hello guys if you need any help on Website Design and Development AMA.

Aug 12, 2017

As a business owner, It is so much important having a website is crucial since more and more of your current and potential customers will search for you on the internet via their home computer. There are some important factors to consider when choosing a website design company.

You must take care about this when will you create a website.

1. Portfolio.

2. Skills and Qualifications.

3. Support.

4. References.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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How can I read a file in Javascript?

Aug 12, 3:14PM EDT0

What is the difference between web development and web design?

Aug 12, 1:39PM EDT0

Do you think position as a consultant is the best to help one learn and grow as a developer?

Aug 12, 6:37AM EDT0

What skills are encompassed in the field of Web Designing?

Aug 12, 3:22AM EDT0

Who do web developers typically collaborate with?

Aug 12, 12:46AM EDT0

How high is the demand for web developers as of this year?

Aug 11, 11:20PM EDT0

How important is having the skill in content maintenance in web designing?

Aug 11, 2:23PM EDT0

What skills and proficiencies should a web developer have to build a solid client base?

Aug 11, 2:11PM EDT0

How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand?

Aug 11, 8:55AM EDT1

It's difficult.

Aug 11, 9:17AM EDT0

Why is that?

Aug 12, 7:52PM EDT0

How do I add a navigation menu in WordPress?

Aug 11, 8:25AM EDT1

WordPress comes with a navigation menu system that makes it quite easy for beginner users to create and manage menus. clicking on the Categories then You will see your blog categories listed there select the categories you want to add to the menu, and then click on add to menu buttom.  Almost all WordPress themes come with at least one menu location. Some WordPress themes come with multiple menu locations to accommodate for more complex websites.

Aug 11, 9:22AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer

Aug 12, 8:08PM EDT0

Can you describe or demonstrate your level of competence in web development job market?

Aug 11, 8:13AM EDT1

I have done many this kind of work they are fully satisfied. I always do work as you want.

Aug 11, 2:24PM EDT0

Can you share any samples of sites you have done?

Aug 12, 7:55PM EDT0

What should a web developer know?

Aug 11, 5:47AM EDT1

As a web developer you must know Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Java, etc. Thanks

Aug 11, 2:26PM EDT0

Jeez, better brush up on all of these then. Is JavaScript not better than Java though?

Aug 12, 8:48PM EDT0

What does search engine optimization have to do with web development?

Aug 11, 5:41AM EDT0

It can do many things. Seo can reach you in google #1 . So people can easily search you on your website. You will get more traffic and visitor on our website.

Aug 11, 2:29PM EDT0
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Which WordPress plugins I should install on my website?

Aug 11, 3:14AM EDT1

You should to plugins 

1. OptinMonster.

2. WPForms.

3. MonsterInsights.

4. Constant Contact.

7. Yoast SEO.


Aug 11, 2:35PM EDT49
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What are a few personal web projects you've got going on?

Aug 11, 2:41AM EDT1

All are business web project I have got.

Aug 11, 2:40PM EDT0

Can you share some links?

Aug 12, 8:07PM EDT0

How long does it take to design a website?

Aug 11, 1:35AM EDT1

Around 4 hours.

Aug 11, 2:41PM EDT0

Wow for any site or just simple ones? I must be doing something wrong, takes me ages but then I don't do it professionally either.

Aug 12, 8:15PM EDT0

How much do you know about Java?

Aug 11, 12:56AM EDT1

I am good on Java.

Aug 11, 2:42PM EDT0

Great man! I cant boast my success in Java:(

Aug 12, 11:34PM EDT0

How is Java used for purposes of web development?

Aug 11, 12:47AM EDT1

Java is used fully extensively to create web app and as Miquel Paraz points out it is done using the Java Enterprise Edition. But in modern web development on the Java platform, you can not use JSP, and Servlets are used primarily behind the scenes. Thank you.

Aug 11, 2:45PM EDT0

What else exept Java do you use for programming?

Aug 12, 11:47PM EDT0

How is XHTML different from HTML?

Aug 11, 12:45AM EDT1

XHTML describes elements of data.

HTML is stricter and XML-based.

Aug 11, 2:48PM EDT0

Ah ok, thanks

Aug 12, 8:28PM EDT0

What countries offer the best prospects for web developers?

Aug 10, 11:14PM EDT1

USA and India.

Aug 11, 2:48PM EDT0

India seem to have the upper edge on programming, why do you think that is?

Aug 12, 8:00PM EDT0
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