Hello! I am Paul Sneha, I am working and earning money from YouTube, Ask me anything about YouTube earning. AMA

paul sneha
Aug 11, 2017

YouTube is now one of the top video streaming site of the world. This is not only for watching videos but also It is a business platform. So if you have interest about video making and earn money from your videos, then YouTube is the best platform for you. I want to explain everything of this money earner site. Ask me anything.

Earn That You Want

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How often do you upload new videos?

Aug 11, 7:03AM EDT1

Thank you , 3 per week, And the best time in the morning,

Aug 11, 12:34PM EDT0

Why in the morning?

Aug 11, 8:29PM EDT0

What is your target audience?

Aug 10, 6:49PM EDT1

My audience are 20 to 30 years old

Last edited @ Aug 11, 12:37PM EDT.
Aug 11, 12:34PM EDT39
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Do you get advance screening releases of music and movies to review?

Aug 10, 5:10PM EDT1

No dear , But it will be. Thank you very much

Aug 11, 12:38PM EDT0

Welcome. Thanks for answering

Aug 11, 8:11PM EDT0

How many hours a day do you spend browsing YouTube?

Aug 10, 4:23PM EDT1

Almost 5 hours. Thank you

Aug 11, 12:38PM EDT0

Wow, is that your full time job now or do you do anything else?

Aug 11, 4:50PM EDT0

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video?

Aug 10, 9:45AM EDT1

It is out of Youtube terms and condition. please try to make videos, that't copyright belongs to you

Aug 11, 12:40PM EDT0

Oh, sure. What punishment will be who breaks the terms?

Aug 11, 8:21PM EDT0

What do you make your videos about?

Aug 10, 2:01AM EDT1

Technology and music videos

Aug 11, 12:42PM EDT0

What's you favourite music style?

Aug 11, 10:27PM EDT0

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Aug 10, 12:04AM EDT1

I think it is myself, me

Aug 11, 12:43PM EDT0

Do you follow other users to get ideas?

Aug 11, 4:20PM EDT0

Can you get a copyright strike for a thumbnail?

Aug 9, 11:39PM EDT0


Aug 11, 12:43PM EDT0


Aug 11, 8:21PM EDT0

How many views do your videos have currently?

Aug 9, 8:46PM EDT1

1 million

Aug 11, 12:43PM EDT0

wow lol so you're a millionaire! What is the best way to monetize your videos? Adverts or what do you use? 

Aug 11, 5:25PM EDT0

What types of YouTube channels are the most in demand today?

Aug 9, 8:31PM EDT1

"How to " videos, that means instructions or review

Aug 11, 12:44PM EDT0
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Why did YouTube let an abusive claimant remove my video?

Aug 9, 8:25PM EDT1

when you don't follow the term and condtion of youtube , then you will be banned

Aug 11, 12:45PM EDT0

What are the biggest things to look out for so that you don't get banned?

Aug 11, 4:01PM EDT0

How did you learn how to do this?

Aug 9, 8:14PM EDT1

It is interisting, I lern youtube from youtube

Aug 11, 12:45PM EDT0

Why did you decide connect you life with YouTube?

Aug 11, 9:53PM EDT0

How many subscribers do you have?

Aug 9, 7:02PM EDT1


Aug 11, 12:46PM EDT0

Not bad, man!

Aug 11, 8:56PM EDT0

What is the most common mistake new YouTubers make?

Aug 9, 6:30PM EDT1

copy other's videos

Aug 11, 12:46PM EDT0

Is it really possible in YouTube?

Aug 11, 8:25PM EDT0

How do you start a good channel?

Aug 9, 5:46PM EDT1

A good channel never comes over night. Patient is the power here, and also good stratigies. 

Aug 11, 12:47PM EDT0

Can you share some of your strategies?

Aug 11, 4:35PM EDT0

How do you promote your channel outside of Youtube?

Aug 9, 4:52PM EDT1

I promote my channel on social media , most time on facebook

Aug 9, 5:10PM EDT0

What is the most likes you ever got for a video you uploaded on fb?

Aug 11, 3:53PM EDT0

What inspired you to start making videos?

Aug 9, 4:32PM EDT1

My audience love my video, this inspire me

Aug 9, 5:11PM EDT0

How did you come to create your videos?

Aug 11, 10:12PM EDT0

What are your future plan for your channel?

Aug 9, 3:51PM EDT1

Making worlds number one subcribers channel

Aug 9, 5:11PM EDT0

Any famous bloggers that you like?

Aug 11, 8:42PM EDT0

Have you ever gone viral?

Aug 9, 3:40PM EDT1

Per week dear

Aug 9, 5:11PM EDT0

Wicked! Can you share the link of a few? Love to see some!

Aug 11, 4:04PM EDT0

Do youtube staff care about you ?

Aug 9, 3:34PM EDT87

don't think so, thank you very much

Aug 9, 5:12PM EDT56

Me neither

Aug 12, 12:18PM EDT52
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