Co-founded and Bootstrapped Ghostit.co while in university. Ghostit automates businesses online presence. Ask me anything about the journey, what we do, or how we got here.

Kimia Hamidi
Jan 12, 2018

I have been the CEO and co-founder of Ghostit for two years now. This is my 3rd company I founded while still in university. We are completely bootstrapped and have customers all over the world now. With Ghostit we have in-house writers that create your social media, blog posts, and email newsletters based on a content marketing strategy. Once they are finished we upload the content into our software that automatically posts them to your own channels. We are also working on some really cool Ad Tech that we will be launching soon. Ask me anything about businesses online presence, SEO, social media, being a founder and so on, I will make sure to be as transparent as possible. 


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Is there a difference in the rate of outsourced services and in-house services?

Jan 12, 10:39PM EST0

Outsourced writing is usually cheaper but much much worse in terms of quality. 

Jan 13, 4:05PM EST0

How can you provide focus to three businesses at once?

Jan 12, 4:15PM EST0

We have software tools we built and a team of amazing writers. We can help hundreds of companies because we are not an agency.

Jan 12, 4:58PM EST0

What are the requirements for Ghostit service?

Jan 12, 11:31AM EST0

Pretty minimal if you are a customer. Our pitch is we automate your online presence so if you don't have an online presence we can take care of that for.

It always helps if you have a website, Facebook page, social profile(s), and an email newsletter or an email list.

Jan 12, 4:56PM EST0

Have you ever faced any serious issues with your current or previous clients?

Jan 12, 9:05AM EST0

Mmm not really. Because we offer unlimited edits content issues are rarely a thing and I writers a very skilled so that's never in issue. 

In the early days of Ghostit we had some clients who wanted to break contract for a few reasons I won't go into.

Jan 12, 4:54PM EST0

When did Ghostit start? What year was it founded?

Jan 12, 8:47AM EST0

Idea in Feb of 2016 testing then Incorporated August 2016.

Jan 12, 4:51PM EST0

Is replying to comments and answering questions on the post, part of the service?

Jan 12, 5:21AM EST0

Not yet. We have thought about it but it requires so much back and forth and is not nearly as scalable. I'm open to suggestions though!

Jan 12, 4:50PM EST0

What are the criteria of Ghostit.co for the selection of their in-house writers?

Jan 12, 5:05AM EST0

If I understand this question correctly you are asking how do we screen our writing talent before we hire them?

1. Interview them for culture fit. Are they going to be able to grow with us as a team even if they are in a contract role?

2. We evaluate their previous writing work.

3. We give them a grammaticality incorrect piece of content that they have to edit. We know where the mistakes are so we can objectively evaluate their attention to detail.

4. The writer has to write a piece from scratch based on our writers brief as a trial if they we're writing for a client. 

Jan 12, 4:49PM EST0

Is there any chance to change or revise the provided tailored strategy once it started?

Jan 11, 7:22PM EST0

All the time. Components of the strategy change monthly based on a variety of factors.

If a company is launching a new product the buyer personas may change or need additional information, or if there is something important they need to talk about we work that in. Keywords that we try and tank for may change as well based on difficulty/opportunities we see.

Jan 12, 4:46PM EST0

Is there a tight competition in this kind of business?

Jan 11, 4:36PM EST0

Sort of. We complete with a lot of local agencies based on where the customer is based but because we have our own software it allows us to cut out a lot of the traditional work and save a lot of cost, effectively pricing us below a typical agency.

Many people looking for content don't want to manage a team as well which gives us more of a competitive edge. 

There's competition with any business but as long as you have a strong value proposition you can carve out a strong business. 

Jan 12, 4:43PM EST0

Does Ghostit have a physical business office?

Jan 11, 2:55PM EST0

Yes, our core team is based out of Victoria BC. We will probably open an office in Austin TX sometime this year though. 

Jan 12, 4:41PM EST0

Can Ghostit handle multiple blogs and social media accounts at the same time?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0

Yep! So we have our own software that schedues out all the social posts (think buffer/HootSuite) and for the blog posts they upload as a draft, get approval, then publish based on our editorial calendar. 

Dependingon the volume of content we may assign you more than one writer with a strict strategy in place to maintain brand voice but we can scale up to basically unlimited platforms and mediums.

Jan 12, 4:40PM EST0

How many in-house writers do you have as of now?

Jan 11, 6:54AM EST0

9 writers currently with 3 more coming on board this month. 

Jan 12, 4:37PM EST0

Do you also employ freelancers?

Jan 11, 6:51AM EST0

We do if it's a good fit culturally! Feel free to send me an email. It's usually at the bottom of my blog posts on the Ghostit site.

Jan 12, 4:36PM EST0

How many years of experience does Ghostit have in content marketing?

Jan 10, 8:13PM EST1

We have been around for 2 years but as founder my experience translates directly into the strategy which is relaied back to each writer. So total I would say closer to 5 years.

Jan 12, 4:35PM EST0

How much of the services are outsourced?

Jan 10, 10:10AM EST1

Only a portion of our sales lead generation. All our content is created in-house by writers we carefully vet and interview.

We tried outsourcing initially but we ended up spending all our profits on editing because it's easy to find someone to create bad content but very hard to find a good content creation company.

We always strive to be the latter.

Jan 12, 4:34PM EST0

What are the other two businesses you have? How are they closely related to each other?

Jan 10, 6:22AM EST1

I don't have them any more. The first was an Instagram for moments of achievement. When you posted your moment a real business can send you a tangible reward.

I go on a run and post a selfie at the end, Nike can then see this and reach out to me and say "hey great job on your run, here's $10 to the online store as a reward"

Great idea in theory, but building a social network is hard, and building an ad marketplace inside a social network is even harder.

The second business was a series of e-commerce dropshipping stores. I figured out that early on Instagram influencers didn't know their value in terms of CPC (most probably still don't) so it was easy to get them to send traffic to our stores at a fraction of standard customer aquisition cost.

I sold my stake in that business because I had co-founder problems and we didn't share a vision. I wanted to pursue the network and he wanted to keep running the stores which the supply of our inventory was unsustainable.

These two business dont really relate to Ghostit other than my underlying entrepreneurship lessons.

Jan 12, 4:32PM EST1
What is Ghostit? Explain further what specifically you do and which part of the business are you providing servicing for?
Jan 10, 5:48AM EST1

Ghost it is basically a self-filling HootSuite or buffer but we also incorporate and create blog posts, email newsletters, as well as cross-platform social. A business can log into their profile and see a month's worth of content across many different mediums (except for video) all scheduled and created based on a Content marketing. We don't outsource any if the  creation and havehouse writers that create all the content based on this strategy.

Ghostit is built for business who either:

A) Don't have the time to create their online content or won't.

B) Don't know what to post or have a content strategy.

Jan 12, 4:27PM EST1
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