Do you want companies to read what you type on your mobile? Fleksy lets you write privately, without any organisation using your data. AMA!

Aug 15, 2018

We are Fleksy, the only private mobile keyboard in the world. 

Even when you use an encrypted messaging app, like Whatsapp, your keystrokes can be read and used by keyboard companies before it gets to the chatting app. :O

But what you write on Fleksy, stays in your device. Always.

We're launching a crowdfunding campaign and you can join here:

You can customise your keyboard with your photos and favourite colors, use emojis, gifs and memes.

Learn more and download Fleksy for Android or iOS here:

And if you want to keep updated, follow us 

Fleksy says:

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What are the different methods used by Fleksy to store data in Apple devices?
Sep 12, 2:02AM EDT1
What sort of support do you offer to the corporate sectors or partners in case of any technical faults?
Sep 11, 9:44PM EDT0
What is Fleksy's current share of the keyboard market?
Sep 11, 7:50PM EDT0
Now that the crowdfunding goal has been reached, what are the first changes that users can expect to come to fleksy?
Sep 11, 7:55AM EDT0
What steps are being taken to ensure Fleksy stays innovative and current with the changes in technology and trends?
Sep 9, 8:41PM EDT0
How is Fleksy for the Privacy Sector different than personal users?
Sep 9, 8:06PM EDT0

The difference is on the encryption level. We are keeping very high levels of encryption for our paid licensing model.

We are also only working with partners who compile with our strict privacy guidelines.

Oct 3, 6:52AM EDT0
In what ways is fleksy changing the way we use technology?
Sep 8, 5:08PM EDT0

By investing heavily in R&D, we will be able to introduce new technologies such as Next Service Prediction and in-app native integrations of some of the most popular apps in the world. These features can have a serious impact on the way apps are interconnected on our phones.

Oct 3, 6:51AM EDT0
How will fleksy influence the development of new technology trends?
Sep 8, 12:58AM EDT0

By investing heavily in R&D, we will be able to introduce new technologies such as Next Service Prediction and in-app native integrations of some of the most popular apps in the world. These features can have a serious impact on the way apps are interconnected on our phones.

Oct 3, 6:51AM EDT0
Is it possible to change the search engine preference from Qwant to Google or any other engine?
Sep 7, 4:54PM EDT0

Yes, it’ll be possible in the future but it’ll never be Google as we believe the privacy value of Fleksy keyboard will diminish considerably.

Oct 3, 6:50AM EDT0
Now that the crowdfunding goal has been reached, what is the immediate next step for fleksy?
Sep 7, 6:25AM EDT0

We will build a better than ever version of Fleksy Keyboard with swipe, improved text and emoji prediction, smarter autocorrect, bilingual typing, new Fleksyapps and plenty more functionalities. We will massively grow our tech and commercial team to increase our partnerships with phone manufacturers, IT agencies and governments around the world.

Oct 3, 6:49AM EDT0
What are the marketing strategies that you are planning to engage on after the crowdfunding?
Sep 6, 8:05PM EDT0

Some of the main marketing pillars for 2019 will be to solidify our brand, increase our publicity efforts and double our efforts to retain our users.

Oct 3, 6:46AM EDT0
What are the advantages of the deep learning methods that have been used to develop fleksy's AI?
Sep 6, 11:44AM EDT0

We will not only anticipate what you want to type next with next word prediction but we will also anticipate what services you need in real time - we call that Next Service Prediction! And all of this will happen privately and locally as you type.

These features should be available before the end of 2018, stay tuned!

Oct 3, 6:46AM EDT0
What are Fleksy's special features for bloggers and influencers managing several social media accounts?
Sep 6, 1:43AM EDT0

We’re working on a powerful clipboard manager which will avoid you to copy/paste between apps. We’re also working on adding social networks within the keyboard via our Fleksyapps. This feature will let you search inside them and share content inside your favourite messaging app.

Oct 3, 6:42AM EDT0
How can fans of Fleksy help spread the word about the app?
Sep 5, 3:31PM EDT0

Thanks for the question! 😃

You can:

- follow Fleksy on Twitter and retweet some of our content to your friends

- write a review on Google Play or App Store

- earn free themes just by spreading the word! Simply open the Fleksy app, go to Themes / fleksycoins and... voila!

- join our Facebook page or Google+

Happy Typing!

Sep 6, 6:09AM EDT0
Will there be versions of fleksy for game consoles?
Sep 5, 1:19PM EDT0

Not for the moment but we are looking at options to suit gamers on mobile. 

Oct 3, 6:40AM EDT0
What are the core values over at Fleksy? How do you incorporate these values?
Sep 5, 1:31AM EDT0

Here are our values; all we do incorporates them:

Happy Typing!

Sep 6, 6:10AM EDT0
What features benefit the customers you serve most? How do you make sure these features are always updated to the needs of the customer base?
Sep 3, 9:33PM EDT0

We use our support channel for feature suggestions We also use our Public Roadmap to collect them: Join the discussion!

We have many features that benefit our users greatly. I recommend you to have a look inside our app. For instance, you can swipe left to delete a word or you can get quick access to content via our Fleksyapps, which is the flagship value of Fleksy keyboard!

Oct 3, 6:39AM EDT0
How does the invisible function of fleksy work?
Sep 3, 5:49AM EDT0

Hi Myka, to make your keyboard completely invisible, swipe down and hold to enable, swipe up and hold to disable :)

Oct 3, 6:37AM EDT0
Do you plan on expanding your team at Fleksy eventually? What kind of employees does your company need?
Aug 31, 8:26PM EDT1

Hello there,

This is how we're planning to increase the team after the crowdfunding campagin:

  • Product Engineering & Design: 
for developing new languages & Next-Service Predictions (NSP)
  • Business development / Sales
  • Marketing

Happy typing!

Sep 3, 4:29AM EDT0
What has been the feedback so far from users of Fleksy?
Aug 31, 7:18AM EDT1


4.4 out of 5 stars!

Here you can check out what our users say:

Happy typing!

Sep 3, 4:24AM EDT0
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