Computer Geek, IT specialist, Tech Savvy, Computer Buster, Computer Nerd, Computer Hacker... Call me names! Yes I am! Very proud. #AMA if you want to know more.

Alicia Meneses
Aug 11, 2017

I have been using computers and PC for 2 decades and this tech has been making my life easier and beautiful. I many not talk perfect English because I am half Spanish, I am one heck of a computer book!!!!! #AMA NOW!!!

Let's start basic and let me share

Change DNS to Goodle DNS - we all want a faster connections right? Cut the crap and change it NOW!

Downloading Hack - Remove ads from uTtorent and BitTorent

Shorcuts - I bet you can only name few

For a faster PC - clean up this mess. delete and delete

Slow poke connection? - then someone may be stealing all your data. catch the culprit!

One of the best MultiMedia player for Windows PC - Kodi

CCleaner - your solution for a faster PC

You want more? #AMA now! Ill teach you and share everything to you! Godbless all

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How can my computer be protected from damage, loss, or theft?

Aug 11, 9:19AM EDT34

Hello there! Well, taking care of your PC is really important. Put them away from any liquids to prevent damages, remove them from charging when baterry's full. 

Regarding theft, there are apps now that you may install to yor computer that will email you once your computer is taken away from unauthorized person, some of them even take pictures once they are opened (once reported lost) and send the image of the culprit to your email.

Aug 12, 7:19AM EDT29

Seriously? How cool! I'd like to have such an app on my laptop!

Aug 12, 11:20AM EDT47

Are there circumstances wherein hacking is used for legal purposes?

Aug 11, 7:58AM EDT16

Hello Miranda! Yes of course, I have seen cases like that. They hack because of legal purposes. For example, those hacking techniques used by the intellegence to bypass any computer which could be a suspect of a crime. Hope that clears your question...

Aug 12, 7:22AM EDT88

Absolutely, thanks!

Aug 12, 11:03AM EDT47

What technical websites do you follow?

Aug 11, 7:20AM EDT20

Hello Rita.... Technicla sites, not really I mean I do random searches. With Google today, you can have every answer in our platter...

Aug 12, 7:23AM EDT29

Yeah, you can say that again:D

Aug 12, 10:53AM EDT78

What are your favorite and least favorite technology products, and why?

Aug 11, 6:11AM EDT48

Hi,,, My favorite woud be iPod. Music helps me relax :) Least favorite would be cellphone. I kinda detach myself from using my phone. With my laptop infront of me, I can communicate in any way I want to. There are sites and computer softwares where you can literally text and call.. fascinating!

Aug 12, 7:25AM EDT106

It's very unusual - most people are like glued to their phones. Spooky view ....

Aug 12, 11:08AM EDT40

What IT services are often availed by your clients?

Aug 11, 5:28AM EDT77

Hello.... Antivirus installation and maintenance is very common. I helped hundreds of people already when it comes to antivirus.

Aug 12, 7:26AM EDT67


Aug 12, 10:58AM EDT68

How do I trouble shoot “No Network Connection”?

Aug 11, 5:18AM EDT35

Hello Daniel...... You may turn on and off your wifi connection from your laptop.. Make sure that wifi is enabled... if still none, then you no check your internet router, turn it on and off... last reosrt would be to restart your PC...these are basically simple troubleshooting steps....

Aug 12, 7:28AM EDT24

Ok, tnx

Aug 12, 11:10AM EDT40

What are the minimum specifications I should check before purchasing a laptop?

Aug 11, 4:47AM EDT49

Hello.... Simple ones like the

1. Platform - Mac or Windows

2. Computer's storage RAM, at least 2gb-4gb

3. OS it runs, at least should be the latest version

4. Screen size for your laptop

5. Specs - CPU, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3, Intel Pentium / Celeron, Intel Core m / Core i5 / i7 "Y Series", Intel XeonIntel Atom -  Intel Core i7 should be very high already

Aug 12, 7:33AM EDT76

Marvellous, thanks! Now I'm all armed!

Aug 12, 11:40AM EDT54

What countries are the most successful in tracing down hackers?

Aug 11, 4:05AM EDT0

Hello.... Well I think it goes to China and USA. We all know ho advanced these countries are in terms of technoclogy. But I really do not want to stress it out, they also have used hacking in good terms.

