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Keith Bradley
Jul 15, 2017

I am a seasoned business consultant with 16+ years of program management and implementation and IT experience across various sectors. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for solutions management, as well as for envisioning new initiatives and consultancy, I have a history of contributing to company growth throughout my career. As such, I have exceeded performance goals and I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. Professional focal points include market strategy, client relations, solutions management, public speaking, start-ups/entrepreneurial business development, technology solutions, and cross-functional team leadership. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication skills, as well as business acumen, global market analysis, project management and resource management to support efficiency and maximum returns. Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of Intrinsyc Consulting. Under my leadership, I consult with start-ups and entrepreneurs, advising about current market strategies, providing keen insight into the expanding global markets, and establishing personal connections to key stakeholders to foster mutually beneficial relationships. I also provide consulting services to both international and local government entities. In addition, I liaise with senior leadership, stakeholders, and community members to ensure the company’s program implementation support structure is driving the business forward with minimal expenditures.

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Can non- Marketing degree holders still pursue a career in this industry?

Jul 14, 11:25AM EDT0

Victoria thanks for the question. Yes, a non-marketing degree holder can pursue a career in the industry. However, to become competent learning is required. I would recommend finding some good resources for learning, joining online peer communities for marketing, and finding an online or in-person mentor to get started.

Jul 15, 10:07AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer!

Jul 15, 12:05PM EDT0

What has surprised you most about the business you're in?

Jul 14, 4:19AM EDT0

This is a great question. The single most surprising situation I encounter in my work is how much people underestimate their skills and abilities. Very often when I work with individuals and teams they will minimize their experiences, education, and training. Usually within a few conversations if not the first one, I discover how awesome or at least how much potential they have.

Jul 15, 8:36AM EDT0
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Can you name some unrealistic standards you clients have set for you?

Jul 14, 3:35AM EDT0

Edward, I can't say that I've been in that position often. I am good at setting the expectations and addressing any drift from the original agreements in place. However, a few years ago I had a client that did not respect my I will not respond to any request on Sunday policy, he became very rude and insulting. After several attempts to work through this situation over a month or so we quit working together.

Jul 15, 7:34AM EDT0
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Do you think millennials make the best marketers?

Jul 13, 9:14PM EDT0

I do not think millennial make the best marketers, however, I do think that because they aren't strictly following theory and are more likely to experiment and adjust to the results some of them are really doing a great job. 

Jul 15, 7:37AM EDT0

What's the most challenging thing marketers do in their line of work?

Jul 13, 5:09PM EDT0

Do you know any dirty tricks some businesses turn to for product/service marketing?

Jul 13, 4:48PM EDT0

Karen thanks for the question. I really don't know. When I working with businesses or teams I discourage any types of "tricks" and promote utilizing a measurable strategy.

Jul 15, 7:40AM EDT0
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What industries have the highest demand for marketing graduates?

Jul 13, 12:25AM EDT0

Erica, most if not all industries need marketing experts. But, I honestly do not know which industries have the most work for marketing graduates

Jul 15, 7:47AM EDT0

What are the common qualifications a marketer should have to score top-rated projects?

Jul 11, 10:27PM EDT0

How often do you get repeat projects?

Jul 11, 8:53PM EDT0

Based on the work I do and the similar needs of the communities I generally work with I am often asked to develop similar programs/projects to what the new client has seen me develop. 

Jul 12, 6:00AM EDT0

Do you prefer repeat projects or varied, new ones?

Jul 11, 2:57PM EDT0


I like all 3.

I love new challenges they keep me sharp and force me to always be learning so new projects are great. Now that doesn't mean I will take any new project especially if it doesn't fit into my overall professional business or learning goals.

When projects are successful and I can see they are bringing benefits to my clients or people around me I like to repeat them. Sometimes as the exact same project or varied to meet the current needs of the client or new client. 

Jul 12, 5:56AM EDT0

What specific area of business do you think is wisest to study right now?

Jul 11, 7:57AM EDT0

I know that this will sound a little generic, however, I truly believe what I'm about to say. The wisest area of business to study right now is the area that you are most passionate about. Often times people pick an area of study or career based on external factors(money, fame, parents, spouse) but this can and often does lead to disappointment and lack of fulfillment professionally. 

I would recommend you research the areas of business programs to learn more about each and how you personally connect to each one. If you make your decision based on your self-assessment and passion the area you choose will most likely provide you with the fulfillment and prosperity.

