:03PM EST0

How much is the subscription for the website alone?

Nov 30, 10:08AM EST0

For my school you can buy the courses individually for $50 each or you can sign-up to  a monthly subscription for $9 a month. I offer both payment plans for people depending on their financial situation.

During this AMA i am running a special where you can grab your first month for $1 by clicking here.

Nov 30, 3:05PM EST0

Convince me why it's a passive income when you still have to do some works on the marketing side?

Nov 29, 4:02PM EST0

It's passive in the sense where it doesn't take much work, or in some cases it doesn't take any work at all. Of course if you do marketing and work harder you will earn more, that's natural.

Take my Udemy courses for example, they make me around 1000-2000 a month. If I focus on marketing I make more but even if I don't do anything I will still earn.

It's all about setting up the income streams and doing the work upfront so that your platforms will continue to earn you income as time goes on.

That's passive income in a nutshell :)

Nov 30, 3:07PM EST0

What payment method is available for your clients and how do you send back money for the 30 days money-back guarantee?

Nov 29, 9:19AM EST0

All payments are done through Udemy or Teachable, depending on where you buy my courses from. They handle refunds and everything else!

Nov 30, 3:07PM EST0

How much time did you dedicate to developing this website into what it is now?

Nov 29, 4:49AM EST0

I've spent a few months, it's been an on-going project. Just like anything the more work you put into it the more rewards you will get out of it. 

As I continue to grow out my school/blog/ online business my income continues to grow!

Nov 30, 3:08PM EST0

I don't even know how to browse a website. How can you make me skilled enough to run a business like this?

Nov 29, 12:29AM EST0

It's not as hard as you might think. If you can do basic computer stuff then you can learn. The best thing about video courses is that they actually walk you through and show you how to do everything step by step :)

Nov 30, 3:11PM EST0