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StoneVeil Entertainment
Aug 11, 2017

Eight months ago the Stones of Tallagone forest became alive. Even us, the designers, did not know what they were. Now a portal has opened and a legendary tale of heroism and adventure await. We want to answer any questions you may have about how we managed to get this far or about our game in general. We look forward to speaking with all of you! www.stoneveil.com

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How can educators and universities get involved in game development?

Aug 11, 1:36PM EDT0

Regardless of your department, game development requires teamwork, creative thinking, and a working technical vocabulary. People on a development team may share the same skills or title, but they will bring their own unique flair to the project. They will also have a unique set of interests.

Educators who want to inspire students to game development should teach them to apply and expand their skills in and out of the classroom, and reflect that in exercises which encourage them to solve problems in their own way. There is always a right and wrong way to write a line of code, but there often many ways to design, draw, or compute a solution.

Finally, educators should be plugged in to the communities in which they want to be involved. Reddit, Twitter, and Discord (including our own server at discord.me/stoneveil) are great places to connect with people at varying degrees of skill and involvement in the industry.

Aug 11, 4:35PM EDT0
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Around how much is the expected salary of a programmer novice?

Aug 11, 8:43AM EDT0

"Novice" means a lot of things in indie gaming. The value of a programmer depends on the value of the product - a game, software, video series, etc - and the programmer's stake in that creation. Furthermore, there are tons of ways to earn money online as a programmer such as YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon as an entertainer or an educator. It's just not feasible to try and pin down a number in the same way we could with a corporate job.

Aug 11, 6:19PM EDT0

What experts would you need to develop a game?

Aug 12, 1:38AM EDT0

My family and I are of the opinion that video games do not contribute to society and are harmful to young children. Why should I let my son/daughter pursue this career?

Aug 10, 11:13PM EDT0

Each of us at StoneVeil Entertainment has our own grievances with gaming as a medium. Whether it is the excess of violence in mainstream games, the underrepresentation of different groups, the message being shared, or just the lack of creativity in design or mechanics, video games are imperfect. This is compounded by the fact that gaming is still a relatively young format that it is limited in what it can accomplish.

But we believe that those of us who are dissatisfied with the state of the industry are in the best position to effect change within it. Companies like Humongous Entertainment and the Learning Company aim to channel children's interest in video games to educate them. The gaming community (thanks to the internet) provides a place for people to make friends and share their experiences through games. Games are starting to be used therapeutically, to help soldiers deal with PTSD following their service. They are even being used to channel the energy of the community to solve real-world problems and cure diseases!

If you want your children to be a driving force for good in the world, it's possible to do just that in gaming - as long as they are willing to make that commitment in spite of the bad which they may encounter in the industry.

Aug 11, 5:58PM EDT0

I agree its a two sided sword, you need to control what kids do and for how long but they also need to learn about the technology that is available now and some kids benefit from learning through games because it makes it easier

Aug 12, 1:51AM EDT0

What is a Technical Artist?

Aug 10, 9:45PM EDT0

It depends on what kind of art you are talking about.  Even paper and pencil can be considered Technical Art. It all comes down to the method in which you are creating the art.

Are you freehanding or are you taking methodical steps to produce your art piece? Personally, I think in order to be a master technical artist you must walk a fine line between the two. It is how a piece gains its personality. That is a great question and we could write a book on it and still not be finished answering :P

That is an example of our games technical art.  We had to use a methodic approach to creating the walls of the castle. It had many technical issues that needed to be addressed such as the vanishing points and sizes of the stones.

I would also consider animation to be a very technical art form. By the way, we have a great animator :) www.stoneveil.com 

Last edited @ Aug 11, 4:35PM EDT.
Aug 11, 4:10PM EDT0
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How do you deal with unexpected circumstances in line with programming work?

Aug 10, 7:18PM EDT0

We are constantly researching the platform, framework, and engine we are using to create Spirits of Tallagone to stay ahead of potential roadblocks. But no matter how prepared or knowledgeable one is, sometimes problems sneak up - bugs, software limitations, and incomplete solutions sometimes force us to take detours. All we can do is keep everyone informed so that when these problems surface we don't have to compromise the quality of art and design in the process.

Aug 11, 4:21PM EDT0
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Can you share some tips for programming using Java?

Aug 10, 7:08PM EDT0

If you're still fairly new to Java, learn about the many faces of abstraction, such as interfaces and generic typing! Even for small, beginner projects, abstraction makes code more readable and reusable!

Aug 11, 4:10PM EDT0

Ohh, I'm beginner. What should I do?

Aug 11, 7:47PM EDT0

Do you think the demand for programming services will be sustained in the long run?

Aug 10, 6:51PM EDT0

Absolutely. Part of our long-term goal is to support other indie developers by helping them coordinate publishing and outsourcing, and there's no sign that the demand will slow any time soon.

Aug 11, 6:10PM EDT0

I agree, there's always a market for new games, hence new projects and new jobs

Aug 12, 1:22AM EDT0

I heard that Xbox now allows self-publishing. Is this true?