Jul 12, 5:47AM EDT0

Thanks a lot!

Jul 15, 12:21PM EDT1

What technology do you anticipate changing your field in the next decade?

Jul 11, 1:10AM EDT0

What inspires you to trust someone in a business relationship?

Jul 11, 12:34AM EDT0


I would rather work with someone with no or little skills that are open and honest about their business, skills, strengths, and shortcomings than someone who is lying about their truth. If a person can do something great, if not okay but at least I can make a decision based on that truth versus making a plan based on lies.

Jul 12, 5:38AM EDT0

What changes or advancements have you been a part of implementing at your work?

Jul 11, 12:21AM EDT0

Matthew, Thanks for this question, I'm always excited to share the contributions and advancements directly related to my work. I've worked a lot in marginalized communities especially when it comes to global technology and entrepreneurship participation. I am currently working in Sibenik Croatia and since 2015 I've introduced and developed with the department of economic development and entrepreneurship the tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem strategy for the city. Sibenik used this strategy to develop the mission statement and to launch new initiatives. 

These include:

  • Sibenik tech and entrepreneurship academy
  • A new fully funded 2084 m²  Incubator and Fab lab facility to be opened in 2019.
  • Establishing partnerships with US universities, we recently started developing programs with DePaul University in Chicago
  • Sibenik "Holiwork" program that provides infrastructure and resources for freelancers, students, professionals, and corporations, that want to come to Sibenik for holiday but also need to work.  
Jul 12, 8:49AM EDT0

How important is social media reputation in marketing businesses?

Jul 10, 11:57PM EDT0

Social media reputation is important for all types of businesses. 

According to one source,

  • 3/4 customer/clients will research a company online before making a purchase or working with a company. 
  • Often customers very influenced by the online reputation of a company.
Jul 13, 5:39AM EDT0

Can you name some underrated mediums that have been proven and tested to boost sales?

Jul 10, 9:53PM EDT0

Is fabricating the qualities of the product/service you are working with unethical?

Jul 10, 9:10PM EDT0

If a person is outright lying about their product or services this is clearly unethical. However, some people may have a product or service that is still being developed and still improving. If those people are honest about the stage of the product or service then I believe they are not being unethical. 

Jul 12, 5:34AM EDT0

How hard is it to gain advantage in competition between businesses?

Jul 10, 8:46PM EDT0

Jeffery, how hard it is to gain a competitive advantage varies. I believe the first place to start is by making sure your solution is addressing a real problem. When I talk with people about their solutions I ask the question "is your solution a vitamin or a painkiller?". This question allows the developers to evaluate if their solution is based on the needs and pains of the customer vs. something fun and cool to develop but customers don't want or need.   

Last edited @ Jul 13, 5:27AM EDT.
Jul 13, 5:20AM EDT0

s social media really an effective marketing platform as most people claim it to be?

Jul 10, 6:53PM EDT0


Social media marketing can be very effective. However, simply placing something on social media platforms does not guarantee success. Social media campaigns like non social media campaigns must have a clear measurable strategy. 

Jul 13, 5:08AM EDT0

What are the most common products/services you have worked with?

Jul 10, 6:18PM EDT0

How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Jul 10, 6:00PM EDT0

I love this question! A couple years ago one of my colleagues gave me the title of "Client Whisperer". I earned this title from him after saving him from losing a few clients(that actually were ready to fire him) for some mistakes he had made or that he became frustrated with because of project drift. But here is my approach...

  • Always start the relationship with a written solution/strategy. If any changes to that strategy are required, adjust the document to reflect those changes and confirm the adjustments with the client.
  • Document all conversations and reasoning for along the way.
  • Don't be afraid to slow down or stop to make sure you and the client are on the same page when you start to notice them being overly demanding. 
  • Listen first without getting defensive be sure to hear and understand what the client is saying. 
  • Know your limit and be willing to walk away from the project if the situation cannot be resolved. 
Jul 12, 5:23AM EDT0

What is the next big change coming to your industry?

Jul 10, 4:23PM EDT0

Thanks for the question. With increasing access to online learning and knowledge exchanges, people have the opportunity to learn without the cost of traditional learning institutions. This movement is already going and I think this will continue for the foreseeable future. Non-formal and competency based education are providing entrepreneurs and start-ups with opportunities than ever before. 

