Ask Me Anything - I'm the founder of Cornea App, an AI-enabled app to predict and boost your photo's popularity!

Sep 12, 2017

Cornea is a FREE photo sharing app available for Android and iOS devices. Cornea app takes the guesswork out of sharing photos on social media by predicting the popularity of your photos and suggesting you trending filters and hashtags to increase your score. Cornea also allows users to upload any photo and use it as a filter, giving users unlimited filters to try and improve their photos popularity.


iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/cornea-unlimited-filters-popularity-predictor/id1219981462

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paralleldots.cornea


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What is the process in getting itunes to accept a new app?

Sep 12, 8:11PM EDT0

How is this different from instagram? It shows top hashtags trending and all.

Sep 12, 3:20PM EDT0

Interesting question. Top trending hashtags in Instagram may not be relevant to the photo you are posting while we recommend hashtags based on the content in your photo so they are contextual in nature.

Sep 12, 3:26PM EDT1

Specific hashtags like the location of where the photograph was taken would have to be provided by the individual correct? 

Sep 12, 7:15PM EDT0

What are the most common mistakes made when designing an app?

Sep 12, 3:03PM EDT0

Cool app!, How long did it take to develop?

Sep 12, 1:27PM EDT0

Thanks! Glad you liked it. 

We took around six months to perfect our algorithms and then another couple of months for engineering to build the Android and iOS version.

Sep 12, 1:34PM EDT0
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How long did it take to develop your app?

Sep 12, 5:00AM EDT0

We took around six months to perfect our algorithms and then another couple of months for engineering to build the Android and iOS version.

Sep 12, 12:47PM EDT0

Does the cost of creating an app, depend on the functions and graphics?

Sep 12, 5:34PM EDT0

How long have you tested the app for and what are the preliminary results looking like?

Sep 11, 3:39PM EDT0

We did an extensive beta for around six weeks for our App. We realized that users loved the concept of popularity score and the fact that it can be increased using recommended filters.However, we are still sorting out some of the complex technical challenges like sorting filters based on score, so you know which filter will give you maximum score. This is complex because score calculation takes time and is processed on servers. We are figuring out a way to put it on the phone.

Sep 12, 9:54AM EDT0

What type of reviews have you received from your users?

Sep 12, 4:12PM EDT0

What inspired you to develop an app like this?

Sep 11, 2:09PM EDT0

Being engineers, we have faced social anxiety ourselves while sharing photos online. Also, I came across an interesting product called Klout and could immediately see my friends comparing their social score. We thought if we could build an AI that can score a photo similar to Klout based on the features in the photo and then, also recommends how its popularity can be improved. 

We then focussed on creating a dataset and using the recent advances in deep neural networks; we started optimising the algorithm to predict popularity.

Sep 12, 4:09AM EDT0

Do you think this app, will help make people who are less sociable, more sociable?

Sep 12, 2:42PM EDT0

Is this your main line of work? If not, what do you do?

Sep 11, 12:07PM EDT0

How long have you been doing this?

Sep 11, 8:01AM EDT0

We have been working on this app for the last six months but we launched the app publicly on 27th July.

Sep 12, 11:04AM EDT0

Based on your predictions and goals for this app, how is it doing so far popularity wise? 

Sep 12, 8:00PM EDT0

How did you program the AI part of the app - what kind of rules apply when it sorts pictures?

Sep 11, 6:55AM EDT0

We use Deep Learning, set of AI algorithms which can abstract out features/patterns in any dataset without explicitly programming them. These algorithms have turned out to be very powerful in developing the machine intelligence that would machines capable of performing more high-level tasks like humans such as identifying objects in images, understand speech and natural language.We used deep neural networks to teach our AI to understand the features that would make a photo popular on social media and so when you upload an image in Cornea App, it looks for those features and gives you a popularity score.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 12:55PM EDT.
Sep 12, 12:54PM EDT0

Sounds great, how many people work within your team developing this app? 

Sep 12, 7:19PM EDT0

Which was the most challenging app you have ever made?

Sep 11, 5:49AM EDT0

Cornea remains the most challenging App that I have built so far, it's an amazing technology that has potential to democratize creativity

Sep 12, 1:19PM EDT0

What made it so challenging? Because there is nothing similar to compare it too? 

Sep 12, 6:38PM EDT0

Do you feel there is a gap in the market for your app or are you improving on something that's already there, ie Instagram?

Sep 11, 2:43AM EDT0

Yes, definitely. We all have spent endless hours perfecting the Instagram or Facebook post, carefully choosing the right filters, hashtags, and drafting captions.

