Hello everyone, I am working on a door opener project. My project is a door opener and it based on android system. I am willing to say everything about my project.So,ask me anything

Royal Rakib
Aug 12, 2017

I am making a secure door opening mechanism and it will unlock only when by entering the right password through an android application. Unlocker android device need to be present within Bluetooth range of the door but need not open the door manually. He just needs to enter the right password through his android application in order to unlock the door. All that command can be sent through an android application. The application provides an interactive user friendly GUI for this purpose. The android application can be operated from any device running on android OS and uses Bluetooth as a medium for sending commands.

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Can you can set a timer through the bluetooth if it’s in range and have the door unlock or lock from a certain time point?

Aug 13, 2:14AM EDT0

I can not set a timer through the bluetooth if it’s in range and have the door unlock or lock from a certain time point.

Aug 13, 6:20PM EDT0

What made you come up with this idea?  Was it to solve a problem that came up in real daily life?  :)

Aug 12, 4:24PM EDT0

My project idea came from electrical bike key and it is to solve a problem that came up in real daily life.

Aug 13, 6:22PM EDT0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Aug 12, 10:14AM EDT0

Creative thinking is that one substantial quality an app developer should have.

Aug 13, 6:24PM EDT0

Do you plan to be an inventor?

Aug 12, 7:07AM EDT0

I do plan to be an inventor.

Aug 13, 6:24PM EDT0

This is a great product, When will it be available for sale?

Aug 12, 6:38AM EDT0

It will be abailable for sale in this October.

Aug 13, 6:25PM EDT0

How do you troubleshoot issues when building an app?

Aug 12, 3:45AM EDT0

I take help from internet to troubleshoot issues when building an app.

Aug 13, 6:32PM EDT0

How much do app developers earn nowadays?

Aug 12, 3:17AM EDT0

Average $4000 in a month app developers earn nowadays.

Aug 13, 6:34PM EDT0

In a scale of 1 - 10, how difficult is it for a Computer Science degree holder to build an app?

Aug 12, 12:00AM EDT0

It is 9/10 for me.

Aug 13, 6:35PM EDT0

What do you think is the best strategy to market your app?

Aug 11, 11:00PM EDT0

App store is the best strategy to market apps.

Aug 13, 6:38PM EDT0

How do you rate the salary you get as an app developer?

Aug 11, 10:45PM EDT0

I don't get any salary now. It is my university project.

Aug 13, 6:38PM EDT0

What is the difference between a fragment and an activity?

Aug 11, 10:26PM EDT0

Fragment is a part of an activity, which contributes its own UI to that activity.Fragment can be thought like a sub activity, where as the complete screen with which user interacts is called as activity.

Aug 13, 6:40PM EDT0

How do you include building apps on a resume?

Aug 11, 8:47PM EDT0

I have not think about it yet.

Aug 13, 6:42PM EDT0

What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK?

Aug 11, 8:17PM EDT0

Android SDK collaborated with Android Emulator,DDMS(Dalvik Debug Monitoring Services),AAPT(Android Asset Packaging tool) and ADB(Android debug bridge)

Aug 13, 6:43PM EDT0

Have you considered crowdfunding to back your project?

Aug 11, 6:57PM EDT0

Yes I have.

Aug 13, 6:44PM EDT0

Will the app have a passcode to open the app, then the security code, to add double security?

Aug 11, 6:39PM EDT0

The app have a passcode to open the door.

Aug 13, 6:45PM EDT0

Which are the best resources which help learn how to create an app?

Aug 11, 5:44PM EDT0

Online is  the best resources which help learn how to create an app

Aug 13, 6:45PM EDT0

What prompted you to create this?

Aug 11, 5:41PM EDT0

Nothing prompted me.

Aug 13, 6:46PM EDT0

Can you give some names prominent in this field that you know of?

Aug 11, 5:29PM EDT0

I forgot it right now. I will back on you tomorrow.

Aug 13, 6:47PM EDT0

How long have you been working on this?

Aug 11, 4:35PM EDT0

1 year long I have you been working on this.

Aug 13, 6:48PM EDT0

What tools do App Dev novices should have at hand?

Aug 11, 3:38PM EDT0
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