Aug 10, 6:38PM EDT0

There are lots of ways to publish your game and Xbox is one of them. Many of the game engines today let you export your game across multiple gaming platforms. Example: We are using Game Maker Studio 2.0 and there is a feature were we can export it to Xbox and Playstation for an additional $300. To answer a little more specifically, Xbox does let you self-publish if you go through the right sales channels.  So yes, you can :) you can do the same thing with PS4.

Aug 11, 4:05PM EDT0
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How can I learn to program without necessarily getting a college degree?

Aug 10, 4:48PM EDT18

YouTube, Udemy, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and Coursera are great educational resources to name a few. The most important thing is to get started. Heck, the first time I installed Eclipse (software to code in Java) I couldn't make it work. Every step to learn more about the industry is a step in the right direction.

Aug 11, 6:22PM EDT39

thanks, very helpful of you

Aug 12, 6:30AM EDT58

What is the best way to learn a particular programming language?

Aug 10, 4:35PM EDT68

YouTube, Udemy, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and Coursera are great educational resources to name a few. The most important thing is to get started. Heck, the first time I installed Eclipse (software to code in Java) I couldn't make it work. Every step to learn more about the industry is a step in the right direction. You just have to start!

Aug 11, 6:24PM EDT71

Now I feel more confident, thanks

Aug 12, 6:42AM EDT0

Is JavaScript the same as Java?

Aug 10, 4:30PM EDT0

No, JavaScript requires far fewer updates.

Aug 11, 6:26PM EDT0

Which is better?

Aug 12, 1:24AM EDT0

Does it matter which line I put my code on?

Aug 10, 2:53PM EDT50

No not at all.  Just write it down on pencil and paper and then scan it in.  If you ever need to rework the code just reprint it and use white out. 

Just kidding :) yes it matters greatly. 

Aug 11, 4:16PM EDT35
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What programming blogs or websites do you read?

Aug 10, 2:00PM EDT0

We're not so plugged into the news oriented blogs or websites in regards to programming.  Instead we enjoy Reddit, Twitter, and Discord (including our own server at discord.me/stoneveil) as great places to connect with people at varying degrees of skill and involvement in the industry.

Aug 11, 5:17PM EDT0

Ok, thank you for sharing this

Aug 11, 7:58PM EDT0

Why made you choose to work in the field of programming?

Aug 10, 1:58PM EDT0

Programming requires its own type and level of "technical creativity". Logic, math, and visual problem solving go hand in hand when programming, and it's just fun. At the end of it all, you can make something to help you stay organized, calculate something you don't want to do by hand, or even a fun game to share with your friends. The sky's the limit!

Aug 11, 5:21PM EDT0
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Are game development internships available? Should I get one?

Aug 10, 1:13PM EDT0

There are many internships at major and minor studios. No one on our team ever got the chance to do one.  However, if given the chance, you bet we would have! 

We offer a "kind of" internship at StoneVeil Entertainment.  We mentor younger designers and help them with their creative process. 

Last edited @ Aug 11, 5:23PM EDT.
Aug 11, 5:19PM EDT0
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Would you still recommend pursuing programming in college despite the competitiveness in the job market?

Aug 10, 11:57AM EDT0

Computers are here to stay, and computer science is fast becoming a vital subject in every industry. If you plan to pursue a career in programming, complement your higher education with a subject such as business, mathematics, physics, engineering, or economics. That will help set you apart in this competitive age.

Aug 11, 5:51PM EDT0
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Some of these games schools are really expensive. Do I have to send my child to one?

Aug 10, 11:34AM EDT55

It really depends on what part of game design intrest your child.  If they enjoy the programming part of design, I would say yes.  Mainly because programming skills carry over into many other fields of employment.  

However, if your child enjoys art and game design theory then I would say no. You will get a much better outcome if you carry them to private art instructor to learn the fundementals.  Once your child has a good understanding of artistic fundamentals you can send them to a vocational class to learn Adobe Suite. Lastly, www.youtube.com, has every resource you will ever need to being creating video games.

 Once that is complete they will have the ability to create video games without having a 60,000 dollar price tag. We are always willing to speak with anyone intrested in this subject in real-time on our Discord server. https://discord.me/stoneveil

Last edited @ Aug 11, 4:37PM EDT.
Aug 11, 4:27PM EDT63

I guess a private instructor will be more expensive, right?

Aug 12, 6:09AM EDT79

What do you mean by high-level programming language?

Aug 10, 11:21AM EDT0

What is linear programming?

Aug 10, 11:01AM EDT0

I want to be a certified Xbox publisher. How do I do that?

Aug 10, 10:37AM EDT0

The process to do it though Microsoft is failry easy -  www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/id

That being said, You have to be at a certain level of professionlism and creativity for your game to be sellable. There is an unspoken industry standard in terms of programming and functionality. If you do not meet these criteria no one will allow you to publish on their platforms.

I would suggest for your first step to be finding others who want to make games and getting a feel for the industry. If you want to publish on Xbox after that just refer to the link I posted :)  

Hope to see you around!

Last edited @ Aug 11, 5:12PM EDT.
Aug 11, 5:11PM EDT0
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