We think an AI can reduce the time spent by analysing the trending images on the internet and help you to create popular photos without spending a lot of time fiddling with different image editing options.Some of the features we have in the pipeline will help users to automatically crop their photo based on its popularity score, enhance low-resolution photos in one tap and create more stunning photographic effects which till now was only possible using expensive cameras and creative ingenuity of photographers.

Sep 12, 11:03AM EDT0

I understand, sounds pretty awesome!

Sep 12, 5:57PM EDT0

What did you do to solve the problems related to your app?

Sep 11, 1:31AM EDT0

We take user feedback very seriously and have even created a WhatsApp group to show them prototypes of new releases and take their feedback.Every feature in Cornea App is built to make user feel productive and improve their photo-sharing experience. We are not quite there yet but everyday we are improving.

Here's the link to the Whatsapp group if anyone's interested to become a beta tester of Cornea -https://chat.whatsapp.com/5Bs8j3OMseXJwJB6sRMZFd

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:23PM EDT.
Sep 12, 1:23PM EDT0

Is this group made up mostly of people you know, such as friends and family or completely random individuals worldwide? 

Sep 12, 5:27PM EDT0

What's that one substantial quality an app developer should have?

Sep 11, 12:01AM EDT0

In your eyes, who are the pioneers in App Development?

Sep 10, 6:09PM EDT0

How exactly does your app manage to sort out the best hashtags for each photo submitted?

Sep 10, 5:35PM EDT0

We do object detection using deep neural networks and based on the objects, we mine trending hashtags from Instagram.

Sep 12, 6:23AM EDT0

Based on the picture background?

Sep 12, 2:01PM EDT0

Why would you suggest someone using your app over just posting to a platform like Instagram & testing there on a separate profile?

Sep 10, 3:42PM EDT0

I think our App is a faster way to get feedback on your photo, especially when you have multiple shots of the same photo and all you need to know is which one can fetch the most views. Add to it, the fact that we recommend filters and hashtags which are optimised to increase your photo's popularity, Cornea is currently the only platform to quickly get a second opinion on your photo before sharing on social media and eliminate guesswork and cumbersome testing with multiple accounts.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 6:35AM EDT.
Sep 12, 6:31AM EDT0

From start to finish, how long did it take you to create the app?

Sep 12, 1:21PM EDT0

Would you say your app is a testing platform for photo popularity on social media platforms or a new social media service in itself?

Sep 10, 2:11PM EDT0

Currently, Cornea enables users to share photos on social media with more confidence knowing a higher score would mean their photos are good and they could get more views.

It is definitely not a social media service in itself.

Sep 12, 12:58PM EDT0

Are there any changes you would like to make to this app in the near future? 

Sep 12, 5:36PM EDT0

May I ask what the screenshot examples of the photo of your app have to do with French horns and trombones exactly?

Sep 10, 2:09PM EDT0

The AI is still learning so it got confused looking at the patterns in the gate. They do look like trombones, don't they?

Sep 12, 1:09PM EDT0

What advice can you offer to people interested in app creation?

Sep 10, 1:51PM EDT0

What can be done to make apps cross-platform compatible?

Sep 10, 1:35PM EDT0

How does it works? how can it automatically sort all the files?

Sep 9, 1:49PM EDT0

Do you see you app as an SEO tool that businesses can use for their social media accounts?

Sep 9, 1:32PM EDT0

Certainly, not so such as SEO tool but something which businesses can leverage to increase the engagement of their social media posts

Sep 12, 1:10PM EDT1

Do you recommend your app for personal accounts or business accounts? Would your app improve the success of business instagram accounts?

Sep 9, 12:46PM EDT0

Both personal and business accounts can benefit from our App. Personal accounts can take benefit of amazing filter effects and impress their friends and family.

Business accounts can compare different creatives they have built to test which one may work better and apply hashtags to improve the engagement of their posts. Our hashtags recommendations are smart in the sense that they detect the objects in the image and suggests "trending" hashtags related to these objects.

Sep 12, 11:12AM EDT0

Hi Ankit, How is the popularity score generated? For a new Instagram account, how does Cornea predict which hashtags will increase photo viewing?

Sep 9, 6:55AM EDT0

We built an algorithm using deep neural networks to understand the features that make a photo popular on social media. This algorithm was trained on a dataset of trending, public images on social media. The score is calculated by giving weight to the number of features you have in your photo which is similar to those in the trending images. I have over simplified here as our algorithm is far more sophisticated and we also keep improving it by getting feedback from real users.

Sep 12, 11:17AM EDT0

I am a little confused how this app can decide if a selfie for example is going to get many likes or not? Surely it all depends on the person's followers and how 'pretty' people feel the picture is? 

Sep 12, 4:43PM EDT0
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