Dr Tim Lynch CEO of Psychsoftpc on Psychology of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Kids and Technology, Supercomputers, Big Data, Blockchain And Cryptocurrency so Ask Me Anything

Tim @ Psychsoftpc
Feb 14, 2018

First we at Psychsoftpc just came out with a new product, our Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain Computer so you can ask me about that or blockchain or cryptocurrency. I've been studying the Psychology of technology, computers, smart phones and robots ans how interacting with them effects people for many years since I got my Phd in Psychology of Intelligenct Machines from Boston University. Omni Magazine named me the first Robopsychologist or Computer Psychologist.  So you can ask me about that, too. I have been involved in developing Artificial Intelligence, especially Natural Language General AI, since then also. So you can ask me about AI and social impact of AI and robotics. I started Psychsoftpc to fill the void I found in lack of high perfromance computers for our AI development and we got into supercomputers and Tesla GPU based Supercomputers, so you can ask me stuff on those topics as well. I was recently the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who and endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Psychology and High Performance Computing


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Do you still have "average people" interests like watching movies, singing or dancing? With all this artificial intelligence and computers around you, how do you stay in touch with your human side?

Feb 21, 9:24AM EST0

I do (although you really don't want to hear me sing 😊) and that is actually what I have been saying all these years that it is important to be with people and get away from technology or else we risk losing that which makes us human. I have often said that it is better to use a bank teller than an ATM, to get out with friends, to talk on the phone rather than text, to spend time with family and to just be with people. tecdhnology is pervasive in our lives and will be more so in teh future so we muat make an effort to turn it off once in a while

Feb 21, 9:54AM EST0

What is something you would most like to see happen in the next 10 years?

Feb 20, 6:16PM EST0

I would like to see technology used to help people not replace them. with the advances in compputing power we now have and we are sure to have going forward there is every possibility that we can cure most diseases, miniaturize tech to help people walk again and completely map the human genome so we can fix genetic diseases.

Feb 21, 9:01AM EST0

Is there still something you wish to achieve in life or do you believe you have already reached the peak of success?

Feb 20, 4:48PM EST0

I am always trying to do things so I still want to continue I take one day at a time and just do

Feb 21, 12:46AM EST0

What is the one thing we need to be most careful about when it comes to AI?

Feb 20, 4:09PM EST0

believing that AI thinks like us. AI doesn't have tyhe social or moral context that we humans do. it is logical and solves assigned tasks in a logical mannerr without regard for human or environmental consequences. so if it is assigned a task it could respond in a way that humans would never consider. being aware of this we need to limit its assigned tasks and better control and monitor what it does

Feb 21, 12:44AM EST0

Among your many accomplishments in your professional career, which one are you most proud of?

Feb 19, 11:03AM EST0

I guess being the first to study how computers effect the people who interact with them on a regular basis. I saw this as an improtant new area of concern and one that was being totally ignored. At the time people who did mention computer use equated it with television but i saw it as different because television is poassive and computers and now smart phones and robots ae interactive. People are involved in give and take with them. So the experience is totally different

Feb 19, 11:55AM EST0

Will knowledge in the psychology of technology help to accurately predict cryptocurrency trends?

Feb 18, 10:04AM EST0

in the sense that psychology is useful in predicting stock market trends or any trading or purchasing or investing trends then yes. cryptocurrency is a market driven currency subject to mass psychology of the investors. if the investors start to panic or lsoe faith in it then the currency loses value and may lose extreme value in a hurry. so it's more social and group psychology than technology psychology

Feb 18, 1:26PM EST0

As the CEO, are you a micro manager or macro manager? Do you find it easy or difficult to delegate tasks and trust your staff even the important aspects of the company or a certain project?

Feb 17, 11:54PM EST0

I manage people the way they need to be managed I try to choose folks that can work on their own but some folks need more direction while some can just be given a task and run with it I have said before that it is important to know your personnel and manage them according to what gets them to fulfill their potential if that requires a more hands on approach then that's what I do but I prefer to get creative self motivaed individuals and let them run

Feb 18, 5:27AM EST0

What are the specs of your personal computer or laptop? How powerful is it?

Feb 17, 9:44PM EST0

my machine is of course one of the Psychsoftpc Gaming Computers but customized from our Custom Computer Config  Page It has an Intel X Series Core i9-7980XE 18 Core 36 Thread CPU, one NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU, 64 Gig DDR4 RAM, 2 BluRay Drives and two 10TB Hard Drives

Feb 17, 10:53PM EST0

What do you see AI taking over in terms of economic sector?

Feb 16, 5:22PM EST0

AI is poised to first take over the trucking industry through self driving trucks and logistics It is already heavily used in financial modeling and prediction It will gain inroads in medicine and is poised to enter the legal space too IoT or machines talking to other machines is another are that is a focus especially inductrial IoT where a machine can report to a centralized controller that it needs repair and how to repair it the ultimate goal ids to have the repairs either done by other machines or to have machine repair themselves

Feb 16, 11:16PM EST0

Are there many computer psychologists today? What’s the financial stability like when one has this kind of job?

