Hello! I'm Julius, a Filipino IT Professional (Hardware&Network) and Business owner of Internet Cafe Rentals, printing and other services. From what's hot to what's not in Cyberworld of online games in the Philippines. Ask Me Anything guys!

Jerichogio Salvan
Aug 22, 2017


From planning to executing my passion, skill, and profession to a business. Ideas from the scratch and creating results of technical knowledge. Computer specifications and software compatibility, network connection using a router, UTP cable RJ45. Reformatting computers, Antivirus update, and system maintenance. Setup computer cafe software. Listing cafe products and services. 

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Which antivirus software do you use in your Internet cafe?

Aug 22, 2:13PM EDT0

I used only Microsoft Security Essential, it's good and very light in my system.

Aug 22, 11:13PM EDT0

How does your business deal with competition?

Aug 22, 2:02PM EDT0

Pisonet was a competitor in our area, I just use marketing strategy like 3+1hour promo. It sells anyway.

Aug 22, 11:12PM EDT0

What equipment do you use in your cafe to maintain good speed for each user?

Aug 22, 1:41PM EDT0

I only use Cisco Router and 1gigabit switch hub. Others use Microtik but I think my internet speed can handle the network.

Aug 22, 11:12PM EDT0

Can you repair computers?

Aug 22, 1:33PM EDT0

Yes, I can.

Aug 22, 11:12PM EDT0

What services does your Internet café provide?

Aug 22, 1:21PM EDT0

Computer RentalsOnline & Local Area Network GamesChatting & Video CallsPrinting & PhotocopyingComputer Desktop & Laptop * Repair/Reformat/Installation & Upgrade Virus RemovalData Recovery in Flash Drive HDD’s & SDPrinter Reset & TroubleshootingFile Transfer: Bluetooth/Card ReaderDownload: Video clips, Movies & MP3’sAudio Mixing & EditingGraphics Design & Layout * Tarpaulin/Invitation/Poster/Flyers/IDDVD / CD BurningTyping Job & ResearchingID LaminationYou can visit my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ljsinternetcafe/

Aug 22, 11:11PM EDT0

What software is installed on computers in your Internet cafe?

Aug 22, 1:12PM EDT0

Mostly online and offline games, word and spreadsheet, cafe timer, and common web applications needed and require in a basic computer.

Aug 22, 11:09PM EDT0

What is a router?

Aug 22, 12:52PM EDT0

Intelligent device use in the network, considering it a traffic enforcer system that manages your network as layman's term.

Aug 22, 11:09PM EDT0

Are you engaged in programming?

Aug 22, 12:43PM EDT0

I didn't excel in programming since my forte is on troubleshooting. 

Aug 22, 11:09PM EDT0

What operating system are you using?

Aug 22, 12:32PM EDT0

I used Windows 7 64bit for compatibility of many application and games installed on the computer.

Aug 22, 11:08PM EDT0

What is the target audience for your internet cafe?

Aug 22, 12:21PM EDT0

At least 30 internet users a day and at least 5 in other services.

Aug 22, 11:08PM EDT0

What does it take to start a business?

Aug 22, 12:13PM EDT0

Considering the knowledge, capital, and marketing plan are essential to run this business. That is how to attain your ROI.

Aug 22, 11:08PM EDT0

How many users can work in your Internet cafe?

Aug 22, 12:01PM EDT0

10 users can work simultaneously in my internet cafe and be planning to extend it.

Aug 22, 11:07PM EDT0

Can I install the operating system on my own?

Aug 22, 11:42AM EDT0

Yes mostly licensed operating system provides step by step procedure in installing an operating system on your computer. We can also search on the web on DIY installation.

Aug 22, 11:07PM EDT0

Why did you decide to open your Internet cafe?

Aug 22, 11:40AM EDT0

I quit my job to open this business so that we can stay at home with my family. It's my skill and I can troubleshoot it alone without any help from another technician.

Aug 22, 11:06PM EDT0

Can a digital press produce an exact ink color?

Aug 22, 8:57AM EDT0

Pantone colors can be produced by high-end printing machines. We can manipulate the colors considering also the medium to be used, so exact colors can attain.

Aug 22, 11:06PM EDT0

What is the optimum number of users who can share a single Wi-Fi without slowing down its speed?

Aug 21, 4:13PM EDT0

It depends on the speed of your plan, and also the capability of the router to accommodate or handle a number of users as well as the signal range.

Aug 22, 11:05PM EDT0

What are the common tasks involved in hardware support and maintenance?

Aug 21, 1:10PM EDT0

Antivirus scanning, Registry cleaning, Disk defragmentation, Disk checking, uninstall unwanted programs. CPU cleaning, removing the dusk by applying air blower towards the desktop unit and the fans.

Aug 22, 11:17PM EDT0

What are some game consoles you can recommend to teenagers, if you know any?

Aug 21, 8:05AM EDT0

I don't have any consoles, But many games can be emulated by personal computers nowadays.

Sony PS4 Pro was out but limited games, and there was Nintendo Switch for more compatible one.

Aug 22, 11:04PM EDT0

Can a non-techie troubleshoot his own hardware issues?

Aug 21, 6:57AM EDT0

Yes, now a days youtube can provide step by step troubleshooting that you can watch on hand.

Aug 22, 11:04PM EDT0

What is a "proof"?

Aug 21, 4:51AM EDT0

Pleae visit and like www.facebook.com/ljsinternetcafe/Thank you!

Aug 22, 11:04PM EDT0
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