Hello Friends , Myself (Bharati Madhyan) , M.D. of ISHWAR COMPUTER INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (I.C.C.I.T) , Programmer and Software Developer . If you are searching the best Institutions for Languages , Software Developing and Academic Subjects(IGNOU, MCRPSV and so on), Join here with best faculty . And any question related to this, Ask Me Anything....

Bharati Madhyan
Sep 12, 2017

I am Completed my Post Graduation from IGNOU. Four years of education has honed my knowledge and skills in different system platforms like C# programming for Web and Application Development along with MYSQL for the back-end platforms. And also Three year experience in Training Department in Academic Subjects and Software Developing with Hyptia Software Solution PVT.LTD.

Currently I am running an Institutions as a M.D along with skills related to Languages and Software Development. Using this experience, I assure my Students and employer that I indeed provide quality and reliable services for projects of different tasks within the target deadline.




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What examples do you have of quality projects finished within their deadline?

Sep 12, 4:35AM EDT1

What are the most challenging aspects of software development?

Sep 12, 2:53AM EDT1

What would you like to change about your favourite platform?

Sep 12, 2:00AM EDT0


Sep 12, 2:30AM EDT0

What amenities does the college have?

Sep 11, 4:26AM EDT0

What Can you tell me about your College?

Sep 11, 1:28AM EDT1

Please, first read my profile.. and this is not a college

Sep 11, 5:11AM EDT0
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In College, What Do You Plan to Do Outside of the Classroom?

Sep 11, 12:54AM EDT0

I planned about my career

Sep 11, 5:12AM EDT0

Do you have any hobbies? What are you doing in your free time?

Sep 12, 2:30AM EDT0

What Do You Hope to Do After Graduation?

Sep 10, 8:33PM EDT0

To complete my Post Graduation.. and i completed

Sep 11, 5:13AM EDT0

I get the feeling that you are very ambitious, which is great, but do you sometimes forget to just chill out and relax? 

Sep 12, 5:05AM EDT0

What Subject do You Find the Most Challenging?

Sep 10, 8:27PM EDT0

DAA(Design Analysis and Algorithm)and Data Structure

Sep 11, 5:13AM EDT0

Are these subjects that you do not particularly enjoy or do you find them harder than other subjects?

Sep 12, 3:25AM EDT0

Why Do You Want to Go to College?

Sep 10, 6:58PM EDT0

Do they accept foreign students?

Sep 10, 6:56PM EDT0

What is the college's website?

Sep 10, 5:05PM EDT0

Mam, This is not a college

Sep 11, 5:14AM EDT0

What is the difference between abstract class vs. interface?

Sep 10, 4:40PM EDT0

What do you want to do when you finish?

Sep 10, 4:24PM EDT0

What Can your College Offer You that Another College Can't?

Sep 10, 4:19PM EDT0

Why Did You Want to Attend this college?

Sep 10, 3:31PM EDT0

Who in Your Life Has Most Influenced You?

Sep 10, 3:22PM EDT0

Do they help with accommodation?

Sep 10, 2:35PM EDT0

What are your academic interests?

Sep 10, 1:31PM EDT0

Does your college give grants?

Sep 10, 12:19PM EDT0

This is not a College...

This is a Institute and yes we grant.

Sep 10, 1:23PM EDT0

Sounds great, do you have a website where I can get more information?

Sep 12, 3:38AM EDT0

How many programming languages are there?

Sep 9, 1:45PM EDT0

C, C++, Core Java, C#, and etc..

Sep 10, 1:24PM EDT0

Which state in India is the best place to study tech?

Sep 9, 1:30PM EDT0

Hyderabad ,Benguluru and  Delhi .

Sep 10, 1:25PM EDT0

Where is your institution located?

Sep 9, 12:44PM EDT0

In Varanasi, India

Sep 9, 1:19PM EDT0

Are there facilities where members can stay nearby? Do you have a website with more information?

Sep 12, 3:40AM EDT0
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