Jul 15, 7:58AM EDT0

How difficult it is to complete a college program majoring in Marketing?

Jul 10, 3:32PM EDT0

Completing college program will have challenges but I don't think to complete a marketing program presents any more challenges than other majors. But I can only speak to those in general terms.

These challenges may be related to:

  • Did your prior education prepare you for the requirements of a Marketing program? 
  • A specific instructor style that causes issues for some students
  • The student's approach to learning, do you expect to be told, are you more of self-driven and going to go beyond the class expectations to get more from the experience?
  • Is the particular marketing program a good fit for you not all schools are the same. 
Jul 12, 5:02AM EDT0

Which resources do you read or watch to stay informed about business?

Jul 10, 2:31PM EDT0

Are you self-taught or do you have a degree or some other formal training?

Jul 10, 2:09PM EDT0

Joseph, that's a great question and for me, it's a combination of learning strategies and I'm committed to being a lifelong learner.

  • I have a Sociology degree, however, I was lucky enough to have an advisor in college that allowed me the opportunity to focus on the sociology of business and supported my learning objectives. So what does that mean? Basically, I was allowed adjust my assignments and research around business dynamics in many of my classes (my advisor was also the department head).  
  • I've taken numerous online classes offered through MOOC, Udemy, and other platforms. 
  • I attend many types of training and meetups specifically on the topics I think will improve my knowledge. 
  • I "join the conversation", meaning ask questions in person, or online. I truly believe in sharing knowledge and being open to new knowledge and feedback.
  • I read a lot I've read and listened to 10 books since January 2017 

Jul 12, 4:47AM EDT0

Is devising a plot to defame a competitor a common occurrence in the Marketing industry?

Jul 10, 1:13PM EDT0

Hi, Brenda! 

I surely hope not. I'm sure that this occurs, however, defaming a competitor is should not be part of anyone's business model or general strategy. First, it's unethical and secondly, any marketing company or any company, in general, should be focused on following the business strategy that best supports the company's solutions for their target customers. Of course, companies should know what makes them different from their competitors and work to separate themselves via a better solution and unique value proposition. But "devising a plot" to defame competitor, even if it works in the short-term and is not a good business strategy and I would not personally work with a company or recommend anyone to work with a company with that approach. 

Jul 12, 4:33AM EDT0

What are some things you do to save time in your work?

Jul 10, 11:53AM EDT0

Mark, thanks for the question. Some of the things I do to save time include...

  • Focusing on one task at a time with my full attention without rushing. This may sound counter-intuitive considering that many of us have very demanding schedules and are often working on multiple projects with multiple deadlines. However, I've found that when I stick to this approach I not only complete my task faster but I am completing more tasks in the same amount in less time.
  • I make the next day to-do list last thing in the evening this helps me stay on track with what I've prioritized and saves me time at work because I don't have to use time thinking about what to get started on.  
  • I also track the time I spend on projects so that I'm able to better organize my to-do list to allow me to be more productive.
  • I also avoid distractions by using tools like Strict Workflow. Strict Workflow allows me to block social or other sites that can tempt me during my workflow for a specified period of and rewards me with a break at the end of that time.
Jul 12, 4:17AM EDT0

What other platforms for marketing do you think are more effective than social media?

Jul 10, 11:16AM EDT0

Robert, thanks for the question.  I think email is a more effective platform. According to a 2016 report completed by THE RADICATI GROUP, INC:

  • Email has 2.6 billion users compared to 1.7 billion Facebook and ~300 million twitter.
  • 91% of email users check email at least once a day compared to 57% Facebook
  • 58% email users check email first when going online compared to 11% Facebook
  • 77% prefer email for permission-based promotional messages compared to 4% Facebook
  • 44% check email for a deal from a company they know compared to 4% Facebook
  • 66% will make a purchase compared to 20% Facebook users
  • Email campaign result in a 7% customers acquired Facebook result in <1%
Jul 15, 8:47AM EDT0

What are some helpful points to consider when marketing a startup business?

Jul 10, 10:41AM EDT0
  • Clearly identifying(as specific as possible) the persona of the customers being targeted 
  • Identifying the KPIs for the campaign
  • Statement about the solution and what problem is this solution solving for the customers 
  • Telling a relatable story about the company, team, and solution. 
Jul 13, 4:33AM EDT0
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