Aug 12, 7:35AM EDT0

What are some specific uses of IT in business management?

Aug 11, 3:59AM EDT0

Hello lady.... In terms of business, IT is of great use for computerized inventory, computerized finances, computerized audit and even i programming side, creating the business' website..... IT is highly required to create and install programs like this...

Aug 12, 7:36AM EDT0

What are the other fundamentals of IT aside from coding?

Aug 11, 3:24AM EDT0

Hello... Programming I say. Programming : telling a computer what to do.... Yes, and this one is also as important as coding...

Aug 12, 7:39AM EDT0

I need an active type of stylus for my Lenovo yoga 900 Signature edition, but I don't know if I have a digitizer for a pen, so, do you know if I do have a digitizer, and if not, is there a stylus with pressure sensitivity built in , that works with all my programs, that I can use?

Aug 11, 1:14AM EDT41

Hello Amber..... Lenovo Yoga 900 has 2 version of the Yoga 900, one with the digitizer screen and one without. Is your verions the latest if I may ask?

Aug 12, 7:45AM EDT77

yes, the latest one

Aug 12, 11:34AM EDT81

What softwares does a common person has to have in his personal computer?

Aug 11, 12:54AM EDT0

Hello... In my own opinion, one should always have antivirus installed and a complete set of Microsoft Office tools. These are of the essential....

Aug 12, 7:49AM EDT0

How frequent should one check their computer’s system health?

Aug 10, 11:48PM EDT43

Hello Sylvia, it is needed that you yourself knows how your computer is going, is it working just fine or does it act not so normal.... In my own perspective, checking computer's sytem health should be done once a month. I check mine time to time though, weekly, I am pretty much of paranoid because I do a lot of things in my computer. I install these and that. But once a month is advised.... Hope I answered your question...

Aug 12, 7:53AM EDT59

I've also heard that you have to vacuum the insides of your laptop once a year. Is that true?

Aug 12, 11:46AM EDT37

What are some troubleshooting basics?

Aug 10, 11:18PM EDT0

Hello.... Commonly would be turning off and on of PC, restarting basically.... It allows yoru computer to refresh everything, take a rest and restart.... Clear Cache and Cookies for browsers too is very common.... 

Aug 12, 7:55AM EDT74

What are your favorite and least favorite technology products, and why?

Aug 10, 11:08PM EDT71

Hello Robin... I love iPod, music is life for me... least should be cellphone/mobile phone... I use my computer all the time and from there I can text and call someone... I kinda do not need my celphone anymore unless I go out to buy some coffee or food :)

Aug 12, 7:56AM EDT31

Ha ha I agree

Aug 12, 12:33PM EDT15

What is a wireless access point?

Aug 10, 10:12PM EDT15

Hello.... It's WAP or they used to call it just AP (Access Point) a networking hardware device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN... Basically allows a Wi-Fi device to connect to a wired network.... Hope I answered your question....

Aug 12, 7:58AM EDT66

yes, thank you

Aug 12, 11:15AM EDT29

What technical websites do you follow?

Aug 10, 9:35PM EDT0

Hello..... I really do not have specific site in mind, I do searches randomly, with ho advanced technology is, we have Google around who gives you multiple answers to your question...

Aug 12, 7:59AM EDT0

What is the expected life of a computer?

Aug 10, 9:31PM EDT54

Hello Megan... That actually depends on how often you use your computer and for how long.... I have an old PC here, been with me for almost 10 years now, still up and running but sluggish though, it's basically an old version of windows Acer... used during my College days...

Aug 12, 8:01AM EDT27

That's amazing!

Aug 12, 11:46AM EDT31

What is considered unacceptable usage of device/computer/laptop?

Aug 10, 9:18PM EDT0

Hello Carlos...... Nothing really in specific but just make sure not to overly use your computer or laptop.... It downgrades a bit faster... And make sure your charger isn't plugged when the battery is full... That's a No No!

Aug 12, 8:59AM EDT0

What government sectors are in need of IT graduates the most?

Aug 10, 7:03PM EDT0

Hello there.... Nowadays, almost all governement offices needs and IT graduate.... They all use computers now... So I guess, IT is a need....

Aug 12, 9:00AM EDT0
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