Feb 16, 4:53AM EST0

there are some not a lot but i suspect the field will grow with the way technology and AI is permeating our lives and impacting society I am sometimes in demand and sometimes not so financially I'd say it depends I do wish I would be in more demand

Feb 16, 7:40AM EST0

What exactly does a Computer Psychologist or Robopsychologist do? Is it a difficult job?

Feb 16, 12:53AM EST0

lots of things related to intellignet machines like computers, smart phones, AI and robots and how people relate to them and are influenced and socialized by them and how that impacts society. so I consult on how to make interfaces more user friendly, how to introduce new technology or software into a workplace and keep employees comfortable. I write and speak and research about how interacting with these machines effects our communication style, how it effects kids and teens, how folks can pefer to communicate by text or email over face to face and what that means to us and society, how to make sure that we don't stop being human by taking time off from our devices and being aware that we need to be with people, how AI and self driving cars and robots will effect society, the workplace and employment and how to overcome fear of or too much use of technology.

Feb 16, 1:13AM EST0

What does one study in school to be able to be called a certified Robopsychologist?

Feb 15, 9:11PM EST0

Psychology in general, social psychology, sociology, artificial intelligence and a research specialization

Feb 16, 1:14AM EST0

Does it ever get boring to work with so much data and computers?

Feb 15, 10:03AM EST0

I don't work with data and computers all the time I vary what I do I also create new machines and technological solutions to problems lots of my time is spent solving problems or puzzles or creating new things or writing or researching and that is never boring

Feb 15, 10:35AM EST0

As the company CEO, how do you choose the people you partner with or the staff who will be part of your team?

Feb 15, 7:42AM EST0

for partner companies I look at technology, develop relationships with actual eople, see how they treat me and how they respond and how much they want to partner with us. some are great until we agree then ignore us, others are great and continue to be great and still others are terrible from the get go or ask for payment (these folks I don't use)

for staff it is more personal I meet with people, talk to them on the phone, exchange emails and get a sense of who they are and what skills they bring to the table. I don't do the usual recruiting / job posting thing since I have been associated with several colleges and universities in the Boston area I usually find staff through them

Feb 15, 9:47AM EST0

Why did you choose psych for computers and not for people?

Feb 15, 2:25AM EST0

I chose both I wanted to explore how interacting with computers and intelligent machines effected personality and communication style and I was the first to study this. I found that people who used computers a lot started to mirror the computer when interacting with other people. they wanted responses right away, had little tolerance for small talk, expected short answers, preferred to communicate through email or text rather than actuallly speaking to the person even to the point of texting when the other person was in the same room. It is important to understand this and be aware of this so that we can take steps to preserve our human side it is more important now when there is so much technology surrounding us like smart phones, tablets, laptops, virtual reality and computers

Last edited @ Feb 15, 3:42AM EST.
Feb 15, 3:41AM EST0

What exactly is the purpose of Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain Computer?

Feb 14, 1:32PM EST0

it is a single purpose machine designed to mine cryptocurrency and solve or help develop blockchain applications by utilizing the power of GPU computing much like a Tesla Supercomputer but with multiple consumer level gaming video cards it was originally designed for a government entity (nation) that is considering developing its own cryptocurrency since i put in all the effort into developing and designing it I just decided to release it as a product too i've done similar things before with the Point of Sale Full Color Print Signage System which was designed for a major US retail nationwide chain

Feb 14, 1:52PM EST0

Do you think there will ever be a technology developed in the future so that robots can have emotions too?

Feb 14, 11:03AM EST0

emotions are reallly difficult to teach to machines first we'd have to really define what emotions are in humans then try to model that in machines we will probably be able to someday approximate what emotions are in a machine but I doubt they will be true emotions but how could we really tell if it seems to be an emotion and behaves like an emotion is it a real emotion or just a machine algorithm that looks like it?

Last edited @ Feb 14, 11:14AM EST.
Feb 14, 11:12AM EST0

My Twitter if your interested @Psychsoftpc

Feb 14, 10:29AM EST0

Do you ever feel pressured being the boss in such a competitive industry? Do you ever feel like you have to overachieve all the time?

Feb 14, 10:11AM EST0

no but that's just me being zen “In walking, just walk. In sitting, just sit. Above all, don’t wobble.”

Feb 14, 10:27AM EST0

You seem to be doing a lot of things all at the same time - how do you effectively manage your time?

Feb 14, 9:32AM EST0

I just tackle one thing at a time one day at a time and go with the flow I do what is important at that time and move on to the next thing

Feb 14, 9:45AM EST0
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