Are you tired of having to constantly charge your mobile phone? Do you wish that your phone would charge automatically without you having to plug it in or put it on a charging pad? Wi-Charge brings you the answer. AMA

Jun 13, 2018

Wi-Charge delivers freedom from power outlets and battery changes. Using invisible infrared beams, our products provide enough power to charge a phone across a room. With Wi-Charge, mobile and IoT devices appear to charge autonomously. We’re Ori Mor, Co-Founder and VP of Research and Development and Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer at Wi-Charge, here to answer any questions you have about wireless power. AMA!

Talk of truly wireless power has been around for a few years. We’ve seen wireless mobile charging solutions such as Qi Charger pads, but these still require the phone to be practically touching the pad. However, for a truly wireless charging experience, the solution needs to deliver sufficient power over a meaningful distance. Wi-Charge demonstrated a wireless charging solution embedded in a a light fixture. If you were to walk into a room or a coffee shop that’s Wi-Charge powered, your mobile phone battery gets topped-up autonomously without plugging it in. Our wireless power technology is a game changer. We are already in discussions with top-tier brands about integrating our power modules into their upcoming products. 

If you have questions about how wireless charging will work with Wi-Charge, how it’s different, what implications it may have on your phone’s battery or the environment and what devices can be charged, join us for this AMA!

Also, visit to see short videos showcasing how Wi-Charge charges various devices.

To stay up to date on the latest developments at Wi-Charge, visit us on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Can Wi-Charge be integrated with other wireless chargers?

Jun 13, 12:51PM EDT0

[Yuval:] yes, and this provides an excellent bridge from today's wireless charging (that requires putting the device on the chargers) to the future of wireless charging which is wireless charging at a distance.

Here is what this looks like:

Jun 13, 12:55PM EDT0
In which technology events, fairs or expos have you showcased your product?
Jun 13, 12:50PM EDT0

[Yuval:] we have done a number of shows in recent months: Computex in Taiwan, CES in Las Vegas, Wireless Power Week in Montreal and some others. Upcoming is Mobile World Conference in Los Angeles in September

Jun 13, 12:54PM EDT0

[Ori Mor] We demonstrated the technology for the first time in an open booth during the last CES 2018 (for which we won CES 2018 best of innovation).

Actually we also demonstrated it on Computex 2017 Taipei few months before CES (won best enabling technology) but it was very small booth that was on our way east...

We'd be demonstrating again soon on MWC Americas (Sept. 2018 LA)


Jun 13, 12:57PM EDT0

What kind of partners are you looking for? And how do we partner?

Jun 13, 12:47PM EDT0

[ Yuval:] we are looking for partners that share our vision of a world without wires or endless battery replacements. We're looking for leaders that want to differentiate their product from the competition and have the market presence to make a big splash in the market

For these partners, we offer all the support they need - direct access to our team, sample implementations, systems engineering advice. We are looking to make these partners super successful

Jun 13, 12:52PM EDT0

When will your services become available to the general public?

Jun 13, 12:47PM EDT0

[Yuval:] we expect that devices that incorporate Wi-Charge technology will be announced this year and be available to buy in 2019

Jun 13, 12:59PM EDT0

[Ori Mor] That’s not entirely up to us now. We provide modules for OEMs and they combine them in their products. Soon (and I don't want to say by whom and when) you'd be seeing different products in different domains powered wirelessly. 

If you keep track you'll know pretty soon. Sorry I can't be more specific but I hope you can understand the delicate situation. 


Jun 13, 1:03PM EDT0

Is Wi-Charge hiring at the moment?

Jun 13, 12:39PM EDT0

[Ori Mor] Always. Since we are located in Israel we are mainly hiring people that can be at the office daily :-) But we have super talented people living in the US as well on our team. 

Jun 13, 12:45PM EDT0

What other technologies for wireless charging are out there and why is infrared  better?

Jun 13, 12:32PM EDT0

[Yuval:] great question.

I'd like to start by saying that we think there is a place for all kinds of wireless charging technologies: IR, RF, ultrasound, etc. just like there is a place for all modes of transportation: cars, planes, trains, etc.

Every technology has an area where it works well, and in general we think that 'a rising tide lifts all ships', meaning that regardless of technology, the proliferation of wireless power is good for everyone.

Having said that, we think IR is unique in being able to deliver more power - enough to charge a phone - at greater distances - such as across the room. We are happy to work with potential OEMs to compare the technologies and to help determine which technology is best for which application.

Jun 13, 12:35PM EDT0

[Ori Mor]

Infra-red is superior to other over-the-air wireless power technologies in the following manner:

We deliver (1) more power (2) over longer distance (3) efficiently and (4) to receivers small enough to fit inside mobile devices. 

