Find Why your productivity is not as expected either because of the machines or the process? AMA.

Mustaqh Ali Shaik
Jan 10, 2018

There are many issues in a production/manufacturing companies, but recognizing the bottlenecks is the major task where you Need a system to diagnose your machines & scrutinize your process thoroughly. We have rolled-out and IoT-Based Energy & Process Management system that can help you in these aspects. Know More about our EMS Whitepapers, Else you can experience the software with a free demo at your place.

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How important is it for you to follow the needs of your customers?

Jan 13, 2:32PM EST0

What is your main profession? Why are you presenting these ideas with authority?

Jan 13, 2:30PM EST0

How did your company start operation? Who were the first customers?

Jan 9, 10:45PM EST1

Elmeasure is in action since 2004 initially named as Elecon Measurements completely into product business. We have a few little customers then some electrical contractors, dealers, etc.

Thank you for reminding us of our customers, We feel proud to say BOSCH is the first one to avail our Energy Management solution & then Reliance Industries & so on...

Request a demo for our Product / Solution.

Jan 9, 10:59PM EST0

Can you tell your potential customers something more about your company?

Jan 9, 3:51PM EST1

Elmeasure has covered giants in almost every Industry that too repetitive orders. The best thing our customers said to us is, we are best at delivering customized solutions covering different functionalities of a factory/building/company or a small house.

We have products & solutions that can conserve energy & costs of a small house to big factories that make us desirable (Not bragging) by everyone. We make businesses 25$ to 250000$ or more.

For instance, Here is the list of our customers updated 6 months back, believe me, there are heavy customers we can't accommodate on a single screen.

Know more about us.

Jan 9, 10:35PM EST0
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Will new technology replace manufacturing processes altogether and thereby eliminating the need for human interference?

Jan 9, 5:42AM EST1

Of course, yeah.

There are latest technologies (Solutions) that can scrutinize process, products that make machines talk (Communicate), etc. But this is not just the end, We have many trends in the current Industry 4.0 era like blockchain technology, IoT solutions, Additive manufacturing, AR/VR, etc, that covers multiple aspects of industrial needs.

But the problem is, A single technology can't replace everything. Consider a Smart City project, We have multiple areas to cover like water management, Energy management for the whole city, Street lights, waste management, etc similar to an Industry where there are multiple functions.

But combining all these technologies, we can definitely eliminate the need for human interference.

Jan 9, 5:58AM EST0

What is so complicated about programming?

Jan 9, 5:07AM EST1

Dear Nemanja, this question is very complicated than programming because my brain can't accept the words, programming & coding. I see some alien language in that but there are geeks (#respect) who can do that flawlessly.

I am miserable at it. For me, logical thinking is not the problem but the later part is.

But don't worry there are self-programming machines, AI-based computers to code themselves in near future.

Jan 9, 6:06AM EST0

What do you think about robots? Do you conceive of them as positive help?

Jan 9, 3:50AM EST1

Of course! Not just robots, but any technology is to serve certain requirements but, the later part is scary where people take it.

Also what human forget is where to stop & Unlearn things.

Don't you feel that sounds like a drug?

Jan 9, 5:40AM EST0

Do you think that we are becoming more dependent on machines?

Jan 9, 3:46AM EST1

Yes, I do. Don't you? Maybe it also varies with generations.

The crowd from 20th century thinks that they are not having a healthy life, the early 21st crowd thinks they are getting deep into machines & the NextGen thinks that they are normal because they live among machines from infant stage.

Still, Dependency on machines is a lot more. Consider Elmeasure Itself, We had Gateway last year, But now We have advanced GATEWAY with many extra feature web application, etc... that is compatible with any Energy Management software, etc. & the solutions we had last year, are now completely on the latest IoT Platform.

Jan 9, 5:47AM EST0
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How would you explain to someone about the use of the machinery and what benefits can be gained?

Jan 8, 8:41AM EST1

Depends on what machine it is & whom I am talking to.

What we do to our products is we provide an installation manual of how to instal & use them so is every manufacturer. I think that won't be a problem nowadays.

Jan 8, 10:40PM EST0

How far-fetched is this practice from your ambitions in life?

Jan 8, 5:35AM EST1

Not so far or we can say, not far at all until or unless you are still doing what you are good at.

Here, If you consider me My ambition is to be an Extraordinary Marketing Manager, The best hacker of Branding Techniques (Currently I found AMAfeed for Elmeasure) which is not known to me at all till last week & probably you might (not) heard of Elmeasure, I am in-line with my ambition.

If you come to my company, Elmeasure, Their ambition is to make the world a better place to live, where Energy is the path we chose & doing our best.

Sometimes, It may look like you are dragged away from your thing, but you are still on it, You just need to think about & believe it.

