Hello, I am Shuvo Ahmed and I am a computer engineer. If you are facing any problems with your computer this is the right AMA for you. Ask me anything!

Jul 14, 2017

I am an expert in computer related problems. I can give any kind of solution about computer software related problems. You can ask me anything. Looking forward to your comments. Let's start.

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Which company is your favorite?Do you believe robots would take over the workforce someday?

Jul 14, 6:44AM EDT0

What challenges does hardware companies put on engineers like you?

Jul 14, 5:56AM EDT0

With most of the computer systems getting harder to upgrade, how is that affecting your work?

Jul 14, 3:34AM EDT0

Do you think the proportion of open source hardware or software is going to increase going forward?

Jul 14, 1:39AM EDT0

Is DELL a good brand to buy for a laptop?

Jul 13, 10:26PM EDT0

What did you study to become a computer engineer?

Jul 13, 4:13PM EDT0

What has been the most challanging situation for you at your job? Don't tell me it's your boss!

Jul 13, 10:23AM EDT0

"I have to success" 

Jul 13, 1:52PM EDT0

How do you explain hardware on a much simpler note?

Jul 13, 8:13AM EDT0

It's something you can touch.

Jul 13, 1:53PM EDT0

What is your favorite thing about the open source community?

Jul 13, 7:52AM EDT0

What do you think of Raspberry PI?

Jul 13, 5:10AM EDT0

How do you replace a battery on a mother board?

Jul 13, 4:35AM EDT0

it's simple. you can search it on youtube.

Jul 13, 1:54PM EDT0

What are your thoughts on purchasing secondhand hardware?

Jul 13, 4:05AM EDT0

I prefer not to purchase a secondhand hardware.

Jul 13, 1:55PM EDT0

Is there a way to recover damaged RAM modules?

Jul 13, 3:43AM EDT0

How would you rate products made in china vs made in japan?

Jul 13, 2:49AM EDT0

I would like to rate japan higher than china.

Jul 13, 1:56PM EDT0

What should buyers look for a hardware before purchasing it?

Jul 13, 2:42AM EDT0

How easy is it to hack a PC BIOS?

Jul 13, 1:19AM EDT0

It's tough but not so tough after you learn.

Jul 13, 1:57PM EDT0

Are you a Hardware guy?

Jul 13, 12:18AM EDT0

No, software.

Jul 13, 1:57PM EDT0

Your AMA said "Computer Engineer" that's the reason you're getting hardware questions which apparently you cannot answer? You should have specified "Software Engineer" so you could get proper questions. So tell me what software system do you work on?

Jul 14, 11:27AM EDT0

Have you contributed to any Open Source projects?

Jul 12, 10:12PM EDT0

What hardware brands are known to be durable?

Jul 12, 9:41PM EDT0

How do you fix a laptop screen which blinks 50% and the rest 50% is normal?

Jul 12, 9:34PM EDT0

Did you solve any problems for large companies? What was the most memorable?

Jul 12, 9:11PM EDT0

Do you find the open source community interactive and helpful?

Jul 12, 9:03PM EDT0

What do you think about eWaste?

Jul 12, 8:58PM EDT0

What are the basics in hardware troubleshooting?

Jul 12, 7:42PM EDT0

Do you work for yourself or a company?

Jul 12, 6:28PM EDT0

What was the reason you chose this career path?

Jul 12, 6:23PM EDT0

How much time do you spend designing software as opposed to hardware?

Jul 12, 5:51PM EDT0

7-8 days :)

Jul 12, 6:16PM EDT0

How do you troubleshoot hardware issues?

Jul 12, 5:34PM EDT0

I use windows trobleshooter.

Jul 12, 6:16PM EDT0

Does dirt accumulation affect hardware? Because inside my PC is all dirt.

Jul 12, 4:33PM EDT0

yes, it blocks ports. you should clean your cpu. 

Jul 12, 6:17PM EDT0

How can I clean the CPU? please elaborate and if you are going to ask me to go look at youtube video, link to it.

Jul 14, 11:35AM EDT0
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