Hello all, I am working on a software project and my software is about converting. This can convert text to speech. Question about my project? -ask me anything

Ajay Pal
Aug 12, 2017

In that software, bot reads a text file and associated pronunciations in its temporary database. The bot then reads an entire word to the user. The pronunciations of articles and basic words have been fed to the bot, the rest of the words and complex ones are calculated and read accordingly. Bot can be effectively used to help read the text document for the user so that the user does not constantly need to look at the screen and read the entire document.

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Do you have any tips for making your data stand out in presentations?

Aug 12, 5:54AM EDT51

Yes I have but I don't know how do I say it here.

Aug 13, 12:45AM EDT31


Aug 13, 7:19AM EDT37

How do you deal with unexpected circumstances in line with programming work?

Aug 12, 3:12AM EDT39

I think I am good enough to deal with unexpected circumstances in line with programming work.

Aug 13, 12:46AM EDT18

I'm sure, but HOW do you deal with them?

Aug 13, 6:40AM EDT36

Will it only be in English, or will you have other languages in it?

Aug 12, 3:06AM EDT42

It will be only in English.

Aug 12, 11:45PM EDT50

By the way, do you know any languages yourself? except your native one and English

Aug 13, 6:52AM EDT65

What is the most common programming language used in this field?

Aug 12, 12:38AM EDT35

HTML is the most common prgramming language used in this field.

Aug 12, 11:46PM EDT78

Is it easy?

Aug 13, 7:37AM EDT36

Where are you from?

Aug 11, 11:56PM EDT26

I'm from Bangladesh.

Aug 12, 11:47PM EDT21

Are job perspectives there good?

Aug 13, 8:15AM EDT34

Does it matter which line I put my code on?

Aug 11, 11:14PM EDT72

Yes it does matter.

Aug 12, 11:47PM EDT44


Aug 13, 8:41AM EDT87

When does a syntax error occur?

Aug 11, 10:26PM EDT50

In programming, a syntax error occurs when there is a spelling mistake.

Aug 12, 11:48PM EDT36

just like in a usual language, got it

Aug 13, 8:32AM EDT56

What is your advice for choosing a school for web development?

Aug 11, 10:20PM EDT37

Schools must have good reputation.

Aug 12, 11:49PM EDT50

Maybe, something else?

Aug 13, 8:14AM EDT43

Why made you choose to work in the field of programming?

Aug 11, 9:14PM EDT61

I was studied engineering and there is programming language must.

Aug 12, 11:51PM EDT85

What about maths?

Aug 13, 8:42AM EDT25

How do I get started in programming?

Aug 11, 5:19PM EDT41

Here is a link there you can get started in programming, www.wikihow.com/Start-Learning-Computer-Programming

Aug 12, 11:56PM EDT73

Thanks a lot, man!

Aug 13, 8:43AM EDT20

What are the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript for programming?

Aug 11, 2:58PM EDT23

Strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript : Javascript is a relatively easy language and Javascript rendering varies.

Aug 12, 11:58PM EDT36

And what does the last one result in?

Aug 13, 8:49AM EDT59

How long have you been working on this?

Aug 11, 2:44PM EDT46

Since 7 years I have been working on this sector and 2 months on this project.

Aug 13, 12:01AM EDT74

Wow, that's a long time indeed

Aug 13, 8:27AM EDT30

Why do you choose to work around the industry of eCommerce?

Aug 11, 2:40PM EDT0

Cause I have skills on programming language.

Aug 13, 12:31AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Aug 11, 2:11PM EDT31

To be able to sell app through their platform is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign

Aug 13, 12:35AM EDT64

Actually, what qualities should a programmer possess?

Aug 13, 8:45AM EDT49

Why are there so many programming languages?

Aug 11, 1:47PM EDT81

ause there are many different sector to use so many programming languages.

Aug 13, 12:37AM EDT73

Which language is the hardest?

Aug 13, 8:29AM EDT49

What prompted you to make this software?

Aug 11, 1:19PM EDT22

My skills prompted me to make this software.

Aug 13, 12:39AM EDT29

No, I mean what inspired you to do this?

Aug 13, 8:09AM EDT85

What do you do when you need to add another language?

Aug 11, 12:50PM EDT0

I know about 4 different programming language. In that case I use my skills or ask help from my friends.

Aug 13, 12:41AM EDT0

How important is the concept of algorithm in programming?

Aug 11, 12:32PM EDT0

The concept of algorithm in programming is so importent.

Aug 13, 12:41AM EDT0

Will it be for speech to text as well?

Aug 11, 12:30PM EDT14

No. It will be only text to speech.

Aug 13, 12:42AM EDT70

I see

Aug 13, 8:10AM EDT28

What advice can you offer to people interested in app creation?

Aug 11, 12:17PM EDT0

My advice will be to work hard for the people interested in app creation.

Aug 13, 12:44AM EDT0
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