Future is Electric & You might definitely remember Elmeasure for what we are saying now. Hope you start saving energy.

Jan 8, 6:16AM EST0

In your opinion, what is the future of our world, in terms of technology?

Jan 8, 4:33AM EST1

Future of technology or just the future?

Technology is ever evolving, getting better every second. But, the real question is What is our future, where we stand to use it or at least discuss it?

There are so many advances from last year to now, the IoT based Technologies are ruling the Industry 4.0 for smart living.

If it is just Technology you need more emphasis on, Let me tell you that it is going to hypnotise you: says that the currency you are using can be made intangible like some code, then it can be named as the cryptocurrency & you will actually start believing it & use it leaving behind what you are following for centuries.

We build Technology that can make or break us.

Jan 8, 6:24AM EST0

Do you think that practice is more important than theory?

Jan 7, 10:57PM EST1

Of Course...Practice is more important than theory.

For Example, there are thousands of companies who say that we can save energy & provide an online software for a few dollars.

But later after when you start to see results which practically make clients weep.

We, at Elmeasure, are genuine & we can Save Energy with our Solutions that serves the need & with time, our solution pays for itself too.

That's the beauty. Isn't It?

Jan 8, 12:37AM EST0

Is it difficult to cope with the numbers, programs, machines? How can an operator tackle these with ease?

Jan 7, 9:44PM EST1

Nothing is difficult, also not all the things can be tacked by a single person/thing. For number to talk, we have Analytics, Programs will be done by geeks/ R&D, But for Machines to talk, where they have problems, how good their health is, what are their capabilities, We have a device called "GATEWAY", which was awarded as the winner for best networking product in India. Know more:

Jan 7, 10:11PM EST0

Does your company focus on innovations all the time?

Jan 7, 11:29AM EST1

Every organization starts with a basic need called 'Progress'. In the 21st century, Innovation is the key to progress. We have imbibed it into our routine & is one of our 4 Values, also the first one. 

1. Enthusiasm to Innovate

2. Enriching Lives

3. Excellence Everywhere

4. Ethical without Regret

Last edited @ Jan 10, 12:06AM EST.
Jan 7, 10:07PM EST0

How satisfying is this job for you?

Jan 7, 10:07AM EST1

Most satisfying, as we are Saving Energy which is on the top of the basic essentials now. When you are making the world a better place to live for people around you, You are most blessed & satisfied person on the earth.

Proud of all our Products & Solutions.

Last edited @ Jan 7, 10:23PM EST.
Jan 7, 10:01PM EST0
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People are already accustomed to computers, smartphones and other devices. Do you think that the world in which we live today could function if there are no more machines?

Jan 7, 9:33AM EST1

On the contrary, Machines yet do what we want them to do, We even make many mundane machines in manufacturing companies to talk with our GATEWAY. Change is the essence of life. When we have started to change to 'depending on machines', why not change to 'Independent of Machines'? It may take a lot of unlearning & time, but definitely possible.

Everything revolves around a vicious circle, Even the habits & practices.

Last edited @ Jan 7, 10:26PM EST.
Jan 7, 10:13PM EST0

Are you focusing your innovative works on production machinery or do you also cover other aspects of the business processes?

Jan 7, 8:15AM EST1

Our Works are not just on production machinery, but also the processes oriented, asset management, utility management, Electric vehicle charging station, data centre management, breaker status monitoring, street light management, water management, pump automation system, Smart cities, optimising textile factories, cement, food processing, etc. You name any of these where energy is consumed, we can make you available with a system that can help you measure, monitor, control & conserve energy, manpower & cost at your fingertips.

Know more about our solutions.

Jan 7, 10:19PM EST0

Could machines replace people?

Jan 7, 6:51AM EST1


Not by themselves.

That has to be decided by people & programmed by people & initiated by people.

Jan 7, 10:30PM EST0
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Can you expound more on what your company can help businesses?

Jan 7, 6:45AM EST1

We offer an Energy & Process Management System, that helps companies save their energy consumptions at least 7% & that pays for itself within a year.

We are not just helping businesses, we are easing the lives of common men with our different products like prepaid meter, a device to connect electricity, gas, water & measure the consumptions. ACCL, For an uninterrupted power supply, etc.

If you are willing to streamline your process, it will improve your productivity & If you wish to reduce the costs of repetitive utilities, You save a lot of money.

If you are willing to understand more, please visit, also We can arrange a free demo for you on any solution/product Schedule Now.

Jan 7, 10:42PM EST0

How long have your company been helping businesses?

Jan 7, 4:21AM EST1

We are in the business for more than a decade, handled over 45 countries & proudly associated with more than 20000 customers.

Know about us in details.

Jan 7, 10:44PM EST0
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