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Aug 12, 2017

Computer security is the security of the data on the computer system and data stored and used.

* 10% security (security) technical dependence. * 90% security depends on the user. This means that computer users know how to ensure computer security (security).

What can be a hacked computer?

• Password stolen.

• Transmit spam and phishing links.

• Create and sell email addresses and passwords.

• Damage to the system by increasing traffic in bulk

• Illegal distribution of knowledge, movies, software

• Distribution of child pornography.

• Damage to another system

• Leaked personal information

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fuck you 

Aug 12, 1:58PM EDT0

In your experience, what is the best internet security software available?

Aug 12, 11:22AM EDT0

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 

Aug 12, 12:09PM EDT0

Can I get it for free?

Aug 12, 2:15PM EDT0

What is the highest position in an organization an IT graduate can hold?

Aug 12, 10:21AM EDT0

President – legally recognized highest "titled" corporate officer, and usually a member of the board of directors. There is much variation; often the CEO also holds the title of president, while in other organizations if there is a separate CEO, the president is then second highest-ranking position.

Aug 12, 10:40AM EDT0

CRO of what company do you want/dream yo become?

Aug 12, 2:36PM EDT0

What are your favorite and least favorite technology products, and why?

Aug 12, 4:27AM EDT0

iphone 7 plus

Aug 12, 6:16AM EDT0

Why do you like it? 

Aug 12, 2:32PM EDT0

Are there any differences between Information Technology (IT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?

Aug 12, 3:58AM EDT0

Information and communications technology (ICT) is an extended term for information technology (IT) which stresses the role of unified communicationsand the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual .

Aug 12, 6:17AM EDT0

Thanks for the information you shared

Aug 12, 2:22PM EDT0

What are some easy system IT check for businesses?

Aug 11, 11:27PM EDT0
  1. State Records.
  2. Request and Complete an Application.
  3. FBI Records.
  4. Third Party Search.
  5. Review Your Record
Aug 12, 6:20AM EDT0

What government sectors are in need of IT graduates the most?

Aug 11, 9:53PM EDT0

IT & Security Sectors

Aug 12, 6:18AM EDT0

Reasonable answer

Aug 12, 2:37PM EDT0

Did your university provided enough training and lessons for you to master Information Technology?

Aug 11, 7:29PM EDT0

Not at all

Aug 12, 6:20AM EDT0

Where do you take additional knoledge?

Aug 12, 2:36PM EDT0

Can you offer any tips to help novice users protect their computers from cyber attack?

Aug 11, 7:15PM EDT0

1. Set one day a week to monitor your credit card statements

2. Sign up for real-time alerts

3. Keep your private information private

4. Routinely change passwords and make them strong

5. Subscribe to identity protection

Last edited @ Aug 12, 6:24AM EDT.
Aug 12, 6:24AM EDT0

Thank you 

Aug 12, 2:58PM EDT0

What are the other fundamentals of IT aside from coding?

Aug 11, 5:29PM EDT0

This manual was developed specifically for freshmen students taking up their first course in programming, but people who are interested in learning C are also welcome to study it. Its aim is to supplement classroom lectures by focusing on C programming. Topics are arranged based on the order of class discussion.

Aside from changes in programming language and presentation, additional sections have been included. Some frequently asked questions and common programming errors are listed at the end of the chapter.

Only a subset of the ANSI C language is tackled here. Specifically, it is assumed that the student will be working under the Linux environment and programming using GNU C (which supports ANSI C)or the Borland Turbo C/C++ compiler under the Windows environment. Coding standards to be followed, as well as some pointers when programming using the Linux environment, are also included.

Aug 12, 6:28AM EDT0

What technical websites do you follow?

Aug 11, 3:42PM EDT0
Aug 12, 6:21AM EDT0

Let me read them

Aug 12, 3:21PM EDT0

As an IT specialist, how important are data storage strategies for you?

Aug 11, 2:59PM EDT0

most important. I can't explain that how important?

Aug 12, 6:29AM EDT0

Maybe you try somehow?

Aug 12, 2:49PM EDT0

What should the common people do to safeguard themselves from cyber attacks?

Aug 11, 1:55PM EDT0

1. Set one day a week to monitor your credit card statements

2. Sign up for real-time alerts

3. Keep your private information private 

4. Routinely change passwords and make them strong

5. Subscribe to identity protection 

Aug 11, 2:02PM EDT0

Do you have some advice in detecting potential security threats?

Aug 11, 1:34PM EDT0

Malware, Computer virus, Rogue security software, Trojan horse, Malicious spyware

Aug 11, 2:05PM EDT0

I didn't understand what do you mean under this answer

Aug 12, 3:07PM EDT0

What technical websites do you follow?

Aug 11, 1:23PM EDT0
Aug 11, 2:05PM EDT0

How can IT maximize efficiency?

Aug 11, 12:46PM EDT0

1. Remote access

2. Verify with video

3. Monitor the register

4. Food safety day and night

5. Customer insights

Aug 11, 2:07PM EDT0

What requirements or procedures you have to go through before getting your IT degree?

Aug 11, 12:22PM EDT0

he CS and CE programs each require you to take 180 total credits to graduate.  You will need to fulfill a General Education component, a Mathematics and Science component, and a Computer (Science or Engineering) component that consists of required classes and senior electives

Aug 11, 2:09PM EDT0

Which browser alternatives do you think care more about security?

Aug 11, 11:29AM EDT0

google chrome

Aug 11, 2:10PM EDT0

What features do you think are missing in the internet security applications you use?

Aug 11, 10:19AM EDT0

google chrome

Aug 11, 2:11PM EDT0

What is changing today about information technology roles?

Aug 11, 8:55AM EDT0

Become Leaders, Not Supporters, Demand An Evolved IT Skillset, Renovate The Workforce

Aug 11, 2:13PM EDT0
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