If you compare us vs. competitors for 10ft. range apples to apples I guess we'd be 100 - 1,000 times better. 

Jun 13, 12:50PM EDT0

What kind of applications can benefit from wireless charging?

Jun 13, 12:26PM EDT0

[ Yuval: ] great question. We are constantly surprised and delighted by ideas that customers present. There are many applications, but here are a few:

  • Charging a phone without a wired or Qi charger
  • Powering industrial sensors so that they don't need to be wired or don't need frequent battery changes
  • Powering smart home devices like a smart speaker (e.g Google Home). Imagine powering a surround speaker so that you can just hang it on the wall and not worry about routing a cable
  • Charging at the coffee shop
  • Powering fitness devices - a watch, a fitness band, etc.

We put a few of these applications here:

Jun 13, 12:29PM EDT0

How to get a beta for a inventor, I’m not a big corporation.

Jun 13, 11:20AM EDT1

[Yuval:] we put up a Web page to apply to become a partner. We get a lot of partner requests - which is great - and we engage with the ones that are most interesting to us. It might be an interesting application or might be the right type of company. 

So, I encourage you to submit the form. It is at

Jun 13, 12:03PM EDT1

[Ori Mor] Hi Richard,

Right now we are focusing on partnering with OEMs (tier-1 in their market). However we have warm place in our hearts for inventors so please use the contact us form on our website and we'll get back to you and see how we can explore this together.

Jun 13, 12:03PM EDT0
Where is Wi Charge been manufactured? How are you ensuring the manufacturing process will comply with industry standards?
Jun 13, 10:50AM EDT0

[Ori Mor] Hello Fallin,

The units we manufactured so far (samples) were assembled in house. The ramp (high volume) will take place with tier-1 contract manufacturers. They comply with the relevant standards. 

Jun 13, 12:06PM EDT0

What's the max number of devices, let's say phones for the sake of argument, it can be charged simultaniously with a Wi Charge Transmiter?

Jun 13, 9:17AM EDT0

[Yuval:] our business model is to sell wireless power modules to OEMs that then integrate them into their product.

We produced a few 'reference implementations' that can serve as an example. For instance, we have the "LIGHTS" reference implementation that can charge 3 devices at the same time.

Having said that, one could charge different devices at different times. You might decide, for instance, to prioritize based on battery level or type of device. So a phone, perhaps, would get higher priority than a TV remote control

Jun 13, 12:05PM EDT1
How much time does it take to charge your cellular phone with Wi Charge?
Jun 13, 9:04AM EDT0

[Yuval:] Let's take an iPhone X as an example. Battery capacity for the iPhone X is about 10 WH. This means that if a Wi-Charge receiver delivers 3 Watts, we can fully charge an iPhone from 0 to 100% in about 3 hours.

Keep in mind that contrary to charging with cables or Qi pads, phones charge during the day with Wi-charge. Come back home and place the phone on the kitchen counter and it starts charging. So the phone is basically next to you whenever you want. No need to leave it alone on some charging area

Jun 13, 12:01PM EDT0
How can public spaces benefit from using charging devices such as Wi Charge?
Jun 13, 7:28AM EDT0

[Ori Mor] Why does public spaces offer Wi-Fi? the main purpose is to offer their clients better service. Sometimes it is to attract more people, sometimes is to build the brand. It happens from different reasons. 

The same is relevant here. Our phone battery is what keeps us from being online and available. We need it to be full. We don't want to carry cables and chargers. If you have a place that offers wireless power it will be more attractive from a place not having one. 

Jun 13, 12:11PM EDT0


One of the things we are seeing is that restaurants, hotel lobbies, airline lounges and so forth want to offer charging to their customers. It is a good experience, increases loyalry and also in some cases increases revenue.

So we came up with a nice way for such spaces to offer charging services.

See and also the demo video here:

Jun 13, 12:12PM EDT0
When using Wi Charge, is line of sight required to deliver wireless power from a distance?
Jun 13, 7:03AM EDT0

[Yuval:]. Line of sight is beneficial for all wireless technologies, including IR technology that we use.  Two main reasons:

1. You get more energy with line of sight as opposed to reflecting the energy off a wall or window

2. For technologies where the power beam diverges over distance (e.g. RF), non-LOS means greater distance and thus wider beam so a receiver of a given size gets less energy

We recently wrote a blog post on that (see BTW, signing up for the blog or our email list guarantees that you continue to get Wi-Charge insights

Jun 13, 12:08PM EDT0
Is your product Qi-certified? Or do you use other standards?
Jun 13, 4:42AM EDT0

[Ori Mor] Hi John,

Qi is related to proximity charging. Magnetic induction. Pads where you have to place your device on top for charging can take place. 

Our technology delivers power wirelessly over distance (room range). So inherently we are not offering the same value proposition and user experience. Qi is a different domain.

The way we interact with Qi BTW - is that Qi pads need to be connected to cables which limits their ability to be installed on free standing tables (such as tables in the middle of a restaurant rather than the ones near the wall). These tables can't be connected to an outlet.

What we do is we charge wirelessly the pad (qi) and it can charge phones placed on top of it later. 


Jun 13, 12:16PM EDT0


Hi John,

You might find this demo video interesting on how Wi-Charge can work with a Qi charger:

Jun 13, 12:19PM EDT0
What challenges did you face while building your product? How did you overcome them?
Jun 13, 2:49AM EDT0

[Yuval:] our R&D department has a saying: "if engineering were easy, we'd have marketing do it". So I will let Ori answer this one.

Jun 13, 12:22PM EDT0

[Ori Mor] This is a question deserves ten pages of independent bullets :-). However let's try to come up with a short version:

  1. We had to develop new components in few domains. This is a long process and expensive one. Startups usually don't do it. Not to mention few components. If one of them fails - busted!
  2. It is a very multidisciplinary product that demands expertise in multiple different domains. You need a very strong and diversified group to solve cross field problems. We build this team through a lot of effort. 
  3. People claimed they can do a lot of things regarding wireless power. 10ft. 10Watt through your pockets and walls (promising the moon). We (as geeks) said upfront what the limitations are to wireless power (no matter how you implemented it). This is not what OEMs wanted to hear. It took them quite some time to understand that we are the best in delivering power over distance. It was frustrating and not very easy.

But climbing the Everest is never easy :-) Luckily now after being tested and compared this is behind us. 

In addition - Last CES we demonstrated publicly in an open booth over-the-air wireless-power. What no one else in the world can do.



Jun 13, 12:32PM EDT0
How do you see the future of Wi Charge evolving in the next 5 years?
Jun 13, 2:14AM EDT0

[ Yuval: ] we envision an increasing number of manufacturers embedding Wi-Charge technology in their products.

This eliminates power cords (and thus is very convenient) and reduces or eliminate battery replacements (good for the planet as well)

It's almost like the transition from wired phones to cordless phones to mobile phones. Or from dial up to wired Internet to wireless internet.

We see wireless power is being as prevalent as Wi-Fi in a few years

Jun 13, 12:17PM EDT0
Why is charging efficiency important?
Jun 12, 10:47PM EDT0

[Yuval:] great question.

One reason is that if you have very low-efficiency charging, you spend a lot of energy, which may end up impacting the utility bill.

For instance, if your charging efficiency is 0.1% , this means that to deliver 2 Watts to a phone you need to use 2000 Watts of power. Like turning on a blow drier. That is not efficient. On the other hand, if your efficiency is 20%, you would only to use 10 Watts to charge a 2 Watt phone.

More details at our blog post here:

Jun 13, 12:15PM EDT0

How do I get the device for myself and colleagues

Jun 12, 4:33PM EDT0

[Yuval:] Thank you, Samuel. we have a beta program where people can submit requests. The form is here

If this is for personal use, most likely we will ask you to wait until Wi-Charge products are available for consumers to buy.

Jun 13, 12:08PM EDT0
Why is it relevant to take into account power consumption when choosing a power technology for your devices?
Jun 12, 3:29PM EDT0

[Yuval:] thank you for the question, Marija. Different charging technologies have different limits on how much power they can provide. These might be technical limits or might be safety limits.

Let's take an iPhone X as an example. If your wireless power can deliver 5 Watts to the phone, you can charge it in 2 hours. If it is 1 Watt, 10 hours. If it is 0.1 Watt, 100 hours to charge a phone. So, if your application is to charge a phone you would probably not choose a technology that can deliver just 0.1 Watt

Jun 12, 7:11PM EDT0
Can you charge your phone using Wi Charge without having to take out the case?
Jun 12, 1:57PM EDT1

[Yuval says:]

There are three ways to charge a phone with Wi-Charge:

1. Use a case that has a Wi-charge receiver built into it.  See demo here

2. Charge the phone using a Qi pad, but have that Qi pad powered by Wi-Charge. See demo here:

3. Embed a Wi-Charge receiver into the phone. In this case, since all charging technologies work best with line of sight (see ), you'd probably want a window in the case, just like you might have for your camera

Jun 12, 7:08PM EDT0
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